The Dr. Oz Show

Season 2 Episode 82

Revolutionary Plastic Surgery Procedures for 2011

Aired Weekdays Jan 14, 2011 on

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  • Plastic surgery with great results and a short recovery time. I was really impressed but that did not compare to my wifes reaction when she watched the show. The results were fantastic!

    My wife is about to turn 53 and she has been depressed with, as she calls them "her jowls". She looked at me with a tear in her eye and asked, "could I". I told her that I will try to find out what we can do. She is a kindergarten teacher and she just wants to look younger. Is there any way that I could get information so we could contact the surgens. My wife would very much like look into this proceedure. She is beautiful to me just the way that she looks now... but she spends a lot of time looking in the mirror, pulling at her face. I feel sorry for her because her smile is so beautiful but she only looks at her jowls. I feel that this proceedure would make her the happiest kindergarten teacher in the world.