The Dresden Files

Season 1 Episode 3

Hair of the Dog

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2007 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • When trying to escape her captivity, Heather is held by Bushnell, who points a gun to her back. And after the camera shifts, he puts cuffs on her wrists.

      The thing is: if you watch Bushnell's watch very carefully you can see it was around 3 o'clock when he pointed the gun to her back, but it was around 8:35 when he put cuffs on her wrists.

    • In the beginning of the episode we can clearly see that the werewolf slash was on Special Agent Zachary Bushnell's chest, not on his back, meaning that the only way that the wall behind him could have been spilled with blood was if the slash perforated his torso, which didn't happen.

  • Quotes

    • Murphy: Dresden?
      Harry: Hey.
      Murphy: You're no longer public enemy number one.
      Harry: Well, at least not in their books. So, what's gonna happen to Raskin?
      Murphy: Well, if she ever gets out of the straitjacket in the rubber room, three states are looking to pursue the penalty. Bushnell was the lucky one.

    • Raskin: (To a dying Bushnell, crying) I'm back. It's gone. I'm back! It's gone!
      Harry: No. The monster's still here.

    • Harry: (To Heather) Feel that? That is your heart and it's a good heart. It's strong and it's in control and you're in control. And you own this... this disease. I've known others like you and they've made it.

    • Heather: (About Raskin) I want to kill her.
      Harry: I know.
      Heather: I want to kill you, too.
      Harry: Yeah, I know, but you won't.
      Heather: I don't know, I think I might.

    • Harry: Heather, did she bite you? Did Agent Raskin bite you?
      Heather: Yes.
      Bob: Spikes are on the table.

    • Harry: Okay, I need the spikes. I'm going after a lycanthrope, I need silver spikes.
      Bob: Top shelf, red bag.
      Harry: Thank you.
      Bob: So you think Heather...
      Harry: Is going to the be ninth victim? Yeah, that's exactly what I think.
      Bob: They killed eight lycanthropes? Well, that's quite a tally.
      (Harry turns to Bob with a worried expression)
      Bob: And I don't like that look.
      Harry: It's not a tally, it's a recipe.
      Bob: Recipe for what?
      Harry: A cure. Kill nine, remove the sign, sign of the wolf.
      Bob: They're following the blood line purge Arcana... Very risky.

    • Bob: It's about time. There have been people turning this place upside down. Fortunately they didn't find the lab. Where have you been?
      Harry: In Jail. I escaped.
      Bob: You're a fugitive?
      Harry: That's the least of my problems. Heather is missing and the Fed in charge of this is a licanthrope.
      Bob: So the Federal agent's been bitten?
      Harry: No, she's the biter. She's turning innocent victims into licans and her partner, also FBI, is hunting them down for fun.
      Bob: Sounds like a match made in heaven.

    • Heather: (To Bushnell, about Raskin) So your cop girlfriend, she always such a bitch?

    • Mina: Hey, dog.
      Heather: Mina. This is a dream.
      Mina: The nightmare is when you wake up.
      Heather: I don't want to be here.
      Mina: You need Dresden. Get help.

    • Harry: Did you find Heather?
      Murphy: No, she disappeared after Raskin released her.
      Harry: If she released her. What do you know about Raskin?
      Murphy: She's hard core. She's been nine years with the Bureau. Spent two years digging up mass graves in Bosnia for war crime trials.
      Harry: Bosnia.
      Murphy: The rumor is she had a breakdown, got sent home early. This is her first major case since she's been back.
      Harry: What do you know.
      Murphy: What are you thinking, Harry?
      Harry: It's Bushnell and Raskin. They're in this together. The blood in the park, it's his. He's the John Doe. He killed Mina Watkins. And Raskin, she set the whole thing up.

    • Harry: (voiceover) Animals. Sometimes I think that's really all we are. Driven by instinct, the need to survive. And if you really want to see someone at their most primitive, all you have to do is just throw them in a cage.

    • Heather: What's going on?
      Raskin: We just saved you from a very dangerous man.
      Heather: He's not dangerous. It's you. I saw you. In the mirror... You were there... You attacked Mina.
      Raskin: Sorry to hear you say that.
      Heather: What do you want?
      Raskin: I want my life back.
      (Raskin transforms and attacks Heather)

    • Harry: (voiceover) Disbelief... Skepticism... Hey, I get it. If I didn't know what I know I'd be skeptical too. I usually don't bother to set people straight, but every once in a while, well, there's someone I can't ignore.

    • Raskin: I know your type. You exploit fear and superstition. You're a parasite. And if you don't leave right now I'm going to have you arrested for hindering an active Federal investigation.
      Harry: (To Murphy) Bye.

    • Raskin: Lt. Murphy?
      Murphy: Special Agent Raskin.
      Raskin: In your report you state that a Mr. Harry Dresden was with you at the crime scene.
      Murphy: Right.
      Raskin: He calls himself a wizard.
      Harry: That's because I am one.
      Raskin: (Laughing) Tell me he's not serious.
      Murphy: Completely.

    • Harry: (voiceover) There's an old saying: "Blood will out." With a little blood a person like me can learn all kinds of things. And that goes double for a friend of mine, an expert in all things dead, which makes sense, because he's dead himself.

    • Butters: (Talking about the victim in Jackson Park) The only signs of trauma are missing hair and teeth. No evidence of sexual assault. The roommate came and identified the shredded clothes we found in the park as hers. They were ripped by dull blades of some kind.
      Murphy: How did she die?
      Butters: I don't know... Yet. I do know that her heart stopped and then she died.
      Murphy: That's it?
      Butters: No, we found some silver powder in her nasal cavity and trachea and on her lungs.

    • Kirmani: I also got the victim's roommate.
      Murphy: What's she doing here?
      Kirmani: Crying. Mostly.

    • Murphy: Look at this. She's been partially scalped and both upper-canines were extracted.
      Harry: Oh, just the canines?
      Murphy: By the roots. Something else; we found a body in the river last week. Jane Doe.
      Harry: Teeth and hair?
      Murphy: Taken.

    • Harry: I need the Jezebel root and the half ounce of skullcap. And do you have the chormone oil, the homemade stuff?
      Joanna: Chormone oil. Mr. Dresden has a girlfriend?
      Harry: Joanna, please.

    • Murphy: Hey, do you wanna get a beer?
      Harry: What?
      Murphy: Well, I dragged you into this, it's the least I can do.
      Harry: You know... I'd love to. But I gotta visit a sick friend.
      Murphy: Rain check.
      Harry: Yeah, rain check.
      Murphy: Sure.

    • Raskin: (to Harry in his jail cell) I'll be ripping your throat out now.

    • Harry: Hello!
      Murphy: Good morning. Wanna see a dead body? (Scene changes to Jackson Park) Killer took the hair and teeth.
      Harry: Trophies? Fetish? Some freak show thing?
      Murphy: You tell me.
      Harry: So, witnesses saw a dark-haired man running through the woods. (to the police officer lifting the police line) Thank you.
      Murphy: Running for his life.
      Harry: Or running from the scene of the crime.
      Murphy: That's the question. One thing for sure, she didn't make it.

    • Heather: (to Harry) Do you smell that? Everything smells like food. You smell like food.

    • Heather: Why are you doing this?
      Harry: 'Cause I'm the only one that can.

    • Heather: If there's anything I can do to help?
      (long pause)
      Harry: You can pay half the gas.

    • Bob: (referring to Heather) She'll be back.
      Harry: Yeah, maybe. Or maybe someday she'll slip up, and I'll have to hunt her down and kill her.

    • Heather: I'm sorry, what it is exactly that you do that cops can't?
      Harry: I see things from a different perspective. From your perspective.

    • Bob: Perhaps she was hunting him and he defended himself.
      Harry: With silver? And then he took her scalp and teeth? I don't know. Makes you wonder who's hunting who.

    • Bob: Dresden, please don't drag me around like an inbred cocker spaniel.
      Harry: Well keep up.

  • Notes

    • In this episode, FBI agents turn into werewolves. This is similar to the plot of the second book in Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Fool Moon.

    • Bob: They're following the blood line purge Arcana... Very risky.

      Arcana, the plural form of arcanum (a Latin word that can be translated as "mystery", "deep secret" or "secret remedy"), is used as a reference to any kind of mysterious, obscure and specialized knowledge, although many take it as a synonym for black magic.

    • When Raskin goes to Dresden's cell, over Dresden's illusion's left shoulder there's a Cross Potent (a cross with crossbars at the end of each of its arms), an old symbol used in heraldics to represent a T-shape.

      And although it may mean nothing, it may have a connection with Dresden's illusion since a human torso can be simplified as a T.

    • This is the first time Waldo Butters, the coroner, appears.

    • This episode was originally titled Heir Of The Dog but it was thought that it would give away too much of the plot.

    • In this episode apparently there is no need of a full moon in order to the werewolf characters to transform, which is against common knowledge but agrees with the original werewolf myth.

    • In Dresden's hall we can see a wall painting containing the word Abracadabra written in the form of an inverted triangle as follows:

      A B R A C A D A B R A
      A B R A C A D A B R
      A B R A C A D A B
      A B R A C A D A
      A B R A C A D
      A B R A C A
      A B R A C
      A B R A
      A B R
      A B

      Although it is commonly used nowadays as part of magician shows, the word was believed to work as a spell for fevers and other minor diseases when scribed in an amulet used around the neck.

    • The closed captioning subtitles for this episode misspelled the proper word for a werewolf as lichenthrope when it should be lycanthrope.

    • Although he didn't actually use it this episode marks the first time that Harry has been seen wielding his Hockeystick/staff outside of the opening credits and commercials.

  • Allusions

    • Character Names
      The two female victims are linked with Dracula. Heather's last name is Bram (as in Bram Stoker) and her friend, Mina, shares a name with one of Dracula's victims in the novel.

    • Harry: Just turning my nose up to 11.
      Classic reference to the rock spoofumentry This is Spinal Tap where an amplifier's volume is made with a dial setting of 11 for when they want to rock out and 10 won't cut it. 11 is used because it is louder then 10, instead of making an amplifier that has 10 as a higher volume.