The Dreamstone

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The Dreamstone

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The Dreamstone was first brodcast in the U.K on ITV as part of the "CITV" week-day children's block.

It was created by Mike Jupp who had previously worked on cartoons such as "No Man's Valley",and "The Bluffers", and produced by Martin Gates

The Dreamstone is set in the Land of Dreams, where all dreams are created. The Dreamstone itself is a beutiful, mystical jem which is used by it's guaridan, the wise old Dream Maker, to give the inhabitants of the world sweet, peaceful dreams.

He is assisted in this by two Noops, Rufus and Amberley, as well as his faithful Watchdog fish Albert (A hybrid of a fish and a dog)

But beyond the land of dreams, lies the Mists of Limbo, within the Mists of limbo, lies the Land of Nightmares, ruled over by the evil tyrant Zordrack , who schemes to infect the world's population with never-ending nightmares...

The one force that stands in his way is the power of the Dreamstone, which can repel bad dreams, and so he makes plans to steal it from the Dreammaker and destroy it.

With the aid of his squad of bungling Urpneys (commanded by Sergent Blob), Zordrack tries time and time again to aqquire the Dreamstone, but fails each time due to the courage and resolve of Rufus, Amberly, and the rest of the Noops, who will never let the dreams die!

The series' music was provided by Mike Batt,(in) famously known worldwide for writing the song "Bright Eyes" for the Watership Down soundtrack...

The series ran for 5 years, and was one of the biggest successes in the U.K...


RUFUS: An adventurous, spirited young Noop, who often daydreams, and occasionly gets himself in mischief, but when it is time to stand up to Zordrack or peforming a challenging task, he shows no fear and proves he's up for the job...

AMBERLY: Rufus's best freind, she always tries to steer Rufus away from doing anything mischevous, but ends up failing most of the time, and even gets into trouble HERSELF as a result.

Neverthless she comes through for Rufus when it counts and accompnies him on his adventures

THE DREAMAKER: This wise kindly wizard is the guardian of the mystic Dreamstone, he grants peaceful dreams to the real world using the powers of the dreamstone, his assistents are Amberly and Rufus. Often pulls more than a few plesant tricks out of his hat...

ALBERT: The Dreamaker's loyal watchdog fish, Albert is very friendly and playful, but if danger lurks, he will not think twice about acting fierce to defend his friends and master...

ZORDRACK: The master of the Land of Nightmares, and once a dreamaker himself before being exiled for misusing his power to create chaos, Zordrack is a collosal,cold-hearted ,dragon-like tyrant, fierce in power as well as in strength. He intends to blanket the world in nightmares, only the Dreamstone prevents this plan from reaching fruitition...

URPNEYS: Zordrack's cheif troops, commanded by Sergent Blob...very sneeky, if a tad slow-minded..

URPGOR: Zordrack's cheif scientest, the inventor of a thousand devilish devices designed to grab the Dreamstone and create havok in the land of dreams... which usually fail.

Also detests the way Zordrack treats him and waits for the chance to seize control for himself...

Dreamstone Lyrics (by Martin Gates)

I used to dream myself to somewhere else each night,

I dreamed in colour, 'cause I lived in black and white,

Until I chanced upon this road that led to you,

I could not see, how anything could be...

(Main Chorus)

Better than a dream, stranger than my wild imagination,

If this is a real sensation

It's better than a dream.

Higher than the moon, hazy like a beautiful illusion,

Crazy and in confusion

And better than a dream.

(2nd lyrics)

I used to wish I was beyond some distant door,

I knew there must be more to life and now I'm sure,

No dream of pirate caves or indian braves,

Or magic carpets could ever be this good.moreless
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  • Dreamstone is back!!!

    Hi Guys, we just want to let you know the good news! We've got 52 remastered episodes coming your way soon! Stay tuned to the Facebook page for more info as it comes in. /dreamstonefanpage

  • Calling all fans

    All people who are fans of the show please contact netflix via the tech chat and request that they hoast this show as they have advised me that if they receive more requests for this series it will raise in their priority list of things to get the rights to and add to their site. Many thanks

  • The evil Lord of Nightmares, Zordrak, seeks to possess the most precious and powerful object in the land - the Dreamstone - so that nightmares might rule.

    Oh my, what can I say about this show, probably the best thing British kids' TV has ever produced. A completely original and unique premise, fully-rounded characters, smart, funny scripts, wonderful animation, a full orchestral score, and a genuinely scary villain. There was a dark edge to this show that meant I could relate to it even though I was in my late teens when it originally aired. In my opinion it has rarely been equalled and never surpassed. I am currently beginning a campaign to bring it back in some form - if you love it too, join its creator Mike Jupp's Dreamstone forum at and join me in engaging in debate with other fans of the show.moreless
  • This is the best British cartoon ever I just wish it was repeated on TV there is never anything worth watching on TV anymore. This an absolute classic compared to all the rubbish they show on kids TV these days.moreless

    This has got to be one of the best cartoons ever.

    There aren't many good British cartoon available but this is one that shouldn't be missed by anyone. Its a shame alot of people never saw or heard of this cartoon and it has never been repeated on TV since. I heard it wasn't even shown in America and I wonder why.

    At least a few episodes are on DVD or more episodes are on

    So fans of the cartoon will likly get the chance to see it again and people who never got to see it should watch it as soon as possible.moreless
  • An exciting original show,nicely animated with memorable characters.

    I was listening to my Dreamstone record today and it bought back memories of a cartoon I'd forgotten for years. I vaguely remember it and the characters. I remember the storyline was very good and the beautiful music by Mike Batt (I'm also a big fan of Watership Down!). My favourite character from the show was Nug the Urpney. I dunno why, I think it was because he had purple hair.

    I remember Zordrack as this big dragon creature who sat in a chair most of the time and ordered the Urpneys around. I hadn't realised they had done so many episodes of the show, it had to span three or four series so it must have been popular.

    When the show finished, I was sad. I was always drawing scenes from it and I had a collection of Dreamstone comics as well. They did a kind of spinoff series called Bimble's Bucket (or something like that). The main character looked a lot like a Noop so I presume it was a spinoff even though the Dreamstone was never mentioned in it.

    The Dreamstone is a show I miss, and another they should try to bring out on DVD!moreless

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