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  • every time I enjoy a show it is gone!!!!

    This is a great show. Why would you discontinue this series???? This show actually has fans and people missing this can't say what I want to say.
  • Another great show killed by a moronic station

    I freely admit I had not read Jim Butcher's Dresden series before I watched the TV show so I didn't have any preconceived notions of what the show should be like. I loved the show! I then read the books and yes the show was different - that's what "based on" means, people. Who wants to see a re-hashing of the novels if you've already read them? Yes it would have been nice to have Harry do more magic; but, if you've heard what the writers/producers of the show were saying they were working with a very tight budget. I love both and can accept both as they are. Maybe if the SyFy channel had given the show a chance we would have seen more of the book characters coming into play and more magic. But we are talking about a station that's now showing wrestling - what the heck does that have to do with science fiction!
  • 8.5 LOL WTFH

    A bad show made down right depressing for someone who enjoyed the books. All I can wonder is why it's so SO bad and whether we are seeing a author sell out or he got used.

    Let me give you an gamer example, FABLE 3 Bad FABLE FRICKEN 3 BAD! T_T *course I'm assuming Microsoft didn't throw millions at this but hey the example holds.

    On an ironic note fable 3 was rated 8.5 by ign.

    For u none gamers out there, in all seriousness if your a fan of the books don't even bother with the first episode of this it hurts worse than simple low production costs can account for.

    And if your not well...honestly I still say don't waste your time I'm not a big fan of wasting time ya I am just not by watching trash.
  • The complaint

    I believe the complaint everyone has is that it doesn't match the storyline in the book exactly,

    which is completely true.

    I think of the series as a side story rather then a part of the novels.

    Lets be fair, do you really think that could cover the werewolf novel properly in a movie.

    I mean three different types of werewolves and all the required CGI, animatronix, and make-up as well as the costumes.

    You would still have to deal with all the explosions.

    Seriously people there is no one who could exactly do it right.

    I remember one novel series, they finally did a artwork book for it, and the artist was repeatedly told that he got the coloring wrong for a certain character.

    He then looked through the entire series and realized that there was not a single description on the character's color.
  • Harry Dresden: Wizard and Supernatural PI who advertises in the Yellow Pages and helps Chicago's finest to solve unusual cases. Awesome!!!


    Awesome Show!!! Even though the TV series didn't go by the books it was good enough to stand on it's own. I can believe that they cancelled the show. Ever since GE purchased the Sci Fi Channel, it has been going downhill and good shows are being cancelled. The worst thing is that they brought wrestling to the channel. WRESTLING??? What the hell has Wrestling got to do with Science Fiction??? Absolutely nothing!!! I have also noticed that they are influenced by religion. So if the religious leaders don't like a show (like The Dresden Files, which shows magic being used for the good of mankind) it gets cancelled, even though a lot of people might like it. I am no longer an avid fan of The Sci Fi Channel anymore and until they bring back shows like The Dresden Files I never will be.

  • A shame.. Truly. I could tell from the depth of the character history that this story has more to it than is being shown to us. In fact, the flashbacks and history explanations were the only things that got me through the first half.

    And yes, I said first half because life is too short to watch any more of this garbage. From the reviews and comments I've read online the author of these books must be deeply disappointed at what has befallen his beloved characters. A main 'wizard' who only seems to be able to perform the simplest of magics but for some reason seems to have a hidden room devoted to it. The ghost tells him to use a locator spell to find the boy in the first 15 minutes. Yet he just seems to drag his feet in finding the boy, while bird people are doing who-knows-what to him. I'm not even going to start on the side-characters. 'Ripped straight out of a cheap tv-movie' would be a compliment to them. It feels cheap, crappy and only useful for people that have never picked up a book, and have let their imagination dry up. I mean honestly? How slow of a plot do you need to get something so simple?
  • A very, very, very bad adaptation of the excellent Dresden Files novels by Jim Butcher.

    Despite having great material to work from, Sci-Fi chose to allow the people in charge of this show to go so far away from cannon that they should have called it something else.

    Beyond using the names of the characters and the basic premise of a wizard living openly in Chicago the show is nothing like the novels.

    I strongly urge everyone NOT to pre-judge the novels based on this show. I also urge Sci-Fi, or SyFy, and all other tv and movie makers to use 'Extremely loosley related to' and/or 'Inspired by' instead of 'Based Upon', it's just more honest.
  • Allthough the novels of Jim Butcher were much better, as with all shows adapted from novels, The Dresden Files was a great show. A Shame that it had to end so soon. Harry Dresden is the main character, a wizard detective.

    The Dresden files is a magick show, based on Jim Butchers Novels. It is a decent adaptation, but not nearly ass good as could have been. The cast is nothing special, except for Harry (Paul Blackthorne) a talented British actor, with charm and style. The basis of the show is that Harry Dresden is a wizard detective, helping people with supernatural problems, and also freelancing for the police when they encounter eerie crimes. Harry is ridiculed by the official police, and shunned by the council (wizard elders,their government) for having practiced black magick in the past. Harry's uncle was a great black magician untill Harry killed him with black magick. The best part of the show is Bob, the skull of a long dead and cursed warlock. This show has humour and magick, and the essence of a good police novel. It is the perfect trifecta and well worth the watch.
  • there's only one "wizard" listed in chicago's yellow pages. his name is harry dresden. if you hear a bump in the night or afraid of whatever is in the closet, call on harry, chicago's finest do.

    ok, i happened along this show while i was channel surfing some friday night, filling the time waiting for numb3rs to come on. read the description and id sounded like a keen mystery/cop type of show, right up my alley. here's the plus, the main character is a wizard. i have a bit of fascination of the magical, even though i think real life magic is hooey. i put it on and was hooked! ok, the writing might not have been award winning, but it's a fun show, it is what it is. i found that the plots kept my attntion, the writing was humorous when it needed to be, the fx well done, and the chemistry between the core characters worked. harry dresden is the only wizard who advertises in the yellow pages. he's a wizard and pi all rolled into one. he will find an explanation for the unexplainable. he's so good, the chicago pd hires him as a consultant for their weirder cases. jis champion in the chicago pd is lt. murphy and his "partner" is bob, a disembodied ghost of a centuries of wizard. along the way, harry needs to steer clear of "the council" who believe that he is all bad and will fall back to black magic at a moments notice. each ep is stand alone, but we do get to see harry's story through several flashbacks and personal confessions. he's the last of his family and how that came to be. so, i was hooked on the show, watched it every week b4 numb3rs and it fell off the face of the earth. i would think if anyone would be the champion for underappreciated shows, it would be scifi, the network made for fans of the strange and unusual. as soon as i saw dresden was on dvd, i snapped it up. this show seems to me one of those that will have it's own cult following. i'll probably start reading the books. i know, the books always trump the show, but hey, at least i'll get my fill of harry dresden. ps, paul blackthorne was amazing!
  • Great show filling the magic void on tv at the time and perfect fun for me being a non-reader of the books.

    Great show filling the magic void on tv at the time and perfect fun for me being a non-reader of the books. Harry was a great flawed character but I had to say a few times great and powerful wizard trapped again come on. Despite him not being as strong as I would've liked him to be his frailty was dealt with well. The conflict of him not being able to tap into his true power due to it being band by a counsel of supreme beings was well done. His backup characters a disembodied spirit and tough female detective. Did great in rounding out the core characters of the show. I don't know why the show was canceled so soon it had great potential and I really wish the show had been given a chance to grow.
  • Damn but I find my self missing this show still!

    I loved this series and can't believe that with some of the other dross the networks are churning out it hasn't been renewed. I've given up watching Kinghtrider... Legeng of the Seeker has turned into complete gak by episode 3, Heroes has started to slide and BSG doesn't start til January. The Dresden files was charming without being self congratulatory, dark without being too grotesque and interesting enough without weighing the brain down too much. Aya! Wish they'd bring it back.

    I found Harry played just straight enough to be funny, the script punchy and the characters relationships engaging enough to carry the weaker episodes. I think it would have been a firm and popular favourite had it been allowed to continue.
  • If this TV Show and the Books Series were married, they'd have to get a divorce due to irreconcilable differences.

    Back before I'd read any of the books, I rated this show a 9.5. Now, after having read the first five books, I have to downgrade that to a 7. Reason: they changed far too many things from the books, and for no good reason. This show appears to be great UNTIL you read the books.

    That said, I think Paul Blackthorne was great as Harry Dresden. While I like the actor who played Bob (Terrence Mann), I preferred BOB as a skull (as in the initially unaired pilot, and the books). The TV show's depiction of Bianca and her relationship with Harry is so far off the mark from the books that it isn't even funny. Note however that I think that the actress who played Bianca (Joanne Kelly), was both gorgeous and great in the role.

    As for the role of Harry's girlfriend, Susan Rodriguez , they cast a blonde haired blue eyed, Rebecca McFarland. Then, for the role of Detective Connie (Karrin, in the books) Murphy (5'0" blonde haired, blue eyed), they cast a dark haired, brown eyed latina, Valerie Cruz. Then, in STORM FRONT, they mix/match/morph characters (e.g. Monica Cutler, Victor Cutler, Grace Cutler and Jennifer Randall) until the episode bears little resemblence to the book. In the books, Harry drives an old VW Beetle. In the TV show, he drives an much older Jeep, but that I can deal with, no biggie. In the books, Harry can't get close to electronics (e.g. computers, new cars, etc.) for long without accidentally destroying their electronics. In the show, he watches a DVD on the portable DVD player of a girl he's seeing. The DVD player would have been fried!

    Susan Rodriguez: Dark haired, bronze skinned latina in the books. Blond haired, blue eyed, non-latina in the show.

    Detective Sid Kirmani: Not in the books.

    Bianca: An archenemy of Harry, in the books. Harry NEVER would have let her in. Bob's reaction in this case was true to the books. The backstory with Bianca never happened. She never took him in. She wanted him DEAD.

    Bottom Line: You can like the show or you can like the books, but it's awfully hard to like both. They should have made the show A LOT more like the books. There are just TOO MANY DIFFERENCES.
  • More then just timing

    After Joss Whedon got done with Buffy and Angel, after Chris Carter finished off His files in the key of X. It was only a small leap to the next step.
    Supernatural, was an excellent step, and now someone takes us in the other direction.... The way of the Wizard. The look and feel are somewhat Supernatural like, however, the storyline is different. the foes/idols we saw somewhere else, are nothing like them here. This Topsy Turvy approach does keep us off balance and that actually works good in the Dresden files. The different, more modern approach to a Wizard and his objects (a drumstick, hockeystick) in stead of what we expected makes for a nice change. The sotryline could be a little better, but so far the writing is strong, and that gives this series a decent shot.

    The shooting is excellent, and the actors do a very decent job. Dresden could go far as this novel side does fill the hand of fans who like their doze of occult entertainment.
  • Harry Dresden is the only wizard who advertises in the Chicago yellow pages. Dresden is a haunted man who has sinned and been sinned against. But in the darkness of his past, he finds an inner strength and a driving desire to set things right.

    I didn't watch many episodes from the show. There were a lot of flaws and bad parts in the series including some of the acting but it was an o.k. show to pass time depending on the episodes airing. I didn't watch the series much because I think the plot of the episodes wasn't very good so I pretty much stopped watching the series after a few episodes. I guess other people didn't think it was interesting either because I heard that the series don't air on television anymore. Anyway, good luck next time with a series that is very similar to The Dresden Files, if they make a new series.
  • Jim Butcher is a genius...

    I love the whole idea of combining police/detective shows with the paranormal. You are just asking for a great show. This show is based off Jim Butcher's best selling novels of the same name. I am also a fan of the books. You can't find much wrong with this show as it creates its own storylines. It doesn't use the srorylines already established in the books, with the exception of Storm Front. I just can't understand why Sci Fi would cancel this series. As far as I know it had a pretty good fan base and still does. As I said before I like the departure from the novels like Bob instead of having him as just a skull he is able to manifest as a ghost and interact with Harry. It would have been interesting to see what characters they would have brought in had this had gone a second season. I personally would have liked to see characters like Michael and Thomas. Hopefully they decide to make made for tv movies because this was to good of a show to just be ignored.
  • Loved it and was hugely disappointed when it ended.

    This was a great series, with charasmatic leads and I enjoyed it as a sort of adult Harry Potter style romp through unexpected perils. Magic and police work made for an interesting mix. The stories were tightly plotted with good twists and not too much of a strain on the brain to follow. Yet another series that I came to with no previous knowledge of the books, which always helps.

    I was very disappointed when there was no follow up to the series, there was plenty left at the end of the first series to carry over, particularly the budding relationship between slightly cynical cop Murphy, and Harry himself.
  • The fact that Sci-Fi STILL hasn't brought this back speaks to the lack of caring that Sci-Fi execs have regarding what their audience really wants. This show is about a wizard with a heart of gold who is trying to live every day like you and me.

    This show is a wonderfully funny and intelligent 'what sci-fi should be all about' show. The general assortment of drama type shows on TV are all about having good looking women (because we all know sex sells) doing things that real women would NEVER do in a million years or completely outrageous storylines. You'll have to ask for an example of what I mean by that one! :-) Anyway, I digress. This tv show, however, relied on the intelligence of its viewing audience. Don't get me wrong, the show had its share of heated scenes as anyone who's seen The Dresden Files knows (dare I remind viewers of Harry and Bianca) but it didn't rely solely on the sexual chemistry between the actors. The writing and storylines were stellar and compelling. Besides...have you actually looked at the cast of this show? Finally a show that had eye candy for the ladies that was older than 18! Again, I digress! The truth is...Harry and company are the type of people you want in your corner both in and out of a bind.
  • Damn good fun even though it's not as good as the books.

    I will be honest, I watched this with serious trepidation. I have been a lover of the books for years and have been even roleplaying them for the last couple! So, when I heard that they were going to make this show, I was a little anxious to say the least.

    So, how was it? Well, I think that the casting is excellent. PB makes a great Harry Dresden, easily surpassing what I thought he would be like. I don't mind Murphy suddenly looking hispanic. Overall, pretty good. Now, the Bob question. I was worried by their decision to cast someone as 'Bob the Skull' because, lets face it, he's a scene stealer in the books. I can honestly say that I didn't mind him one bit. It would have been hard to make a skull that interesting, because what can be said in a book doesn't always transfer to screen that well. So no, I don't mind about that. I just wish that his character was a little more like the book version as he just doesn't have the acerbic wit that made Bob such a star.

    The stories could be better. I know that they are holding back on the adaptation of 'Storm Front' but they need to really pull something off. This is a great series and an ideal successor for shows such as Buffy. I just hope that they don't let the stories fail us fans.

    Overall, I like it. I'll certainly stick with it and I just hope that as time goes on, it will go from strength to strength.
  • the dresden files please bring them back. i even bought the books.

    i can't believe that yet again another good programme has been taken off the air. no reason why? why is it that if it's got a good plot or actors that the first thing that happens is they have to take the show off the air. i thought the fan base was a good size me and my husband watched it and couldn't wait for the next episodes, then we told our friends and they started to watch it so between us there had to be about 50 of us watching the dresden files, it was that good i even bought the books and you could just imagine the way harry talked the actors got the characters to the tee. they were brill. bring it back please.
  • A supernatural cop show where the protagonist is just as flawed as the things and people that he is up against.

    This show is one of the best I've ever seen. Harry, and for that matter, the detective, make it a very exciting how to watch. It is dark, funny, and incredibly unpredicable. You don't know who or what his opponent for the week will be. It might be a dragon or maybe a skinwalker or even a helion, you never know. I, for one, am very sad that there is only one season to watch, enjoy, and discuss. Both I and my friends own the DVD, and we peruse them over and over, making new discoveries each time. Bravo SciFi channel. Bravo.
  • I cannot understand why this show was taken off the air. It never was dull. When I look at the ratings a lot of people liked the show. Isn't the point, to have viewers, well this show had a lot of viewers.

    This show was excellent. I can't believe the producer would pull it off the air. The Character's are excellent, the stories are excellent.The acting was great. I don't know what more I can say. Just why would they take this show off the air. You finally find a show you like, and it is only on for one season. They never gave it a chance to really succeed. I believe this TV show is one of the top ten shows. Or was one of the top ten shows. Like Star Trek it could still be picked up again. I would like to see it back on the air. The acting was superb
  • I enjoyed this show so much. It was on for one season and I can't stop thinking about it. I miss it so much.

    I enjoyed this show so much. It was on for one season and I can't stop thinking about it. I miss it so much. Can't someone else pick it up? It had such amazing characters and such incredible stories that were so fun to watch. I think it didn't have a big enough audience because it was on sci fi, but on a non-cable network it would do much better. It's hard to build up an audience for a show on a cable network that's not about sex. I hope another network picks it up because it is one of the best shows on television. And I'm picky. The end.
  • This is a show that has great potential. the story lines seem to get better as the show continues.

    This show keep me tuned in because it not only has intrigue, but there is the mystery of the occult that adds to its distinctiveness.It has all the flavor of a top notch detective show, but a mysteriousness of the supernatural thriller. Being a true lover of Stephen King and horror flicks from way back, I know whats good in that department. I also like the fact that things dont always work out for him in all of his cases, that the cases are not always completely solved. This usually adds to a reoccurrance, and these are usually the best episodes. It keeps me coming back to find out what new mysteries Dresden will come up against, and whnew powers and or spells will be brought out.
  • Magic... Magic... Magic... It's finally time for a new magic show on TV. I just can't wait for more new episodes. This show was released right on time for those of us who need a weekly, if not daily, dose of magic.

    The Dresden Files is my new fav. show. I am soooo happy that there is a new magic show on TV. This show is very different than the magic shows of the past. Most importantly, it has a wizard, not witches. And unlike "Charmed" Harry Dresden isn't searching for a "normal life" he embraces his magical destiny. With his best friend Bob, the ghost from the skull, Harry fights for innocent people. Harry has made friends along his quest. A female cop, who doesn't know Harry's a magical wizard. A deceased friend that was able to read the records of the High Council. And not to mention all of the people that he has met during his workings as a wizard.

    This show is refreshing and better every time I watch it. I have high hopes for this show. I know it will last for years to come.
  • Un-original, some good point but everything is already seen or watched..

    Some details of the serie are good, but there is no courage in the writing. every story change everything in the start to have everything back in the end. Some episodes are funny, but in general il unoriginal. The last episode is quite not professional then, ****** SPOILER ****
    i.e. the kissing scene, that is so stupid and so easy to forecast..
    ****spoiler end ***
    It was mostly a waste of time. i can easily understand why the series was closed doen and that was a good call. One good point the ghost (bob) character was really well done (all the others so un-original..)
  • A show based on the brilliant books written by Jim Butcher, this had extreme potential. Shame on Sci Fi for letting us down... I will never watch another scifi show again.

    I'm sick of investing time getting attached to really good shows that just get cancelled cos the executives are 'useless'. Very few programmes in their early life show such great promise as this did and very few capture my imagination as much. I was looking forward to more episodes. It was built up greatly on Sky as a great new show from the US here in the UK. I watched every episode with great interest, hopeful that shows that I was attached to, but had now ended could be replaced by this (e.g. Charmed). I can only now emerse myself in the books again in consolation (I'd never heard of them before the show).

    I'm sick of these so-called TV executives who keep canceling these shows. This is to be replaced by what most US Sci-fi fans call the 'awful' Flash Gordon. Enough is enough Goodbye Sci fi channel... You are useless and have lost my respect.

    Sorry I just had to have my say on this - it makes my blood boil.
  • Read The Books !! by Jim Butcher A good tv show but it should have been called something other than the dresden files for all the differencs between the tv show and the books still a good show I just wish that it would have followed the books more

    If you are a fan of Jim Butchers the dresden files books , your probably going to have a few problems with the way this tv show was done , I mean like Harrys weapon of choice is really a hockey stick give me a break , and Murphy is a 5 foot nothing blonde with blue eyes and please don't even get me started on the differnces with the whole red court vamps ect.. lol I really love the books so watching the tv show for me was kinda a let down anyways I hope this helps I did enjoy watching the dresden files on tv but like I said I just wish that it would have followed the books more than it did I do however think that Paul was the perfect casting choice for Harry , I also liked that they cast someone to play Bob I think if Bob had just stayed as the skull people wouldn't have been able to relate to him at all , I wish that Mister Mouse Michael Susan Thomas and so on ect.. had been on the show as well it would have been nice to see
  • Harry Dresden works to fight demons, werewolves, vampires, and fellow wizards as he tries to make a life after killing his deranged uncle years ago.

    This is the most perfect gothic version to any magic show in the world.
    r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I LOVE DRESDEN FILES! BRING IT BACK!!!!! Doesnt it suck that everytime theres a really great scifi series they go and cancel it. I have gotten to the point that I cant commit myself to watch the new scifi series and maybe thats part of their downfall. I think the media establishment has for too long thrown the technofiles to the curb and driven wholly towards ratings. I started to notice this trend back with Surface, Invasion and Threshold. All really great scifi and I loved all of them. All three were cancelled with little or no warning. One of the most dissappointing things for me is that there is no effort to end the series or have any sort of closure. Just OOOPS! thats not getting top ratings, CANCELLED! At the rate we are going there will be no more stargates or star treks. Both shows got horrible ratings during their beginnings but went on to become two of the greatest scifi series of all times. I just think that all generes are gauged differently and simply using ratings and ad generated sales then we are doomed to never have fantastic or creative programming unless it happens to sell product.

    This show was sooooo entertaining--the whole family liked watching it. why do you have such a hard time keeping the good shows on?this was one of the few times that we all stopped what we were doing and sat down together to watch a tv show. the acting was good, the humor was good and the suspense was good. the sci-fi channel has no problem with running and rerunning over and over and over bad movies about swamp creatures or man-eater thingys. but whn you have a good show---it sure doesn't last long. Pleeeeeez
    bring back the dresden files. thank you
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