The Dr. Oz Show

Season 3 Episode 116

Can Taking "The Pill" After 40 Reduce Your Cancer Risk?

Aired Weekdays Mar 09, 2012 on

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  • Dr OZ comes out right after Obama mandates Catholic institutions to violate their conscience and give birth control to their employees for free with this

    This is to smooth over the Catholic and Protestant backlash over forcing Catholic institutions to give out free birth control when it is a sin to them. The accommodation Obama gave them is just that the insurance companies will get the money from somewhere else, like it grows on trees, instead of getting the money to provide the birth control from clients. It's not legally possible to get money from nowhere. So they will charge the Catholics still.

    Of course Dr. Oz is helping out Obama: he was the health expert on Oprah, a very very liberal show. Birth control might have good supplemental effects but it was still an attack on religious freedom.