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The Dr. Oz Show

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  • The Total 10 Diet

    I need to add info that isn't on the diet that I have found to be a downfall of this diet. DRINK WATER AND LOTS OF IT. Yes I have lost 9 pounds in 10 days. Amazing. I feel good. I am a waterholic but since I started this diet, I haven't been drinking the amounts I've been use to drinking. I had to have blood work done today and the nurse had a hard time drawing blood. This has never happened to me. Then it hit had not been drinking my water as I normally did before this diet. Also, even though there are major amounts of veggies to eat on this diet, I started having very hard stools. I had to start taking stool softeners. Most likely due to the water I WAS NOT drinking. I am 61 yrs old and have learned a lesson. DRINK DRINK DRINK WATER. Don't rely on just the veggie broth through out the day. I HOPE DR OZ SEE'S THIS COMMENT. If not him, one of his staff.

    I remember Oprah when she was a news caster in Baltimore, always watched the channel she was luv her.
  • your ad being used for promotion

    check out Indianapolis channel 13 (wthr) for a commercial that airs you before talking about health care place and at the end your 'logo' in the lower right corner... as if you are endorsing their facility but you have not said anything that really applies to the ad.
  • Take Dr. Oz off

    Dr. Oz is a phony, he's just out for money like the rest of them. I never EVER watch him.

    Take him off the air. I DID not mean to infer that he is a phony Doctor, just that his SHOW is.
  • Hormones are needed for women for all of our organs to operate


    I am 70 years old and I am still taking my hormones. It is estratest. I refuse to get off of it because I know what happens when I am not on it. I will be bi$$hy. I will have the sweats,along with more issues. I also have not gotten gray hair and I know that's because I am taking Hormones. If you want to keep taking it then talk this over with your Dr,, and demand he prescribe it.

    I agree I NEED MY HORMONES. These decisions not to leave women hormones at a certain is is done by men. What the heck do the they know, they should suffer like we did and then there would be a different decision. Keep after your Dr.
  • 72 years old needing estrogen?

    I am 72 years old and I would like to know if I could begin taking an estrogen patch. I use to take the pill until I was 50 years old and then I was told I was too old to continue. I NEED MY ESTROGEN!
  • Need Help for John

    John needs help immediately for Severe Periodontal Gum Disease with rotting teeth. He says his gums are black. He is in terrible pain and can't eat except soft foods. He is afraid of cancer or die and he went to two periodonists and wouldn't treat him because of cost or even installment plan. He lives in Las Vegas. I didn't know where to post this request. Any suggestions where he can get help.
  • Morning Sickness!

    When I was pregnant with my first baby, I lost 25 lbs. throwing up. I only gained back 11 lbs. before my delivery. A picture of me and the baby coming home shows me with legs like popcycle sticks. I threw up for close to 8 full months, morning, noon and night. I even woke up during the night covered in vomit.

    I heaved when I saw fast food signs, I couldn't buy meat in the grocery store for years, I didn't buy anything with bones. My husband at the time was a professional chef and he had to do the cooking as I hid in the bedroom with a towel under the door. I seldom could eat anything but, an ice cream sandwich.

    The doctor gave me a pill that didn't work.
  • No Dr. Oz on ABC?

    This Fall Dr. Oz's time slot it replaced by Dr. Phil. I'm thrilled! Dr. Phil is a lot more interesting and without all the hookey demonstrations and theatrics. Good job ABC. Now take off The Chew and I will be happy.
  • Ozzed Out!

    What's with the people who's on the stage with Dr. Oz lately? They seem so greedy - just taking supplements or whatever they are talking about without Dr Oz offering it to them. Makes it terrible to watch.
  • this!

    Stop the silly games! Please!! The props are ridiculous ! . All taking up time we could be learning more valuable info

    On health matter!! I only watch the show after I record it now so I can fast forward on these parts and get to the important info!!! I know others do it too that I have talked am not alone I not a game a medical info
  • Dr. Oz fall tv time slot???

    i live in norman, oklahoma and want to know with the change-ups at ABC what time and what channel will Dr. Oz be on? thanks!
  • a new pill

    most legit pain needs a pain pill , you would be surprised what pain can destroy.... most pain pill junkies are that way before they needed pain control. us that use this pain control respect and do not abuse. DRS.. control the amount given and how long. an addictive personality will always abuse any mind altering substance to escape the real reason for their dependence. I am not defending nor saying you are wrong, but give some of us some integrity ,please. oh by the way your site surprised me to have an ad condoning BLU electronic O
  • Dr Oz show

    I try to tune in to Dr Oz to learn something, but after a few minutes, I can't stand it and have to change the channel. Am I the only one who is turned off my his moronic props and demonstrations?. Does he think we don't get what he is talking about unless he has screaming people play game show quizzes?. The show where he and an uncomfortable female audience member crawled thru the large 'colon' took the cake.
  • banana cooked with peel

    A recent show you had the advantage of a cooked banana with its peel
  • I been feeling lite headed

    Is it cause of being stress or blood presure high?
  • No more Lower Back Pain!

    How do I relay a cure for stopping my lower back pain and it works. Last five months No More Pain.

    No joke this works.
  • Nice Show

    Great picturization
  • The Land Downunder.

    There are many people who love to drink milk, some even replace water for milk as it taste better. so if some drinks more than 2 litres of milk a day is that a bad think.
  • Lasik, is it good or bad?

    I saw Oct. 3rd 2013 show about "Undercover Lasik surgery Investigation". It interested me because I just finished school at Triton college in River Grove, IL. I have an Associates in Applied Science degree which means I finished the Ophthalmic Technician Program. I have to take the certification test and practical within a year after graduation. I just finished the Ophthalmic Technician program in August 2013, but I'm considered a December graduate. I knew there were side effects to any eye surgery for example, Lasik, cataracts, retinal detachment, punctual plugs, and eye prosthesis. During clinical experience, the patients have to sign any consent form if the Dr. is going to be doing any surgery on their eye. This episode made me more aware of Lasik surgery because I didn't know the person Morris Waxler helped approve Lasik through the FDA, but now is admitting that there are complications. As more technology advances there will be a change. Thanks.

    Stephanie G. (Justice, IL)
  • Terrible Season 5!!! What happened to you Dr Oz?!

    What happened to my favorite show, what have they done to you Dr Oz, who made you change this way? This new season is a disaster, as a loyal fan of 4 years I feel betrayed, did you change writers? They are making you look eccentric, goofy and shallow with all those celebs and dumb games, not to mention the extremely annoying kiddish music. Does Oprah approve of your new format? Is her team producing this season???? I've never seen such an extreme turn, I hope she will intervene, what happened to the Doctor who set up free clinics to care for the uninsured? How could they do this, I'm speechless.
  • Fall season "STINK O"

    i have always loved the Dr Oz Show. But the new fall shows are really BAD. Cancel those celebrities.

    Go back to the real Dr Oz shows. These are not the shows I used to watch! Do you have a new staff?

    What is the problem? People liked the old shows, just the way they ...

    Every time I find a show I like, somebody comes along and thinks they need to make it better. Tell the advertisers 'they are going to lose a bunch of viewers'. One week of this new format and you lost me.

    I've never written a review before. So while I'm at it. 'Go easy on those dumb games'

    I guess I can live with the I can't live with all that celebrities fluff.

    Maybe I'm too old to vote? Maybe young people love it when Dr Oz is really a combination of the 'Rachael Ray' and the 'Price is What do I know????? But I hate the new OZ shows. Sorry,The old LADY
  • Where is the real DR Oz?

    What happened to the real DR OZ? This new format had degraded you and the respect that you have built up over the years. If I wanted to see celebrities I would watch talk show not your show. I watch you show to learn something. You don't see or hear the other doctors on the TV quoted like they quote you. The other doctor show changed their format because they where not doing as well as you so why did you change yours? You wear casual cloths, not that you need to wear a suit, but that to me brings down the value of what you have to say. Please stop this and get rid of these stupid celebrities and games. Give up good advise as right now I can't believe anything that I see or hear as it has no accreditation with the way it is presented.

  • no clever title fits the review

    I am obese and diabetic. I tried Gar/Cam based on your recommendation. The only way I lost weight was through constant bowel movements.. Good thing I'm on disability or I would have lost my job.

    People trust you, I trust you. And it cost me the price of this bowel cleanse.
  • prove you're the best!!!

    I have been suffering with excema my whole life without a moment of relief from any meds, vitamins or lotions. My motto has been 'try anything once'. I have been seen by so many doctors without any luck of cure. It's all over my body. I have been told I have one of the worst cases. It rules my life when I really just want to be normal. I don't want to be afraid of the water, sun, heat, cold, ect. I have had specialists say they couldn't help me. I was put on a diet even, that my doc said would help... I pretty much had to stop eating and still same result... nothing. I have heard that you can fix anything... can you help me when all others cannot! !??
  • The Green Coffee Bean Extract Offer. Not Happy with what happened to me!!!!

    I got the free sample from the Dr. Oz Show. The first one never came so I called and they sent me another one, weill that was 2 weeks after the first one should have been shipped, then I get my credit card bill and find I was billed $78.74, so I called the customer service number of 877-635-0845 to see why I was charged they said the free 2 week trail was over, told them I did not get the first one shipped and it took another 2 weeks to get. I wanted to cancell and get the $78.74 refunded, they would not do it,I do not think this was fair. Can you help me please?Thanks, Rose

  • overwelmed

    I love your show but' you have so many things about, losing weight I don't know which way to turn I,m going away to the beach in a few months. Something I've never seen in my 63 yrs .Please help me get together. I want to at least look a little better than my 183 lbs. I'm 5' 4" Please help!!!!!!!!
  • Very Dissapointed

    Went to the Consumer Lab website. NO, I MEAN NO help at all.

    Yvette Wollenberg
  • April 3, 2013 show

    I caught alitte of what you were talking that day and unfortunately YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! primary doctors are not really doing a good they are medicating patients who dont need those 48 now and i've been seeing doctors since i was 12 that i can remember they labeled me as depressed, anxious, with mental issues. 32yrs after after being hospitalize over and over for depression one day i went once againt to the hospital emergency room for the millionth to be told that i was having panic attacks well they kept me over night nothing new to me. One cardiologist decided he was gong to keep me over night and do 24hours blood day everything was good, but the cardiologist didnt want to give up so easy he asked me if i was ok with doing an angiogram i decided to do it just because i was so tired of not knowing what i i was really crazy well then i would find out and take care of it, but if there was something wrong i wanted to know. Results of angiogram i had an anamolie, i've had since i was born an artery that was on the wrong side of my heart its hard to explain , but i went 32yrs being diagnosed as a crazy person who needed prescriptions for my mental state , because there was nothing wrong with at 48 i am a full blown addict to lorasepam, paxil and there are more medications that i cant live without because it took them 32yrs to diagnose me correctly. after my diagnosed of anomaly i had two open heart surgeries i have 3 grandsons and two daughters that went trough hell and back living the life i lead being estimagmatize as a crazy woman and my husband not to mention. there is something that needs to be done about all this medications that are just handed out like candy not informing us that they can be our life long cross. Thank you Dr. Oz.
  • Dr. Oz needs to know !!!

    Dr oz is brilliant, but need to let him and all of you know one thing ; my menopause !!!! Dryness , mode swings , burning atrocity and hormones inserts - nothing worked and everything have had some terrible side effects.

    1 year ago I started this Yummyiagra and now I am 54 and 8 months in a relationship that is better then it was when I was 18.

    Friends I can't tell you enough how I fill and how good sex is and I lost weight too - my skin is looking better and I am not using the $150.00 creams at all, not to mansion the hormones inserts and lubricators cost that I do not need anymore. And I really have orgasms - it is beautiful - I wish that I had that Yummyiagra before we divorced - but my new man introduced it to me and he is 60 but like 20 - We love life again !

    If you are in menopause do not delay - drop everything you are using and get back to life with this Yummyiagra - it works like a miracle .....
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