The Dresden Files

Syfy (ended 2007)





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  • Harry Dresden: Wizard and Supernatural PI who advertises in the Yellow Pages and helps Chicago's finest to solve unusual cases. Awesome!!!


    Awesome Show!!! Even though the TV series didn't go by the books it was good enough to stand on it's own. I can believe that they cancelled the show. Ever since GE purchased the Sci Fi Channel, it has been going downhill and good shows are being cancelled. The worst thing is that they brought wrestling to the channel. WRESTLING??? What the hell has Wrestling got to do with Science Fiction??? Absolutely nothing!!! I have also noticed that they are influenced by religion. So if the religious leaders don't like a show (like The Dresden Files, which shows magic being used for the good of mankind) it gets cancelled, even though a lot of people might like it. I am no longer an avid fan of The Sci Fi Channel anymore and until they bring back shows like The Dresden Files I never will be.