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  • Fall season "STINK O"

    i have always loved the Dr Oz Show. But the new fall shows are really BAD. Cancel those celebrities.

    Go back to the real Dr Oz shows. These are not the shows I used to watch! Do you have a new staff?

    What is the problem? People liked the old shows, just the way they ...

    Every time I find a show I like, somebody comes along and thinks they need to make it better. Tell the advertisers 'they are going to lose a bunch of viewers'. One week of this new format and you lost me.

    I've never written a review before. So while I'm at it. 'Go easy on those dumb games'

    I guess I can live with the I can't live with all that celebrities fluff.

    Maybe I'm too old to vote? Maybe young people love it when Dr Oz is really a combination of the 'Rachael Ray' and the 'Price is What do I know????? But I hate the new OZ shows. Sorry,The old LADY
  • Where is the real DR Oz?

    What happened to the real DR OZ? This new format had degraded you and the respect that you have built up over the years. If I wanted to see celebrities I would watch talk show not your show. I watch you show to learn something. You don't see or hear the other doctors on the TV quoted like they quote you. The other doctor show changed their format because they where not doing as well as you so why did you change yours? You wear casual cloths, not that you need to wear a suit, but that to me brings down the value of what you have to say. Please stop this and get rid of these stupid celebrities and games. Give up good advise as right now I can't believe anything that I see or hear as it has no accreditation with the way it is presented.

  • watching episodes

    Why can't I watch any episodes? That's the reason I got on this site. Should I be looking else where??
  • Terrible Season 5!!! What happened to you Dr Oz?!

    What happened to my favorite show, what have they done to you Dr Oz, who made you change this way? This new season is a disaster, as a loyal fan of 4 years I feel betrayed, did you change writers? They are making you look eccentric, goofy and shallow with all those celebs and dumb games, not to mention the extremely annoying kiddish music. Does Oprah approve of your new format? Is her team producing this season???? I've never seen such an extreme turn, I hope she will intervene, what happened to the Doctor who set up free clinics to care for the uninsured? How could they do this, I'm speechless.
  • this!

    Stop the silly games! Please!! The props are ridiculous ! . All taking up time we could be learning more valuable info

    On health matter!! I only watch the show after I record it now so I can fast forward on these parts and get to the important info!!! I know others do it too that I have talked am not alone I not a game a medical info
  • Ozzed Out!

    Why is Dr Oz show doing crime mysteries and some other shows that has nothing to do with medical or anything in relation to helping and informing the public of health issues? He may as well be a normal talk show host! Love his shows though, but when it comes to crime and shows on famous people that has nothing to do with health or anything of interest of public health awareness - I fast forward. I could watch any of that on other talk show host shows! 2/14/17

    What's with the people who's on the stage with Dr. Oz lately? They seem so greedy - just taking supplements or whatever they are talking about without Dr Oz offering it to them. Makes it terrible to watch.
  • Wrinkle cream a fraud


    Your NuPlenish cream company is a fraud. I have just reported them. I gave them my cc for shipping cost of free trial. They e-mailed me conf. of $42.71 charge for 1st shipment. cancelled the order immediately but they offered me 15% back, then 20% back, then 50% back ect. This company cannot be trusted and makes the advertiser look bad..
  • Dr Oz show

    I try to tune in to Dr Oz to learn something, but after a few minutes, I can't stand it and have to change the channel. Am I the only one who is turned off my his moronic props and demonstrations?. Does he think we don't get what he is talking about unless he has screaming people play game show quizzes?. The show where he and an uncomfortable female audience member crawled thru the large 'colon' took the cake.
  • That insignificant Bobby Brown

    Dr. Oz quite disappointed in you, having that guy Bobby Brown on a . show and promoting a book he supposedly wrote. Why didn't You, Oprah, Dr. Phil (who's not that interesting either now) or Tyler Perry, have that guy on before and try to help him and his daughter B. Christina before she lost her life. And furthermore him or the family now, (meaning those aunts or any family member) trying to get money from a turnip now when the so called brother boyfriend was living off her and her mother is just as stupid. AFTER the FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Perfumes

    Please feature a show that spotlights the overuse of perfumes. I am extremely allergic to many of these products, I've had to alter my lifestyle to avoid exposure. This means no movie theaters, church, anything with assigned seating. Flying is extremely problemsome, an asthma attack/anaphalaxis is frightening at 30,000 feet. I actually had to retire from ER nursing due to this problem and am considered disabled due to repeated exposures at work.

    Many people overdo it with their scented product, please put out the word.

  • Addiction

    Your TV on Sat Oct 3,2015 about addiction was only the tip of the iceberg. I personally had to visit a rehab because I lost 3 members of my family and I was dehumanized, degraded and laughed at. They need to address the individual problem, like Bi-polar, depression. drugs. Not group everyone the same. We have different cancers, why not rehabs. Plus they are 11 to 15 thousand a month, so cost is terrible. I have a lot written down and I know others that think rehabs need to be better regulated. I am a doctor in Florida
  • Please, I need some info from that brilliant brain of yours!

    Could you please give me an estimate of what parts of hydrochloric acid, vitamin C,E,A to combine for rejuvenating my skin? I'm 63 and really can't afford the expensive creams and serum. Honestly, I never thought about getting 'old'.
  • With Spring comes allergies get this while they have it

    While its impossible to get great products on shows like Dr Oz i like to share with everyone a great product for allergy season.

    Hot Ice instantly heat up and provides relief for congestion and helps one affordable and its reusable and helps during the time medication is not working or taking to long to work

    Hot ice is exclusive to

    I use it all the time

    I remember Oprah when she was a news caster in Baltimore, always watched the channel she was luv her.
  • your ad being used for promotion

    check out Indianapolis channel 13 (wthr) for a commercial that airs you before talking about health care place and at the end your 'logo' in the lower right corner... as if you are endorsing their facility but you have not said anything that really applies to the ad.
  • Hormones are needed for women for all of our organs to operate


    I am 70 years old and I am still taking my hormones. It is estratest. I refuse to get off of it because I know what happens when I am not on it. I will be bi$$hy. I will have the sweats,along with more issues. I also have not gotten gray hair and I know that's because I am taking Hormones. If you want to keep taking it then talk this over with your Dr,, and demand he prescribe it.

    I agree I NEED MY HORMONES. These decisions not to leave women hormones at a certain is is done by men. What the heck do the they know, they should suffer like we did and then there would be a different decision. Keep after your Dr.
  • please help me

    hi Dr oz my name is destiny i am 14 years old i have been over weight since i was 4 i am sick of looking this way and getting messed with for how i look i recently had a surgery for being bullied at school i have done every thing i can to get skinny but its not good enough i really need someones help please help me
  • Informative and ideal for health freaks

    Dr. Oz is the best! He's answered questions I've already known, I like how he's very hardworking and treats his viewers in the studio like his patients on film. The first time I took a glimpse at it, there were games in involved... health games... my kind of tv. I try not to miss an episode... there's so many things to learn from one intelligent man. Easy on the eye as far as studio lighting and easy to understand tips!
  • "widowmaker"

    I am a 64 year old male and suffered the true "widowmaker"..A 90% +blockage of the aorta behind the heart! They do call Rosie O Donnel's condition that also, but it ,[ unlike the aorta behind the heart] , is repaired by a stint. The true "widowmaker" is very undetectable ,usually only with a heart cath which I had and woke up by drs. standing over and saying,"sir we are going into open heart surgery! 5 bypasses were performed. My life was saved not without complications. Three days after surgery I suffered a very painfull collasped lung. Released after 8 days , was home two and suffered a life threatening pulmonary embolisism. Rushed by ambulance back, survivived, spent another 7 days in hosp on many blood thinners. What a show this would make for dr. oz to detail what can happen and let people know it is survivable..
  • Help Pastors

    Dr. Oz,

    I saw your episode about dealing with anxiety. However, when a parishioner calls and wants to talk, I'm guessing 85% of the time it's VERY STRESSFUL!!! Not only for my husband but for the WHOLE family!

    HELP US!!!!

    Deborah Wilton
  • DR. KEN

    I think it was showing disrespect to Dr. KEN as a doctor to have him to give medical terms .
  • The Total 10 Diet

    I need to add info that isn't on the diet that I have found to be a downfall of this diet. DRINK WATER AND LOTS OF IT. Yes I have lost 9 pounds in 10 days. Amazing. I feel good. I am a waterholic but since I started this diet, I haven't been drinking the amounts I've been use to drinking. I had to have blood work done today and the nurse had a hard time drawing blood. This has never happened to me. Then it hit had not been drinking my water as I normally did before this diet. Also, even though there are major amounts of veggies to eat on this diet, I started having very hard stools. I had to start taking stool softeners. Most likely due to the water I WAS NOT drinking. I am 61 yrs old and have learned a lesson. DRINK DRINK DRINK WATER. Don't rely on just the veggie broth through out the day. I HOPE DR OZ SEE'S THIS COMMENT. If not him, one of his staff.
  • ginseng causes heart palpitation

    dr oz,

    after watching your show on ginseng being recommended for brain clarity, I bought some. That evening after taking it that morning, I could feel my heart racing. It felt like I could be having a heart attack! The next night, I read that ginseng can cause heart palpitations. The side effects of these herbs should be told when you recommend these herbs, dr!
  • Pain medication

    Hello Dr. Oz my name is Andrea Holmes and I have been on pain medication for the past 10 years+. I am not addicatided to it but I wish I was able to get rid of this pain so I could stop taking this pain medication I suffer from migrains and knee pain after my right knee replacement that didn't go so well because it's been 3 years and I am in more pain now then I did before the knee replacement. Dr. I don't know what to do my doctor doesn't know why I am still is so much pain. she had me go through all kinds of tests and bone scans and ultra sounds she is at a lost I am now in the process of doing these test again to see if anything has changed but I don't feel that she is going to find anything and she said having another surgery is not recommended so I don't have any other option but to take pain medication everyday and still be in pain so I just have to keep taking it because it does give me a little relife. Dr. Oz I am hoping that you can help me please I want to be able to get off all this pain medication which is oxycodone and morphine. This is my second time writing you and I plan on writing you as much as I can until I can talk with you so I could get some help with my pains and get off this pain medication I really am hoping you can help me because I really don't want to die because of taking all this pain medication. I don't know what else to do but I am hoping you can help me or point me in the right direction. I was watching your show last week and you was talking about the big issues with pain medication drugs and the effects of it so I decided to write you and hoping that you will be able to help me, I am so frustrated Dr. Oz please help me please!!!!!
  • Vistu-getting peace in your house

    Last week on your show you promoted something called Vistu. Many unsuspecting viewers were exposed to the pagan religion of Hindu. But then, I'm guessing you already knew that. Jesus said, " I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father but by me" The peace in my house comes from the true God, Jehovah, not from being sure to place plants, chimes, etc in certain corners of my domain. Thank you and God bless. Steve, Ohio
  • April 3, 2013 show

    I caught alitte of what you were talking that day and unfortunately YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! primary doctors are not really doing a good they are medicating patients who dont need those 48 now and i've been seeing doctors since i was 12 that i can remember they labeled me as depressed, anxious, with mental issues. 32yrs after after being hospitalize over and over for depression one day i went once againt to the hospital emergency room for the millionth to be told that i was having panic attacks well they kept me over night nothing new to me. One cardiologist decided he was gong to keep me over night and do 24hours blood day everything was good, but the cardiologist didnt want to give up so easy he asked me if i was ok with doing an angiogram i decided to do it just because i was so tired of not knowing what i i was really crazy well then i would find out and take care of it, but if there was something wrong i wanted to know. Results of angiogram i had an anamolie, i've had since i was born an artery that was on the wrong side of my heart its hard to explain , but i went 32yrs being diagnosed as a crazy person who needed prescriptions for my mental state , because there was nothing wrong with at 48 i am a full blown addict to lorasepam, paxil and there are more medications that i cant live without because it took them 32yrs to diagnose me correctly. after my diagnosed of anomaly i had two open heart surgeries i have 3 grandsons and two daughters that went trough hell and back living the life i lead being estimagmatize as a crazy woman and my husband not to mention. there is something that needs to be done about all this medications that are just handed out like candy not informing us that they can be our life long cross. Thank you Dr. Oz.
  • Fake Vs Real

    I do have to say thumbs up for Dr Oz's wife.. I keep seeing all these hate posts about how fat she is.. At least she is real unlike Dr Phil's plastic wife... Who by the way peddles facial remedies for youthful skin.. Makes you want to scream; TELL the truth about all the fillers, Botox, lip injections, Mini face lifts etc.. Don't play with womens intelligence..
  • The Land Downunder.

    There are many people who love to drink milk, some even replace water for milk as it taste better. so if some drinks more than 2 litres of milk a day is that a bad think.
  • overwelmed

    I love your show but' you have so many things about, losing weight I don't know which way to turn I,m going away to the beach in a few months. Something I've never seen in my 63 yrs .Please help me get together. I want to at least look a little better than my 183 lbs. I'm 5' 4" Please help!!!!!!!!
  • 72 years old needing estrogen?

    I am 72 years old and I would like to know if I could begin taking an estrogen patch. I use to take the pill until I was 50 years old and then I was told I was too old to continue. I NEED MY ESTROGEN!
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