The Dresden Files

Season 1 Episode 5

Bad Blood

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Bad Blood


    Bad Blood was a superb episode of The Dresden Files and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development, new characters, and the story was intriguing. It was fun to watch Harry and Bianca in the past and present. I also really liked Ancient Mai and hope to learn more about her. This was a very entertaining episode full of action, mystery, and drama. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!

  • Highly adventurous episode!!!

    I like the way Harry was portrayed in this episode...he evolved a lot, from the so-called wizard in the first episode, to a true one in this one...using some professional tricks of the trade, he is able to show his real value...another motive I liked this episode, was the fact that i found it very adventurous, and unpredictable... another plus for this episode was the fact of Dresden being in the middle of a war between vampires...another fantastic creature,which increases the value of this show...also some scenes gave this episode the aspect of the thriller, and had it not been for the ending of this episode that i found a little to simplest, I would have considered it as Perfect, due to the fact that it was very complex.
  • I loved htis episode it kinda reminded me of angel a little though.

    Harry Dresden, a wazard is called upon an old debt form Bianca the most powerful vampire in the city of Chicago. This debt is from when Bianca saved his life and now she wants the favore returned by him saving her life. As it turns out a council assasin is the supposed attemped killer/ murder. Bianca is not only the most powerful vmapire in the city of Chicago but also the owner of a very popular club. Her former partner and lover becomes her next suspect of attmeped murder becasue he had wanted to traffic drugs in the club but Bianca had said no... But when they meet an astounishing twist happens someone close ot Bianca is the actual attempter of her murder.
  • Bubbling along very nicely

    This is interesting the way this series is going. It is taking its time and not showing too much too soon. That said it would be nice to see Harry in a kick ass fight soon as he seems to get into in the books.

    Bianca is how I imagined her and this was a break from the episode structure so far.It will be nice to see stories continuing over as it is in Heores. It feels very stand alone at the moment. Needs more of an underlying theme.

    That said, the characters are interesting and all have their own stories to tell. It is a very off beat series and I like it. Its not quite the books but to be honest I don't think its trying to be.

    Its quirky its fun and promising. The decent review scores show I'm not alone in liking this. Hope it gets a second season!!
  • A great ep with a gripping plot and some really nice character development.. and some intruiging insight into Harry's past.

    This was a great episode that really started to build on the mythology of TV-verse Harry and his background. Bianca was a perfect character to introduce the audience to Harry's history. The flashbacks felt organic and worked well within the framework of the episode. The character development in this episode was wonderful.. Bianca brought out a side of Harry we hadn't really seen before and was in herself an engaging and interesting character - one I would enjoy seeing again and learning more about. The character interaction was great, particularly between Harry and Bianca and of course Harry and Bob - and the entertaining triangle of Harry, Bianca *and* Bob. We also got to find out more about the role of the council and saw hints of them being quite the repressive, unforgiving authority. The plot was intricate and well-developed and the action quota was great with some excellent set pieces including Harry's abduction by Clive's team and the subsequent attack on Clive's hideout, Bianca' interrogation of Arvin and the final showdown in the abandoned hideout. I particularly enjoyed seeing Harry really perform some magic - particularly his spell in the hideout - and using his hockey-stick once again. The humour was good in this episode (with Bob once again stealing most of the best lines!) and it also didn't flinch away from showing us the danger and reality of a world in which vampires can wipe out a team of armed mercenaries. Oh and we got Harry-whumpage both present and past which is always a plus in my book!

    Overall, this is probably my favourite episode of the series so far and definitely the one I have rewatched the most.
  • Bianca, a vampire who once helped Harry, now needs his help.

    Excellent episode with great acting, a clever and exciting story and more backgroud information.

    When Bianca shows up at Harry's door asking for help, he knows there will be trouble, but he cannot refuse her, because he's in her debt. Years ago, when Harry was in trouble with the Council about killing of his uncle Justin, Bianca helped him.

    This is some of the background information that is revealed in this episode. The actress playing Bianca did a wonderful job, shes was seductive yet ruthless with just a hint of menace and threat. An excellent transformation from a character in a book to an on-screen character. Of course there are differences compared to the book, Harry and Bianca'relationship for instance, but in the tv series it works. I hope we get to see more of Bianca.

    The flashbacks were particularly informative, not just about Bianca but also about Harry. Again, his uncle Justin was mentioned, the Council and the wardens featured and hints were dropped left, right and centre.

    I feel this episode appealed to those who've read the books because of the background references and it should appeal to those who've not read the books and serve to make them curious, about the man Harry Dresden and his past.
  • Vampires!

    The classical horror creature is finally brought before us and it sometimes comes along with a past that Dresden wished he had forgotten.

    Her name is Bianca. And she's not only one of Dresden's former affairs, she's a vampire and in trouble with the High Council. Want more? She helped Dresden after his fight with his uncle when he was being hunted by the High council and she comes to collect the debt. And it doesn't stop there. Since the High Council is involved we see a new character introduced and lots of ramifications whilst having more information about the High Council.

    But it's a vampire story. And like any good one, the hand that you're trying to help maybe the one that are trying to fool you, and Dresden apparently doesn't have the power to see who's lying and who's not.

    The result: a great episode and more characters and background both from Dresden and the High Council.

    All in all, when Bianca tells Dresden that she probably will have to kill him only because he's not afraid of her is a bonus!

    Stay tuned!
  • More magic and the vampire Bianca!

    This was another great episode! There was magic (with his staff/hockey stick), weekly Harry beating, mentions of the "third eye" drug and Bianca was in it! There was some excellent casting with her, she was just what I was expecting her to look like when I read the novel.We even got to see more of the High Council and Morgan had his sword out!

    The episode was exciting and not as predictable as some as the others. The special effects with the magic were great but I still wish he would use more. He is a high class wizard after all. Regardless this show seems to be getting better and better as the series goes on.
  • when harry met bianca

    he was in a bad bad place

    his father dead, his mother dead and on the run from the high councel for the murder?? of his uncle

    bianca a vampire takes him in and even though harry, depressed as he is, ask her to kill him, she does not.

    back to today

    somebody tries to kill bianca and she goes to harry to collect

    she asks him to find out who the result is a storm with poor harry in the middle

    a high councel enforcer is killed result the high councel wants bianca dead

    in the end the real perp is found, and bianca and harry share some wine

    this episode is all about 2 things

    the past and how alone harry realy is

    the bianca character is a real bonus, where harry has to keep murphy in the dark, he can let go with bianca

    animal attraction

    the best kind
  • Finally, a vampire story. Harry gets a visit from his past.

    While on a date with his diner girlfriend Laura, Harry is visited by Bianca, a vampire who Harry has history with. Laura, after realizing how little she knows about Harry, tells him in not too many words that they are broken up. Bianca, a very hot vampire, hires Harry to protect her from people who want to kill her. She suspects High Council involvement. Bob definitely doesn't trust Bianca and advises Harry to do the same. Throughout this episode, there are several flashbacks to five years ago, when Harry first met Bianca. Harry shows up outside of Bianca's club wounded. Later, Morgan shows up at the club looking for Harry because Harry's uncle, Justin Morningway, was murdered. She takes care of Harry and the two of them bond. In the present, Harry does some pretty neat magic to follow the trail of Bianca's would-be killer. We learn about Third Eye, a very dangerous supernatural drug. The chemistry between Harry and Bianca worked well in this episode. Their relationship is very different from the one in the first Harry Dresden book Storm Front. Definitely one of my favorite episodes.
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