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The Dr. Oz Show

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The Dr. Oz Show
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AIRED ON 5/4/2016

Season 7 : Episode 149

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Launched on September 14 of 2009, this Harpo Productions development sees Dr. Mehmet Oz, a regular guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show at the center of his own talk show. Dr. Oz, vice chair and professor of surgery at Columbia University, published author, host of several Discovery programs, and director of the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital will host the third spinoff to come from the Oprah family after Dr. Phil and The Rachael Ray Show.


    Young and the Restless and Steve Harvey Win Big at the Daytime Emmy Awards

    Trophies were also awarded to Katie Couric, Good Morning America, and Days of Our Lives.

  • Thursday
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    • Printed information as in lists, etc.

      It is frustrating not to get all the info here in Canada. Since we cannot get any videos here why can the guides not be printed as well? We're missing out on a lot of important information which I would like to print out and keep permanently. Please change this sometime soon.
    • im confused

      why was the doctor oz show not aired on fox the last two days from 04/25/16-04/26/16? has the show at 4pm been changed in newengland? if so please tell me as I try to never miss a show but its been replaced by fox news here those two dates
    • Replace Dr. Oz

      I would much rather see GMA extended one more hour. I love GMA and it's too short. I get up at 7:30 AM every morning so I can watch GMA.
    • Bring Dr. Oz Show back to Memphis

      I miss this show in my town and I am struggling to find a place to watch
    • PAIN

      I just watched Dr Oz go on NBC morning show and tell the world that there is no place for pain relief with pain medication's. Dr OZ you are not getting all the facts that a doctor with your influence should consider. I spent 5 years of my life in unrelenting pain looking and trying to find a alternative to pain medication. After failed back surgery L/4 &L/5 with scare tissue and dics fragments.

      HERE IS WHAT I WENT THRU... Epidurals 5 in 2 years, Physical therapy for all 5 years ,Anti depression medication , meditation, praying to God to please give me the strength to beat this pain.

      As I am going thru this nightmare I have 3 year old boy that I could not even pick up and play with. He does not understand why Daddy can not play with him or hold him. After all these different methods of pain relief I found nothing to relive my pain, not even a little relief.

      So I can try to live..... with pain being on my mind 24 /7 days a week wanting to cut my legs not thinking straight)

      In comes a Dr that I had to wait 6 weeks to see. I begged him to help me, that I am at the end of my rope I can not beat this pain and I am ashamed. I tell him I will do anything he ask if he thinks it will help me get better find relief. He starts me out on a time released narcotic 2 twice a day.

      The first week was not the best but better. The next week after he adjusted my medication my life and attitude started to change as the pain started to not be the only thing on my mind. I started to go to the grocery, pick up my son from school, be a husband to my wife I was not out of pain but I was able to pick my son up from school and started taking him to the park every day after school. That was the beginning of the first day of the rest of my life,without being consumed by pain. From there I have continued to make my life with my 2 sons and wife of 25 years.

      If it was not for the time released narcotic, I would not be writing this. My son would be without his dad, the story would not be a happy one. When some one is in pain 24/7 and always hurting never getting any relief ,it takes over your life and mind. Medication made my pain tolerable, you don't get high nor could you as your body knows what to do with the medication . My life is now worth living and I can contribute to my sons life in a positive way, by not being a burden to my family and help my wife with the house and everything else connected to being a family. Before all I did was go to Doctors and lay in bed for 5 YEARS and be miserable to everybody. There is a place for theses medication's and there are people that play by the rules, that are grateful that someone cared enough to help them, after all the alternatives avenues were tried without success. Just saying!!!!moreless

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