The Dresden Files

Season 1 Episode 1

Birds of a Feather

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 21, 2007 on Syfy
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A young boy wants to hire Harry because he believes that monsters are after him and his mom. Harry doesn't want to take the kid's money, but he also knows from his own experience that a child's monsters are often all too real.

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  • A beginning of a show, based on the series of books written by James Butcher, revolving around a wizard-for-hire.

    I haven't read the books by James Butcher - yet. That is on my list of things to do, though, because after seeing the first episode of the show, I'm rather pleased with it.

    The fact that I'm not familiar with the overall plot made this episode a little hard to follow, because things were not explained as they usually are in show premiers: in detail. Not to worry, though; I got sucked in very fast, and some important facts were dropped by the characters every now and then to bring the viewers up to speed.

    I particularly liked the mix of past, present, and Harry Dresden's first person narrative mingling together. It wasn't as messy as one might think, because Harry's "inner" narrative blended in just fine in all the right places.

    Overall, the episode plot was decent. Harry comes across a boy - or actually, the boy finds him - and tries to hire Harry to take care of his monster problem. Conveniently, Harry's just had a bunch of dreams of his own childhood monsters.

    Harry doesn't want the boy's money, but when events start to point a certain way - a Skinwalker is in town, and the Ravens take the boy - Harry finally must take his case seriously.

    The show looks good, there was a nice plot going on, and I rather find myself liking this character Bob, who in the beginning was a bit snobbish (and greatly reminds me of Jim Curry for some reason).

    I will most definitely be watching this show to the very end, and hopefully enjoy it.moreless
  • Birds of a Feather

    Birds of a Feather was a superb episode of The Dresden Files and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character establishment, a well written story, action and magic. This was a great way to introduce the main characters who immediately draw you in to want more. I like the feel of the show and how good the special effects are. It was very entertaining and I look forward to watching more episodes of The Dresden Files!!!!!!!moreless
  • I thoiught that this episode was exciting..

    This is the pilot episode of the Dresden Files. Its about a Wizard named Harry Dresden and how he helps the world be a better place. By being a paranormal investigator. In this pilot episode Harry Dresden is hired by a child who believes that mosters are after him. And as it turns out there are monsters after him. Harry found this out by conducting an investigation about who the child is and discovers that the child's mother had adopted the boy. But that s not all. the adoption had been illigal. But what is even worse is that the monster after the child are a shapeshifter and the crow clan which is actually protecting him.moreless
  • Birds of a feather revolve around a young kid who believes he's going to be killed by monsters along with his mom and asks help from the only wizard in Chicago listed in the yellow pages - Harry Dresden.moreless

    Being the first episode of the series "Birds of a feather" introduces us to the main characters and the setting of the series. We learn a little about the past of the main character, the wizard Harry Dresden, as he helps a young boy named Scott. From the flashbacks into Harry's past we find out that his mother was able to use magic and that something killed her. We also learn that his uncle wanted to take him from his father. Harry is being helped by a centuries old ghost named Bob that resides in his skull and who has an unlimited amount of knowledge. From Bob we learn that Harry killed his uncle in self defense and that he's troubled with that fact.

    All in all this episode served to familiarize us with the show and it did a good job. It was interesting and it left me with a desire to see more.moreless
  • Hmmmmmm...There is potential but it is hard to define what isn't working.

    I know i'll tune in too watch the next episode. But something isn't clicking. I guess we can just hope that it all falls into place. Although i would be surprised if this gets a second season.

    Dresden is an interesting character, but not someone that i feel I can connect to on the screen.

    The female police officer reminds me of so many dime a dozen tough chick cops with some dark past and a grudge against all men with something to prove.

    The ghost was actually a treat, and i was surprised to find that i hope he DOES have a dark past that he can unleash in some later episode.

    All in all this appears to be a sloppy detective show with a crappy premise to have CGI and practical effects. It won't take much for me to channel surf and leave this show where i found it.moreless
Jonathan Higgins

Jonathan Higgins

Colm Dresden

Guest Star

Dylan Everett

Dylan Everett

Scott Sharpe

Guest Star

Marie Ward

Marie Ward

Sheryl Sharpe

Guest Star

Matthew Knight

Matthew Knight

Young Harry Dresden

Recurring Role

Daniel Kash

Daniel Kash

Justin Morningway

Recurring Role

Natalie Lisinska

Natalie Lisinska

Laura Ellis

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Although in the script and production material Scott and his mom have the surname Sharp, in the beginning of the second part of the episode we can clearly read "Sharpe Residence - 4:49 pm".

    • When Dresden's father is talking with Dresden's uncle, Justin Morningway, Young Dresden is shown waiting right beside a steel handrail, but when Dresden's father opens the door to leave we can't see any handrail at all.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Whitney: Tell me where I can find the boy and I'll go away.
      Harry: Sweetheart, I wish I knew.
      Whitney: I can take your skin, you know. And I don't have to do it fast. One finger at a time, couple of toes. Work my way up to the good parts.
      Harry: That should keep me out of trouble.

    • Harry: When my jeep got booted, I didn't realize that was gonna be the best part of my day.

    • Harry: Okay, so just because I'm a wizard doesn't mean I don't make mistakes. Which brings me to the downside of my profession. If you're a janitor and you fail, someone ends up with gum on their shoe. If you're a wizard and you fail, people can end up dead.

    • Harry: My father said there were no monsters. My uncle insisted monsters were real. And he should've known. Because he was one. But he did teach me one thing: the only way to deal with the things we fear is to face them, to drag them kicking and screaming out of the darkness and destroy them.

    • Bob: The girl is gone?
      Harry: "The girl" is Laura, and yes, while gone, rests gentle in my thoughts.

    • Bob: My first Grimoire... Your uncle had a copy of it. I believe you burned it.
      Dresden: Pretty nasty stuff in there, Bob.
      Bob: Yes, well, it served him well, as did I, right up until you self-defensed him to death.

    • Justin: You're not helping Harry.
      Colm: Are you saying you're going to help him?
      Justin: I can give him insight.
      Colm: And then, when he has this insight... What are you going to do with him? Are you going to use him as a secret weapon for whatever ridiculous shadow wars you and Margaret are fighting? Settle scores with the High Council?
      Justin: I have no scores to settle. My relationship...
      Colm: Well, the only relationship that I care about is with my son. And nothing is going to make me give him up.
      Justin: You are making a serious... mistake.
      Colm: Was that a threat? Because I'll do you one better. You stay away from him or I swear, on my wife's soul... I will kill you.

    • Colm: Harry, I want you to listen to me, okay. What you can do, what you have, that is a loaded gun and there are people who are going to want that gun and they are going to want to use you to do things that you're not going to want to do. Do you understand what I'm saying?
      Young Harry: No.
      Colm: Who you are, what you can do. You keep it to yourself, alright? You tell no one and you show no one. Okay? Or I won't be able to protect you.

    • Harry: (Narrating.) Killing someone, walking around in their skin. There's a pretty short list of things that can do that. A list of one. A Skin-walker. You know the worst nightmare you ever had when you were little, the scariest thing you've ever imagined lurking in the closet or under the bed? A Skin-walker is worse.

    • Murphy: (When talking about the murder case she's working on.) I'm looking for an Aztec killer?
      Dresden: I don't know what you're looking for, but I'm looking for a little financial appreciation.

    • Bob: (About Scott.) See if his monsters are real. Have someone look into the records of the High Council.
      Dresden: And that someone would be... Melissa ?
      Bob: She of the languid eyes.
      Dresden: When they're not rolled back in her head.

    • Bob: I fear I have put you in a bad mood, clouded your judgment about this child, made you dismiss his concerns when you would have otherwise accepted them.
      Dresden: You mean, take his money?
      Bob: Harry, I am not being avaricious now.

    • Dresden: (About Bob's equations floating on the air.) I've seen this formula before.
      Bob: I'm redesigning a pet project of mine from before my "forced retirement." I call it the Doom Box.
      Dresden: Oh, that's catchy. What does it do?
      Bob: Well, it's a bit of a supernatural jack-in-the-box. It contains and then amplifies magical energy so that when you open it... Well, pop goes the weasel.

    • Laura: How do you do?
      Melissa: Well, I do quite well.

    • Murphy: (Answers her phone)Lieutenant Murphy.
      Harry: Hey, morning Murphy. How's things?
      Murphy: Gruesome. What's your problem?
      Harry: Hey, why does it have to be a problem? You know, can't I just call you to say "Hey?"
      Murphy: Spill it. I'm busy.
      Harry: Well listen, my car got booted and I was just wondering, you know, if you maybe you could do that cop thing and get it unbooted?
      Murphy: Sorry, Harry. Pay the fines.

    • Bob: Careful! These equations are very precise and if you walk through them, I will start belting show tunes from the sixteenth century.
      Harry: Please, anything but that!

    • Scott: You're a wizard, right?
      Harry: I don't do parties and I don't teach magic.
      Scott: Wait. I've got monsters.
      Harry: What?
      Scott: Monsters. And if you don't do anything to help, they're gonna kill me and my mom.

    • Harry: When I was a kid, my father told me there was no such thing as monsters; my nightmares were just figments of my imagination. As I got older, I had to wonder, was he lying to me... or just wrong?

    • Murphy: One minute she's going about her business, the next she's dead, skinned, and giving me a headache. I'll show you the crime scene, but what's your first thought?
      Harry: My first thought? My car is still booted.

    • Bob: Well, why don't you go tell the boy that, at least?
      Harry: 'Cause I don't have an address.
      Bob: Find some organic residue and, uh, cast a searching spell. Perhaps the boy left some snot under the diner's table.
      Harry: Bob!
      Bob: What? Where there's children, there's snot.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Harry: It's like Superman. It's like a secret identity thing.
      Superman is one of the most famous comic books superheroes. Published since 1938 by DC Comics, he is the main character of several movies and TV series, and considered one of the most popular American icons.