The Dresden Files

Season 1 Episode 5

Bad Blood

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2007 on Syfy

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  • I loved htis episode it kinda reminded me of angel a little though.

    Harry Dresden, a wazard is called upon an old debt form Bianca the most powerful vampire in the city of Chicago. This debt is from when Bianca saved his life and now she wants the favore returned by him saving her life. As it turns out a council assasin is the supposed attemped killer/ murder. Bianca is not only the most powerful vmapire in the city of Chicago but also the owner of a very popular club. Her former partner and lover becomes her next suspect of attmeped murder becasue he had wanted to traffic drugs in the club but Bianca had said no... But when they meet an astounishing twist happens someone close ot Bianca is the actual attempter of her murder.