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  • Show on Mon. May 15th about "doctor's who kill" . . . Our strange story

    Watch show when I can & todays show reminded me of my younger brother's strange medical problem.

    When he was about 4 he went into the hospital for a ruptured appendix in 1952 (which years later I thought was unusual for someone so young). About 20 some years later, he had sever abdominal pains, so an x-ray was taken. The doctor said a long 'strange' metal was detected in his abdomen. Surgery was done & a 19" gold chain was removed, that was intwined around his intestines. How it got there puzzled the surgeon. Then my dad told him the ONLY time he ever was operated on was when he had his appendix removed!! So, how does a doctor operate wearing a necklace & lose it in a patient? My dad said the

    surgery was done during a tornado & lights went out & candles lit the operating room! My older brother still has this chain even today!
  • Red Meat ?

    Hellooooooo? a lot of us don't eat red meat , to help prevent animal cruelty !
  • Woman that is on his show frequently

    Why does he have the fat black women on? She doesn't seem very intelligent and she is horrible to listen too that woman gets a -1
  • "Neighbor Wars"

    I was infuriated by the number of times Nancy Grace interrupted the guests that were trying to make their point. She never lets a guest on her show finish a thought and this is why I stopped watching her show and now here she is on the Dr. Oz show doing the same thing! She talks over people and that's disrespectful. Dr. Oz, are you still a medical information show or have you transitioned into a shock-value circus act? Send Nancy Grace packing, she doesn't know how to listen when other people are speaking. If I keep seeing her, then count me as a lost viewer/fan.
  • Why is Dr. Oz doing a true crime show?

    What has happened to the Dr. Oz show? He is a medical doctor/surgeon NOT A talk show host!! Did we really need another entertainment/talk show on our airwaves, they're on all day!! Dr. Oz used to cover medical and heath and wellness topics that were so helpful in daily life but has now switched to a stupid talk show format featuring Hollywood stars half the time and true crime stories the other half!! What does that have to do with medicine?? This used to be such a good show, why did they do this?
  • Dying makes life beautiful

    Two years ago I died and spent the following 22 days in a coma. I highlighted my experience in a small book called God's catch and release program. The woman sharing her story today resonated with me in her experience of peace, but overall I felt let down by this episode. Maybe it is the fact that I felt surrounded by the peace of God, and you can't say that on television, but I was hoping for more. I would have enjoyed hearing about someone else's experience, but this was too flat and generic.
  • Complaint

    I do not appreciate seeing that large black woman on the show. She is a distraction!!
  • my opinion

    i agree. why true crime? i thought it was a health and wellness show. also... they never say stuff will work for you its always could and ,may. how is that helpful? also are the

    food tasters on the show really going to say the food is gross?
  • Ozzed Out!

    Why is Dr Oz show doing crime mysteries and some other shows that has nothing to do with medical or anything in relation to helping and informing the public of health issues? He may as well be a normal talk show host! Love his shows though, but when it comes to crime and shows on famous people that has nothing to do with health or anything of interest of public health awareness - I fast forward. I could watch any of that on other talk show host shows! 2/14/17

    What's with the people who's on the stage with Dr. Oz lately? They seem so greedy - just taking supplements or whatever they are talking about without Dr Oz offering it to them. Makes it terrible to watch.
  • Click bait and money grab!

    While I'm sure Dr. Oz is a certified doctor, a lot of things that he shared are simply inaccurate and alarming. It's a show full of click-bait and money grabs. It is not a credible show anymore. I know so many people who fallen victim to his "cures", while some of the stuff he encourages certainly have merit to them, everyday there's a "miracle" solution to something. I hope people have truly benefited from his work and the show, but I fear that many more have been hurt or lead to believe things that simply aren't true at the expense of their own bank account and/or lives.
  • That insignificant Bobby Brown

    Dr. Oz quite disappointed in you, having that guy Bobby Brown on a . show and promoting a book he supposedly wrote. Why didn't You, Oprah, Dr. Phil (who's not that interesting either now) or Tyler Perry, have that guy on before and try to help him and his daughter B. Christina before she lost her life. And furthermore him or the family now, (meaning those aunts or any family member) trying to get money from a turnip now when the so called brother boyfriend was living off her and her mother is just as stupid. AFTER the FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • nohing works for me

    I am a 67 year old female, who retired in July of this year. I have always been over weight, around 160, I stand 5'2 .

    over the years I have tried all the diet trends and pills. Nothing works, I don't lose weight , I put it on. I am now bigger than I have ever been at 170.

    I have spent hundreds of dollars on every gimmick, I am getting where I don't leave my house unless I absolutely have too, I am so ashamed of how big I have gotten. I had a stents put in a few years ago so I know this added weight is not good.

    I am on a limited income and cannot afford to keep buying these expensive diet pills and not have them work.

    I have stopped watching your show because all the products you endorse and say works, don't work for me\
  • Nutritional supplements

    In order for the body to effectively utilize nutritional supplements, they must be as whole foods. The body does not recognize isolates. Supplements require enzymes first before protein, minerals or vitamins can be absorbed. Supplements with fillers and other additives can be toxic to the body and the body attempts to eliminate these toxic substances. Myself, I only use and recommend the most pure supplements available. Purity cannot be overstated. That is the reason for the effectiveness of also eliminating illness and any health challenge. People have been able to eliminate the most severe illness such as death-bed cancer, MS, lupus, etc. Our educational website has much details... LeadingEdgeHealthdotorg Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS
  • Toothless in Orange!

    MY NAME is Lillian R. LEJEUNE, and I'm writing on behalf of my daughter, Michele and SHE IS THE ONE who I'm contacting you about and who I would be forever grateful if you could help, not only restore her smile, but by doing so, her self esteem, confidence, and love for herself that she has virtually lost (and SO DEPRESSED that I'm terrified she is to the point of SUICIDE!)!!!! We watched one of your shows, I think it was last May, where you gave the gift of a smile and I NEVER FORGOT IT. Now I'm praying that you might find it in your heart to do it again.

    She has been chronically ill since the age of 12 when she started her menstrual cycle and suffered immensely for another 12 years worth with diagnosed SEVERE ENDOMETRIOSIS until, but after YEARS of every imaginable treatment (known and/or available from THE most prestigious medical institutions in Southern California.... UCLA and the like) without any improvement until, finally, on her 24th BIRTHDAY no less, she underwent a complete hysterectomy. That, however, was only the beginning!

    It would take me FAR LONG to go over the MANY DETAILS surrounding the complications she had to endure since then (she's now 60 YEARS OLD!) Insofar as her propensity to develop abdominal adhesions as well as many of the additional HORRIFIC accidents and MRSA infections she had to fight.... BUT WON!!! That being said (and if you'd like to read THE ENTIRE RECORD, I already have it documented and I would be more than happy to send it to you), in 2004 she became VERY ILL WITH FIVE WEEKS OF UNCONTROLLABLE DIAHREAH and eventually diagnosed (after four days of every imaginable abdominal test) with one of the most rare forms of colitis.... COLLAGENOUS COLITIS.... if which there is no cure and every possible treatment either made it worse or didn't help at all. And, in November of 2005, after having to undergo a fourth back surgery (and fighting a severe MRSA infection) began experiencing severe abdominal pain which has progressed unabrubted since then. Within a few years after having been prescribed I don't remember HOW MANY DIFFERENT KINDS, STRENGTHS, OR DOSAGES of OPIOD pain relievers HER TEETH STARTED TO EITHER FALL OUT COMPLETELY, OR LITERALLY BREAK OFF AT THE GUN LINE!!!

    Mind you, this was a woman who had AN AMAZING SMILE and she had (and still has) the intelligence and common sense to match! She'll even tell you that if the only thing she had to deal with was the pain, she'd have no problem with. HOWEVER,(and here's the major rub) two years ago she began to experience FECAL INCONTINENCE which completely destroyed what little self confidence, especially in the fact that she could no longer smile (much less eat very well anymore which is SEVERELY IMPACTING HER NUTRITIONAL HEALTH!)

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...... I'M BEGGING YOU, PLEASE HELP ME HER! I'm 86 years old and she moved back to her childhood home to care for me and I'M PRAYING YOU'LL BE ABLE TO HELP HER REGAIN HER SMILE!!!! She's willing to have what few teeth she has left removed and dentures in their place but, of course, I'm on Social Security and she's been on SS disability since 2005 so neither one of us (even combined) could possibly afford to pay for the work that will need be done.

    I'm praying that I'll hear back from you with good news, or at very least, refer me to someone/some other entity who might be willing to help!

    God bless you all, Lillian Lejeune

    2344 W. BEATON WAY

    ORANGE, CA 92868

  • Pain medication

    Hello Dr. Oz my name is Andrea Holmes and I have been on pain medication for the past 10 years+. I am not addicatided to it but I wish I was able to get rid of this pain so I could stop taking this pain medication I suffer from migrains and knee pain after my right knee replacement that didn't go so well because it's been 3 years and I am in more pain now then I did before the knee replacement. Dr. I don't know what to do my doctor doesn't know why I am still is so much pain. she had me go through all kinds of tests and bone scans and ultra sounds she is at a lost I am now in the process of doing these test again to see if anything has changed but I don't feel that she is going to find anything and she said having another surgery is not recommended so I don't have any other option but to take pain medication everyday and still be in pain so I just have to keep taking it because it does give me a little relife. Dr. Oz I am hoping that you can help me please I want to be able to get off all this pain medication which is oxycodone and morphine. This is my second time writing you and I plan on writing you as much as I can until I can talk with you so I could get some help with my pains and get off this pain medication I really am hoping you can help me because I really don't want to die because of taking all this pain medication. I don't know what else to do but I am hoping you can help me or point me in the right direction. I was watching your show last week and you was talking about the big issues with pain medication drugs and the effects of it so I decided to write you and hoping that you will be able to help me, I am so frustrated Dr. Oz please help me please!!!!!
  • Printed information as in lists, etc.

    It is frustrating not to get all the info here in Canada. Since we cannot get any videos here why can the guides not be printed as well? We're missing out on a lot of important information which I would like to print out and keep permanently. Please change this sometime soon.
  • im confused

    why was the doctor oz show not aired on fox the last two days from 04/25/16-04/26/16? has the show at 4pm been changed in newengland? if so please tell me as I try to never miss a show but its been replaced by fox news here those two dates
  • Replace Dr. Oz

    I would much rather see GMA extended one more hour. I love GMA and it's too short. I get up at 7:30 AM every morning so I can watch GMA.
  • Bring Dr. Oz Show back to Memphis

    I miss this show in my town and I am struggling to find a place to watch
  • PAIN

    I just watched Dr Oz go on NBC morning show and tell the world that there is no place for pain relief with pain medication's. Dr OZ you are not getting all the facts that a doctor with your influence should consider. I spent 5 years of my life in unrelenting pain looking and trying to find a alternative to pain medication. After failed back surgery L/4 &L/5 with scare tissue and dics fragments.

    HERE IS WHAT I WENT THRU... Epidurals 5 in 2 years, Physical therapy for all 5 years ,Anti depression medication , meditation, praying to God to please give me the strength to beat this pain.

    As I am going thru this nightmare I have 3 year old boy that I could not even pick up and play with. He does not understand why Daddy can not play with him or hold him. After all these different methods of pain relief I found nothing to relive my pain, not even a little relief.

    So I can try to live..... with pain being on my mind 24 /7 days a week wanting to cut my legs not thinking straight)

    In comes a Dr that I had to wait 6 weeks to see. I begged him to help me, that I am at the end of my rope I can not beat this pain and I am ashamed. I tell him I will do anything he ask if he thinks it will help me get better find relief. He starts me out on a time released narcotic 2 twice a day.

    The first week was not the best but better. The next week after he adjusted my medication my life and attitude started to change as the pain started to not be the only thing on my mind. I started to go to the grocery, pick up my son from school, be a husband to my wife I was not out of pain but I was able to pick my son up from school and started taking him to the park every day after school. That was the beginning of the first day of the rest of my life,without being consumed by pain. From there I have continued to make my life with my 2 sons and wife of 25 years.

    If it was not for the time released narcotic, I would not be writing this. My son would be without his dad, the story would not be a happy one. When some one is in pain 24/7 and always hurting never getting any relief ,it takes over your life and mind. Medication made my pain tolerable, you don't get high nor could you as your body knows what to do with the medication . My life is now worth living and I can contribute to my sons life in a positive way, by not being a burden to my family and help my wife with the house and everything else connected to being a family. Before all I did was go to Doctors and lay in bed for 5 YEARS and be miserable to everybody. There is a place for theses medication's and there are people that play by the rules, that are grateful that someone cared enough to help them, after all the alternatives avenues were tried without success. Just saying!!!!
  • Perfumes

    Please feature a show that spotlights the overuse of perfumes. I am extremely allergic to many of these products, I've had to alter my lifestyle to avoid exposure. This means no movie theaters, church, anything with assigned seating. Flying is extremely problemsome, an asthma attack/anaphalaxis is frightening at 30,000 feet. I actually had to retire from ER nursing due to this problem and am considered disabled due to repeated exposures at work.

    Many people overdo it with their scented product, please put out the word.

  • The REAL dangers of GMO

    Dear -

    I know you are against GMO.

    However,your last segment on GMO looks almost as it was sponsor by Monsanto.

    The program missed major owe it to your misinformed audience!

    Please review more local and global points of view:

    Please invite DR Mercola to talk on the subject:

    Known to Kill Cows, Castrate Wildlife, Induce Spontaneous Abortion in Lab Rats... And it's Likely in Your Water -

    Organic farmers sue Monsanto

    5 million farmers sue Monsanto for $7.7 billion

    Monsanto guilty: Paul Francois poisoned by biotech`s giant chemicals

    Why not take the time to learn some vital information about a major player in the biotech industry.

    Buy the book: "The World According To Monsanto": Pollution, Corruption, and the Control of the World's Food Supply, by Marie-Monique Robin. Probably one of the most important books ever written. If you buy the book using the link on this site, you also indirectly support the work we are doing here, since we get percentages of sales.

    If you still believe the propaganda from the biotech industry and the PRO GMO scientists, after reading this book, then you are probably either a memeber of the "biotech family" or the biotech propaganda have taken root in your body.

    Related articles

    What is GMO?

    Germany bans cultivation of GM corn

    The Norwegian GMO scandal

    How GMO was approved at US FDA - Biodeception

    Genetic pollution

    GMOs Are Killing the Bees, Butterflies, Birds and . . . ?


  • which is the better diet pill

    you were recommending thermoraz, which i had good success with,, unfortunately im unable to find that on the market anywhere, can you help me? also you are recommending forskolin now does this work as well?
  • Help Pastors

    Dr. Oz,

    I saw your episode about dealing with anxiety. However, when a parishioner calls and wants to talk, I'm guessing 85% of the time it's VERY STRESSFUL!!! Not only for my husband but for the WHOLE family!

    HELP US!!!!

    Deborah Wilton
  • DR. KEN

    I think it was showing disrespect to Dr. KEN as a doctor to have him to give medical terms .
  • Addiction

    Your TV on Sat Oct 3,2015 about addiction was only the tip of the iceberg. I personally had to visit a rehab because I lost 3 members of my family and I was dehumanized, degraded and laughed at. They need to address the individual problem, like Bi-polar, depression. drugs. Not group everyone the same. We have different cancers, why not rehabs. Plus they are 11 to 15 thousand a month, so cost is terrible. I have a lot written down and I know others that think rehabs need to be better regulated. I am a doctor in Florida
  • Please, I need some info from that brilliant brain of yours!

    Could you please give me an estimate of what parts of hydrochloric acid, vitamin C,E,A to combine for rejuvenating my skin? I'm 63 and really can't afford the expensive creams and serum. Honestly, I never thought about getting 'old'.
  • Audience

    I came down to the studio twice to get to sit in the Dr Oz audience, the ladies in the lobby took my email and said that someone would email me and give me future dates and I would get VIP. If I took anothre day. I have never heard from anyone about the tickets or futere dates. I am so dissapointed. I have waited and waited. I believed the two women in yhe lobby that day, and they were not honest. I really love watching Dr. Oz and I am so hurt that I cannot seem to get tickets to the how.
  • Walkers are Dangerous!

    Today you gave a walker to your granddaughter. Please reconsider. Walkers are very dangerous. Babies are injured and killed using walkers. Besides their danger, early walking is not advantageous. If babies don't crawl sufficiently, the developmental reflex that when a baby is on its belly and lifts its head tells the arms to extend and knees and hips to flex, putting the baby in a cat sit position from which it rocks forward into a crawl position, instead of being suppressed by sufficient crawling, stays intact. Children who don't crawl enough as babies have the reflex intact and later, when in school at a desk, every time they look up to the board their arms extend or their legs extend. They can't sit properly at a desk. Either their legs extend touching the desk in front or they push their chair back so that they can write on the desk with their arms fully extended. WALKERS HAVE NO BENEFIT AND ARE DANGEROUS!!!
  • Thank You Dr. Oz

    I just want to thank you. My roommate and I watch your show every day. Thanks to your advice on chest pains, my roommate convinced me to go to the hospital to get my heart checked out. Everything was normal in my labs so they did a stress test. The results were that I have a weak heart under stress. I am now following up with a cardiologist. You saved my life. Thank you, Angie Hubbard
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