The Dreamstone

ITV (ended 1995)


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  • An exciting original show,nicely animated with memorable characters.

    I was listening to my Dreamstone record today and it bought back memories of a cartoon I'd forgotten for years. I vaguely remember it and the characters. I remember the storyline was very good and the beautiful music by Mike Batt (I'm also a big fan of Watership Down!). My favourite character from the show was Nug the Urpney. I dunno why, I think it was because he had purple hair.
    I remember Zordrack as this big dragon creature who sat in a chair most of the time and ordered the Urpneys around. I hadn't realised they had done so many episodes of the show, it had to span three or four series so it must have been popular.
    When the show finished, I was sad. I was always drawing scenes from it and I had a collection of Dreamstone comics as well. They did a kind of spinoff series called Bimble's Bucket (or something like that). The main character looked a lot like a Noop so I presume it was a spinoff even though the Dreamstone was never mentioned in it.
    The Dreamstone is a show I miss, and another they should try to bring out on DVD!