The Dresden Files

Season 1 Episode 5

Bad Blood

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2007 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Between the moment Natalie's thugs fire their crossbows in Dresden's back and when they step into the scene holding their crossbows loaded once again only seconds have passed, while in real life it takes at least half a minute to reload a crossbow.

    • In the beginning of the episode, when Bianca comes looking for Dresden, Dresden's front door has curtains in it, but in all the other episodes only Dresden's back door has curtains in it.

    • This is the first time Dresden calls Morgan "The High Council Chief-Warden of Chicago", although on last episode Dresden called him "The High Council Chief-Enforcer of Chicago".

  • Quotes

    • Harry: You know what my problem is? I don't trust you. So when you come to me asking for help, my natural inclination is to run the other way!

    • Harry: People think that being an investigator's glamorous work. It's not. Three hours, pounding the pavement, putting out the word I'm looking for Clive. talking to Two-Face Johnny, Eddy the Nose, No-Christmas Curt. Dealing with guys who have nicknames like that, well, it always ends up biting you in the... (gets tasered)

    • Bianca: I'm not a monster, Harry.
      Harry: Didn't say you were.
      Bianca: I didn't chose this life. I was just like everybody else. I had goals, I had dreams, I had friends and I had family. They were taken from me. You and I, we're orphans of the world. Everything that we've ever cared about and everyone we've ever loved... is gone.

    • Bianca: So what shall we drink to?
      Harry: Escaping the jaws of death.
      Bianca: Whose jaws? Natalie's or Ancient Mai's?
      Harry: Yours.

    • Bianca: So we do what we can to make up for the pain that we cause.
      Harry: What do you do, Bianca? To make up for it?
      Bianca: Well, I let you think there's some small chance that one day you will save me from myself. That's my gift to you, Harry. Hope.

    • Harry: Ancient Mai. That's a new look.
      Mai: You've made me unhappy, Dresden. Bad for me... (deep distorted voice) worse for you.

    • Morgan: Why are you here?
      Harry: I was just wonder if the Council is still doing business with Clive.
      Morgan: Why are you asking?
      Harry: 'Cause there was just an attempted hit on Bianca, okay?
      Morgan: You're working for Bianca. You're becoming a poster boy for bad judgment.

    • Harry: Ancient Mai, the High Council's top dog. She only comes out to play when there's blood on the ground. Hopefully not my blood.

    • Harry: Chicago. When the winds blow, they stir up all kinds of refuse. Old newspapers, wrappers from last week's lunch, lost souls. It's like the winds are the city's memories. And when they blow, they blow from every direction. Including the past.

    • Harry: I gotta get to work. You ever seen this before? (throws handful of powder into the air)
      Bianca: (watching as powder does nothing at all) What's that do?
      Harry: (slightly embarrassed) Captures peak emotional moments...
      Bianca: Ah...
      Harry: It doesn't always work...

    • Bianca: So this was Clive's hideout?
      Harry: "Hideout"? You sound like a 30s gangster's moll.
      Bianca: I was a 30s gangster's moll. I've led a rich and... varied life. Death, too.

    • Harry: Okay, the thing about when I stuck the crossbow in your face? I'm really sorry about that, okay?
      Bianca: I've had worse things stuck in my face.

    • Harry: You don't frighten me.
      Bianca: That, my dear boy, is why one day I just might have to rip your throat out.

    • Harry: We gotta make a list of your enemies.
      Bianca: All I've got are enemies.

    • Harry: What is it about bad girls, they lie, cheat, won't suck your blood even when you beg them to. For some reason, no matter how badly they treat us, we still can't walk away.

    • Dresden: Well, that's not you.
      Bianca: No. He's Black Court.
      Dresden: Black Court? Are you sure?
      Bianca: Trust me. I know a Black Court vampire when I see one. I'm Red Court. We don't get along.

    • Bianca: (to Harry) She gave you the cheek. That's not so good.

    • Harry: (about Bianca) She used me.
      Bob: (mock surprise) That bitch!

    • Natalie: Pleased to meet you, Mr. Wizard.
      Harry: Hey, you're too young to remember that show.
      Natalie: I'm 57.

    • Bob: (of sheltering Bianca) Have you even considered the consequences here?
      Harry: Uh, haven't got around to that yet.
      Bob: Well let me enlighten you: If they catch you with her, she's dead, you're dead, and I'm homeless.
      Bianca: How do you live with him?
      Harry: Sometimes I wonder.
      Bob: Oh it's no walk in the park for me either, darling... Ever!

    • Harry: How do you know what I'm thinking, huh? You inside my head?
      Bob: Oh, I would take a peek, but I think it's pretty clear that narcissism and bad judgment are blocking the door.

    • Harry: Bianca.
      Bianca: Harry.
      Harry: Now's not a good time.
      Bianca: I have a very big problem.
      Harry: That's next door. We're small to medium problems here.

    • Bianca: Harry, I want to hire you.
      Harry: Forget it.
      Bianca: Oh, I don't forget things. Remember what I did for you? It's payback time.
      [Bianca reveals her vampire fangs]

    • Bob: God, I am doomed.
      Harry: Yeah you're doomed! You live in a skull. Now shut up and get in it!.
      Bob: All right. (whispers) But at least take some precaution. You can't trust her.
      Bianca: Bob? I can hear you.

  • Notes

    • This is the first episode in which Harry actually uses his 'hockey stick'.

    • In this episode we see Dresden using some sort of magical lens to see the last thing Bianca's bodyguard saw before being killed.

      Curiously, this has no mystic or esoteric origin, rather having been originated by developments of eye anatomy in the final decades of the XIX century, which led people from the period to think the retina functioned like the photographic plate of a camera.

    • When Bianca kills Arvin, Dresden jokes about the body self-combusting, and receives a mocking look in return.

      The belief that once a vampire is dead, the body turns into ash is a modern one that began in most recent novels, TV shows and movies, apparently having no mythological origin.

    • When Dresden and Bianca are looking for clues in Clive's hideout, Bianca identifies one of the attackers as a Black Court vampire and name herself a Red Court one.

      In "The Dresden Files" novels, the vampires are divided in four Courts: the White, the Red, the Black and the Jade. Depending on which the vampire is part of, the powers and characteristics vary.

    • In this episode, apparently Bianca can enter Dresden's house only after being invited, which is an old and controversial myth about vampires that some believe came into existence during the Medieval Age only because commoners needed something to help them feel safe.

    • The cuffs Ancient Mai gives to Dresden have Mayan hieroglyphs in them.

      In Mayan mythology there is a god with the body of a human and the head of a bat called Camazotz, a deity associated with night, death, and sacrifice, whose bat-like creatures were kept away using hieroglyphs.

      The Mayans were a pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilization that existed from 1800 B.C.E. to 900 C.E.

    • The object hanging in the wall that Bianca asks Dresden to turn around is one of the many versions of the Shield of the Trinity (also known as Scutum fidei), a medieval Christian symbol that summarizes the doctrine of the Christian Holy Trinity, and that many believed was the heraldic arms of God.

    • This is the first time in the series that we see Morgan carrying his sword.

    • The inscriptions in Clive's weapons and hideout walls are in biblical Hebrew (also known as classical Hebrew), an archaic form of the Hebrew used today by Jews around the world and referred to by them as Lĕshôn Ha-Kôdesh, "The Holy Language/Holy Tongue."

    • This is the second time that Dresden's quasi-girlfriend, Laura, appears.

    • Warden is a word derived from Germanic Teutonic that means "to guard" or "to watch" or both. In fantasy literature it is common to a place/region to have four wardens, one for each of the four cardinal directions. And in this episode we see that besides Morgan there are four other Wardens of Chicago, which is very significant taking the fact that Morgan is their Chief-Warden.

    • Although credited in the opening titles, Valerie Cruz does not appear in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • Natalie: Nice to meet you, Mr Wizard.
      Harry: Hey, you're too young to remember that show.
      This refers to the show Mr Wizard, hosted by Donald Herbert, that taught the importance of science to children.

    • Harry: She needs help.
      Bob: So did the scorpion when he asked the frog to carry him across the river, and we all know how that turned out.
      "The Scorpion and the Frog" is one of Aesop's Fables. The scorpion convinces the frog to carry him across by reminding him that it was against the scorpion's own interest to kill him. The scorpion was unable to overcome his own nature, and stung the frog, dooming himself to drowning.

    • Morgan: We have to stop Darius before his night shipment of Third Eye hits the streets.

      The Third Eye is an esoteric concept that embodies a state of higher enlightenment in which it is believed that one can access the powers of clairvoyance and precognition.

      Darius is the Latin form of Dareios, the Greek form of Darayavahash, a Persian name that translates roughly as "to be rich." Darius I is the Persian king who appears in the Old Testament. Darius III is the one who was defeated by Alexander the Great.

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