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  • A shame.. Truly. I could tell from the depth of the character history that this story has more to it than is being shown to us. In fact, the flashbacks and history explanations were the only things that got me through the first half.

    And yes, I said first half because life is too short to watch any more of this garbage. From the reviews and comments I've read online the author of these books must be deeply disappointed at what has befallen his beloved characters. A main 'wizard' who only seems to be able to perform the simplest of magics but for some reason seems to have a hidden room devoted to it. The ghost tells him to use a locator spell to find the boy in the first 15 minutes. Yet he just seems to drag his feet in finding the boy, while bird people are doing who-knows-what to him. I'm not even going to start on the side-characters. 'Ripped straight out of a cheap tv-movie' would be a compliment to them. It feels cheap, crappy and only useful for people that have never picked up a book, and have let their imagination dry up. I mean honestly? How slow of a plot do you need to get something so simple?