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  • Printed information as in lists, etc.

    It is frustrating not to get all the info here in Canada. Since we cannot get any videos here why can the guides not be printed as well? We're missing out on a lot of important information which I would like to print out and keep permanently. Please change this sometime soon.
  • im confused

    why was the doctor oz show not aired on fox the last two days from 04/25/16-04/26/16? has the show at 4pm been changed in newengland? if so please tell me as I try to never miss a show but its been replaced by fox news here those two dates
  • Replace Dr. Oz

    I would much rather see GMA extended one more hour. I love GMA and it's too short. I get up at 7:30 AM every morning so I can watch GMA.
  • Bring Dr. Oz Show back to Memphis

    I miss this show in my town and I am struggling to find a place to watch
  • PAIN

    I just watched Dr Oz go on NBC morning show and tell the world that there is no place for pain relief with pain medication's. Dr OZ you are not getting all the facts that a doctor with your influence should consider. I spent 5 years of my life in unrelenting pain looking and trying to find a alternative to pain medication. After failed back surgery L/4 &L/5 with scare tissue and dics fragments.

    HERE IS WHAT I WENT THRU... Epidurals 5 in 2 years, Physical therapy for all 5 years ,Anti depression medication , meditation, praying to God to please give me the strength to beat this pain.

    As I am going thru this nightmare I have 3 year old boy that I could not even pick up and play with. He does not understand why Daddy can not play with him or hold him. After all these different methods of pain relief I found nothing to relive my pain, not even a little relief.

    So I can try to live..... with pain being on my mind 24 /7 days a week wanting to cut my legs not thinking straight)

    In comes a Dr that I had to wait 6 weeks to see. I begged him to help me, that I am at the end of my rope I can not beat this pain and I am ashamed. I tell him I will do anything he ask if he thinks it will help me get better find relief. He starts me out on a time released narcotic 2 twice a day.

    The first week was not the best but better. The next week after he adjusted my medication my life and attitude started to change as the pain started to not be the only thing on my mind. I started to go to the grocery, pick up my son from school, be a husband to my wife I was not out of pain but I was able to pick my son up from school and started taking him to the park every day after school. That was the beginning of the first day of the rest of my life,without being consumed by pain. From there I have continued to make my life with my 2 sons and wife of 25 years.

    If it was not for the time released narcotic, I would not be writing this. My son would be without his dad, the story would not be a happy one. When some one is in pain 24/7 and always hurting never getting any relief ,it takes over your life and mind. Medication made my pain tolerable, you don't get high nor could you as your body knows what to do with the medication . My life is now worth living and I can contribute to my sons life in a positive way, by not being a burden to my family and help my wife with the house and everything else connected to being a family. Before all I did was go to Doctors and lay in bed for 5 YEARS and be miserable to everybody. There is a place for theses medication's and there are people that play by the rules, that are grateful that someone cared enough to help them, after all the alternatives avenues were tried without success. Just saying!!!!
  • Perfumes

    Please feature a show that spotlights the overuse of perfumes. I am extremely allergic to many of these products, I've had to alter my lifestyle to avoid exposure. This means no movie theaters, church, anything with assigned seating. Flying is extremely problemsome, an asthma attack/anaphalaxis is frightening at 30,000 feet. I actually had to retire from ER nursing due to this problem and am considered disabled due to repeated exposures at work.

    Many people overdo it with their scented product, please put out the word.

  • Good !

    There should be more shows like this . With the creations of diseases to depopulate and promotion of horrible food, Dr Oz helps with combating these threats.
  • The REAL dangers of GMO

    Dear -

    I know you are against GMO.

    However,your last segment on GMO looks almost as it was sponsor by Monsanto.

    The program missed major owe it to your misinformed audience!

    Please review more local and global points of view:

    Please invite DR Mercola to talk on the subject:

    Known to Kill Cows, Castrate Wildlife, Induce Spontaneous Abortion in Lab Rats... And it's Likely in Your Water -

    Organic farmers sue Monsanto

    5 million farmers sue Monsanto for $7.7 billion

    Monsanto guilty: Paul Francois poisoned by biotech`s giant chemicals

    Why not take the time to learn some vital information about a major player in the biotech industry.

    Buy the book: "The World According To Monsanto": Pollution, Corruption, and the Control of the World's Food Supply, by Marie-Monique Robin. Probably one of the most important books ever written. If you buy the book using the link on this site, you also indirectly support the work we are doing here, since we get percentages of sales.

    If you still believe the propaganda from the biotech industry and the PRO GMO scientists, after reading this book, then you are probably either a memeber of the "biotech family" or the biotech propaganda have taken root in your body.

    Related articles

    What is GMO?

    Germany bans cultivation of GM corn

    The Norwegian GMO scandal

    How GMO was approved at US FDA - Biodeception

    Genetic pollution

    GMOs Are Killing the Bees, Butterflies, Birds and . . . ?


  • which is the better diet pill

    you were recommending thermoraz, which i had good success with,, unfortunately im unable to find that on the market anywhere, can you help me? also you are recommending forskolin now does this work as well?
  • Help Pastors

    Dr. Oz,

    I saw your episode about dealing with anxiety. However, when a parishioner calls and wants to talk, I'm guessing 85% of the time it's VERY STRESSFUL!!! Not only for my husband but for the WHOLE family!

    HELP US!!!!

    Deborah Wilton
  • DR. KEN

    I think it was showing disrespect to Dr. KEN as a doctor to have him to give medical terms .
  • Addiction

    Your TV on Sat Oct 3,2015 about addiction was only the tip of the iceberg. I personally had to visit a rehab because I lost 3 members of my family and I was dehumanized, degraded and laughed at. They need to address the individual problem, like Bi-polar, depression. drugs. Not group everyone the same. We have different cancers, why not rehabs. Plus they are 11 to 15 thousand a month, so cost is terrible. I have a lot written down and I know others that think rehabs need to be better regulated. I am a doctor in Florida
  • Please, I need some info from that brilliant brain of yours!

    Could you please give me an estimate of what parts of hydrochloric acid, vitamin C,E,A to combine for rejuvenating my skin? I'm 63 and really can't afford the expensive creams and serum. Honestly, I never thought about getting 'old'.
  • Audience

    I came down to the studio twice to get to sit in the Dr Oz audience, the ladies in the lobby took my email and said that someone would email me and give me future dates and I would get VIP. If I took anothre day. I have never heard from anyone about the tickets or futere dates. I am so dissapointed. I have waited and waited. I believed the two women in yhe lobby that day, and they were not honest. I really love watching Dr. Oz and I am so hurt that I cannot seem to get tickets to the how.
  • Walkers are Dangerous!

    Today you gave a walker to your granddaughter. Please reconsider. Walkers are very dangerous. Babies are injured and killed using walkers. Besides their danger, early walking is not advantageous. If babies don't crawl sufficiently, the developmental reflex that when a baby is on its belly and lifts its head tells the arms to extend and knees and hips to flex, putting the baby in a cat sit position from which it rocks forward into a crawl position, instead of being suppressed by sufficient crawling, stays intact. Children who don't crawl enough as babies have the reflex intact and later, when in school at a desk, every time they look up to the board their arms extend or their legs extend. They can't sit properly at a desk. Either their legs extend touching the desk in front or they push their chair back so that they can write on the desk with their arms fully extended. WALKERS HAVE NO BENEFIT AND ARE DANGEROUS!!!
  • Thank You Dr. Oz

    I just want to thank you. My roommate and I watch your show every day. Thanks to your advice on chest pains, my roommate convinced me to go to the hospital to get my heart checked out. Everything was normal in my labs so they did a stress test. The results were that I have a weak heart under stress. I am now following up with a cardiologist. You saved my life. Thank you, Angie Hubbard
  • want to get on the show because found a cure for morgellons

    found a cure for morgellons that i suffer from and a guy want to cure me from it on your show call me at 218 688 7413 pretty amazing

    I TRYING TO GET THE 3 FREE VITAMINS FROM YESTERDAYS SHOW, I HAD A HARD TIME GETTING ON TO YOUR WEBSITE. Hate that, tries to send me to other drs. How do I get my free vitamins?
  • Fake Vs Real

    I do have to say thumbs up for Dr Oz's wife.. I keep seeing all these hate posts about how fat she is.. At least she is real unlike Dr Phil's plastic wife... Who by the way peddles facial remedies for youthful skin.. Makes you want to scream; TELL the truth about all the fillers, Botox, lip injections, Mini face lifts etc.. Don't play with womens intelligence..
  • Dr Oz represents products with fraudulent practices

    Ordered a sample of two products for about 3.95 each, was then billed for $88 each 14 days later. This fact was definitely hidden in the details. Products are 1/2 ounce each. Search for skin products and you will see he has represented over a dozen. This man is all about $$$$.
  • Wrinkle cream a fraud


    Your NuPlenish cream company is a fraud. I have just reported them. I gave them my cc for shipping cost of free trial. They e-mailed me conf. of $42.71 charge for 1st shipment. cancelled the order immediately but they offered me 15% back, then 20% back, then 50% back ect. This company cannot be trusted and makes the advertiser look bad..
  • With Spring comes allergies get this while they have it

    While its impossible to get great products on shows like Dr Oz i like to share with everyone a great product for allergy season.

    Hot Ice instantly heat up and provides relief for congestion and helps one affordable and its reusable and helps during the time medication is not working or taking to long to work

    Hot ice is exclusive to

    I use it all the time
  • Vistu-getting peace in your house

    Last week on your show you promoted something called Vistu. Many unsuspecting viewers were exposed to the pagan religion of Hindu. But then, I'm guessing you already knew that. Jesus said, " I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father but by me" The peace in my house comes from the true God, Jehovah, not from being sure to place plants, chimes, etc in certain corners of my domain. Thank you and God bless. Steve, Ohio
  • The Total 10 Diet

    I need to add info that isn't on the diet that I have found to be a downfall of this diet. DRINK WATER AND LOTS OF IT. Yes I have lost 9 pounds in 10 days. Amazing. I feel good. I am a waterholic but since I started this diet, I haven't been drinking the amounts I've been use to drinking. I had to have blood work done today and the nurse had a hard time drawing blood. This has never happened to me. Then it hit had not been drinking my water as I normally did before this diet. Also, even though there are major amounts of veggies to eat on this diet, I started having very hard stools. I had to start taking stool softeners. Most likely due to the water I WAS NOT drinking. I am 61 yrs old and have learned a lesson. DRINK DRINK DRINK WATER. Don't rely on just the veggie broth through out the day. I HOPE DR OZ SEE'S THIS COMMENT. If not him, one of his staff.

    I remember Oprah when she was a news caster in Baltimore, always watched the channel she was luv her.
  • your ad being used for promotion

    check out Indianapolis channel 13 (wthr) for a commercial that airs you before talking about health care place and at the end your 'logo' in the lower right corner... as if you are endorsing their facility but you have not said anything that really applies to the ad.
  • Take Dr. Oz off

    Dr. Oz is a phony, he's just out for money like the rest of them. I never EVER watch him.

    Take him off the air. I DID not mean to infer that he is a phony Doctor, just that his SHOW is.
  • Hormones are needed for women for all of our organs to operate


    I am 70 years old and I am still taking my hormones. It is estratest. I refuse to get off of it because I know what happens when I am not on it. I will be bi$$hy. I will have the sweats,along with more issues. I also have not gotten gray hair and I know that's because I am taking Hormones. If you want to keep taking it then talk this over with your Dr,, and demand he prescribe it.

    I agree I NEED MY HORMONES. These decisions not to leave women hormones at a certain is is done by men. What the heck do the they know, they should suffer like we did and then there would be a different decision. Keep after your Dr.
  • 72 years old needing estrogen?

    I am 72 years old and I would like to know if I could begin taking an estrogen patch. I use to take the pill until I was 50 years old and then I was told I was too old to continue. I NEED MY ESTROGEN!
  • Need Help for John

    John needs help immediately for Severe Periodontal Gum Disease with rotting teeth. He says his gums are black. He is in terrible pain and can't eat except soft foods. He is afraid of cancer or die and he went to two periodonists and wouldn't treat him because of cost or even installment plan. He lives in Las Vegas. I didn't know where to post this request. Any suggestions where he can get help.
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