The Dresden Files

Season 1 Episode 3

Hair of the Dog

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Harry actually does do magic! I was starting to believe that he could only draw spell forms and such but nope! He’s an actual wizard. This show I think is finally starting to find it's way.

    Here thar’ be werewolves. Murphy pulls Harry into a case, that with the help of his skull living ghost friend Bob, he’s able to figure out is about werewolves. But not the normal werewolves hunting people down and ripping them a part. Oh no, someone is turning young women into werewolves only to then hunt them down and kill them.

    The FBI, a female agent Raskin, informs Murphy that she’s now taking over the case. Raskin also tells her that this is the work of a serial killer. That’s this is his 8th victim. She then starts to question Murphy about Harry’s involvement in the case.

    Harry in the mean time, meets the victims (the werewolves’) friend, Heather, whom blames herself for leaving her friend at the bar where she met a guy whom it appears a few days later kills her. Harry asks about the bar. Whom was there and what happened. She remembers a woman at the end of the bar that Mina had gotten into a fight with but she can’t remember what she looked like. This is when Harry does magic! He takes a mirror and while touching the back of the girls neck he turns back time in the mirror to the night at the bar.

    Heather sees the face of the woman at the end of the bar – it’s the female FBI agent. Before her and Harry are able to do anything with this new knowledge the FBI surrounds them and the female agent has Harry arrested and takes the girl, bites her and takes her away. Raskin is a werewolf.

    Raskin goes to the jail to murder Harry BUT he’s done magic again and had left a sort of hologram image of himself in the jail cell while he escaped. Mean while her partner is with Heather. She asks him about Mina, is this what she went threw? He says it was and he admits that he was the one that hunted and killed her. He makes her angry, and she starts to “change”.

    We find out that Raskin had been bitten by a werewolf and the only way she could break the curse was to kill 9 other werewolves. This is why she kidnapped, bit, and then killed the other 8 girls. Heather was to be number 9 so her curse could be broken and her and her partner could continue their *happy* life together.

    There’s a problem with this plan though. Her partner, Bushnell was bitten/scratched by Mina while she was in werewolf form before he killed her. He doesn’t tell Raskin this though and they go together to Harry’s to kill Heather, to break the curse. Harry’s not going to let Heather be killed though. He fights with Raskin, and then she turns. She attacks him and just as she’s getting ready to rip Harry’s throat out a werewolf jumps her from behind. Heather? Raskin rips the throat out of the werewolf only to find that it was her lover, her partner, Bushnell. As he lays dying he tells her that she has her life back now, she’s killed 9.

    Raskin gets committed and Heather decides to leave town. Harry gives her some sorta medicine to help her control her hunger with the beast. He tells her that she’s to call him if she starts to run out or if she has any problems. She leaves. Harry’s sad. He tells Bob that he hopes she’ll make it. He hopes that he doesn’t one day have to hunt her down and kill her.