The Dreamstone - Season 1

ITV (ended 1995)


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Episode Guide

  • Megattack
    Episode 13
    Zordrack unleashes his Urpney troops and personally leads them in a final atttack on the Land of Dreams, only the power of Planet Dreamstone can stop him.
  • Magattack
    Episode 13
  • Argorrible Attack
    Episode 12
    Zordrack unleashes his Agorrible forces on Land of Dreams, ordering them to take the Dreamstone before nightfall, Rufus fights back.
  • 12/4/90
    Zordrack decides to add Wildit, leader of the Wutts, to his own personal collection of statues, who were once living beings who were turned to stone by the evil Lord of Nightmares
  • The Stutue Collection
  • The Daydream Bubble
    Episode 10
    It's Rufus and Amberley's day off and the DreamMaker has made them a little something, A Daydream bubble in which anything they wish for comes true. But as they are having fun, Blob, Frizz and Nug all get fired out of Urpgor's cannon and end up inside it with no clue as to what is going on.moreless
  • Too Hot To Handle
    Episode 9
    The Dreammaker has new candles delivered to him, but the results are explosive when the candles are revealed to be devastating bombs sent by Zordrack.
  • 11/13/90
    Determined to win Zordrack's approval, Sergeant Blob, Frizz and Nug steal Urpgor's Mean Mole machine and drill their way to the Land of Dreams, but on arrival, they are quickly spotted by Pildit, who alerts The Dream Maker in time. Replacing the Dreamstone with a false one created from three dream bubbles, Rufus, Amberly and the Dream Maker await the Urpney's arrival and spring a very "nasty" suprise for them...moreless
  • 11/6/90
    Urpgor invents a shrinking device which reduces Blob, Frizz, and Nug to a miniture state. The three Uprneys infiltrate the land of Dreams, because of their small size, they run into several mis-haps such as being lifted by a bird, falling down pipe shafts, and Blob getting trapped in Dream Bottles with little Oxygen. However, the Urpneys are able to finally penetrate the Dream Maker's house and steal the Dreamstone, but when Albert swallows the Shrink ray, things get a little out of hand...moreless
  • 10/23/90
    Rufus's duty to the protection of the Dreamstone is put to the test when Albert is fishnapped by The Urpneys. Zordrack demands the Dreamstone be handed over in exchange for the dog-fish. Rufus must contemplate the global damage if he should exchange the Dreamstone for his best freind.
  • 10/16/90
    Urpgor creates a device which uses Zordrak's voice to hypnotise any who hear it. Rufus attempts to stop Urpgor.
  • The Invisible Blob
    Episode 4
    Urpgor turns Blob, Fritz, and Nugg invisible to take the Dreamstone without being detected.
  • 10/2/90
    Zordrack posseses the body of a Noop in an attempt to take the Dreamstone.
  • Into Viltheed
    Episode 2
    Discovering Rufus and Pildit are on their way to recover the Dreamstone, Zordrak sends Blob, friz and Nug to intercept them. When they screw up, Zordrak furiously creates an avalance that seemingly kills Pildit. Rufus is heartbroken, but resolves to save the Dreamstone and Amberley and sneaks into Viltheed. He finds Amberley, turned to stone, and his tears return her to life. Together they recover the Dreamstone from the Pit of No Return and flee the Urpneys, only to run into a dead-end. Suddenly the Urpneys are driven back by a flash of light - Pildit has survived the avalance and saves them by blinding the Urpneys with his staff. the threesome return to the Land of Dreams aboard a leaf and Pildit returns to the Forest while Rufus and Amberley take the Dreamstone back to the Dreammaker, who reminds Rufus to never forget his mistake. Back in the Land of Nightmares, Zordrak vows "I WILL HAVE THE DREAMSTONE!"moreless
  • The Dreamstone Part 2
  • The Dreamstone
    Episode 1
    Deep within the Black Mountain of Viltheed, Zordrak, lord of nightmares, plots to steal the Dreamstone and spread nightmares across the world. In the Land of Dreams, a Noop named Rufus loses his third job working in a Candle factory, due to his continuous daydreaming, even his friend Amberly can't seem to get him to concentrate on work. Amberly tells Rufus that he might be better suited working for the wise Dreammaker. Rufus decides to make the attempt and journeys to the Dreammaker's castle, where he is welcomed by the wizard and his watchdog Albert. Following a tour of his laboratory, The Dreammaker shows Rufus The Dreamstone, from which every dream is created, he also tells Rufus of how Zordrack plots to seize control of the Dreamstone, as it is the only power that can repel his Nightmare forces. Rufus wants to help the Dreammaker produce dreams from the Dreamstone, but instead he is charged with the task of cleaning out Dream bottles. Meanwhile, Sergeant Blob and his Urpney troops Friz and Nug are sent to take the Dreamstone by Zordrack. Whilst delivering the Dreammaker's candles, Amberly visits Rufus, who takes Amberly to the tower and shows her the Dreamstone, breaking a promise to the Dreammaker to keep it a secret. At the same take Sergeant Blob and his troops arrive, they take the Dreamstone and a chase ensues between the Noops and the Urpneys. Sergeant Blob, Fritz and Nugg reach their Whirlyped flying machine in time and take off for Viltheed, but Amberly sneaks aboard, leaving Rufus behind. Rufus answers to the Dreammaker, who is disappointed in Rufus for his carelessness, determined to right his wrong, Rufus vows to retrieve the Dreamstone, and decides to travel to Viltheed, he is aided by Pildit, leader of the Wuts. Sergeant Blob presents Zordrak with the Dreamstone; Zordrak immediately sends his Argorribles to attack the Land of Dreams and throws the Dreamstone into the Pit of No Return.moreless
  • The Dreamstone Part 1