Watching the Dr. Oz Show.

Thoughts on watching the Dr. Oz Show.

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    What do you like about watching the The Dr. Oz Show?

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    Another option would be how much we trust Dr Oz.

    Another is to ask if he is too commercial. The show started on the Fox channel, at least for southern California. Then it moved to ABC. When the show was on the Fox channel, they avoided brand names. Now the show always advertises something. Dr. Oz says he does not get anything for having mentioned a product, but I do not believe him. They mention specific product names too much to be not getting anything. I assume that Dr. Oz does not get anything directly,and he probably means that he gets nothing personally. If the show is getting money for mentioning a product, then the show is being highly dishonest by not admiting they are advertising many products.

    Has Dr. Oz ever said that he does not know an answer? I often hear him say that doctors do not know an answer, but I have never heard him say he does not know the answer. I think he is someone that would guess instead of saying he does not know and I doubt his guesses are always accurate.

    He makes mistakes. He once called ephedrine epinephrine. I have never heard him admit he was wrong, except he might have kind of admitted he exagerated the dangers of Arsenic. He also exagerated immensely the possibility that gluten might bebad for everyone then he made it sound as if it was not his fault. In fact, what he said on his show is that most people for which gluten is a problem do not know it is but he did not explain that the percentage of people is very small and he did not specify how to get diagnosed. He also did not in his original show state that gluten should not be avoided by most people.

    He also exagerates, such as implying that the aspergillus fungus is a bad thing to have in your house. The truth about aspergillus is that it is everywhere and it is totally normal to have it in the house. It would be very unusual to not find it in a house. I don't trust him due to so many things like that.

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