The Dresden Files

Season 1 Episode 4

Rules of Engagement

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2007 on Syfy

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  • nice!

    Major improvement, I'm actually beginning to get attached, despite the fact that I don’t like science fiction, but, this show is different it kind of reminds me of Harry potter. Which I'm very fond of, I particularly like the scene where Murphy and Dresden enter caryn's apartment she is armed with her gun, and he takes out his wand that was hilarious again a flash back to Harry potter. Also loved the scene where they double cross the hell spawn, brilliant scene when it turns out it was bob I didn’t see this coming and boy do I like to be surprised that’s why I'm an avid fan of 24.
  • First contact with the High Council!!!

    I must admit that this show surprises me more, episode by episode...If at first, I considered that it was a lame copy of "Poltergeist", I must admit that these last episodes have proven me wrong...One has the opportunity to see Harry Dresden's character as developing, and becoming a real wizard with true powers...And this episode is not an exception...Anyway, he gets visited by a girl, Caryn Harris(Nicky), who wants him to find a person who supposedly stole money from her old aunt... Harry decides to investigate and he discovers a burned body, who belongs to a demon...This episode is the first opportunity one has to make the acquaintance of Morgan, leader of the High Council, who is an institution created by wizards and who is the supreme authority in their world...I reckon that this will play an important part in this show...Also we meet Sirota, the leader of demons, who also has a stake in this...In the end, due to some help from Morgan, and creativity by Harry, they manage to save the day, and protect the 2 lovers from Sirota's rage...Although I must say that the end was kind a weak...If Sirota was the leader of the demons, shouldn't have he known that the he didn't manage to kill Matthew?...But beyond this, this episode was good and interesting.
  • This show gets better with every episode!

    This was another great episode in this new series. They seem to finally be getting into everything. There was great effects, awesome magic and a great story. There was even some serious mentioning of the High Councel!

    Harry gets hired by a woman to find some money. Instead his search turns up a body of a person that has been burned by hellfire. Some more searching and some discussion with Morgan from the High Councel, Harry learns that the woman that hired him is in love with a hellspawn that has stolen his chain, meaning he is no longer bound to the being that made him a hellspawn in the first place. This fact angers the master who wants it back. The chain ends up being lost, and with a little bit of magic by Harry it is found at a church, the one place hellspawn would not search for it. Harry helps the woman and her love preform a spell that will break the chain and turn the hellspawn back to a mortal. After some tense moments with the former hellspawns master gaining what he thinks is revenge, for stealing the chain, by burning him to a crisp (it actually turns out that Bob made himself look like the man therefore faking the man's death) the high councel puts the lovers into a protection program so that they will be safe.

    This episode was great, they really seem to be getting better as the season goes on. I hope they will continue with the magic.
  • Some Money, a Girl, and a Hellspawn.

    This weeks episode was one that I actually liked a lot. It started off seeming like a normal "get my money back from the thief" type episode, but as fans of Dresden know thats hardly ever the case. As soon Dresden found the so called thief things just got more exciting from there. One of the main reason I like this show is because of the magic/mythical creatures and this episode fulfilled my desire. This episode was cleverly written and the plot twists were excellent. One of my favorite episodes that have aired so far. If you haven't seen it I recommend you Tivo it or try to catch the rerun.
  • Rules of Engagement


    Rules of Engagement was a superb and entertaining episode of The Dresden Files. I really enjoyed watching this episode because the writers really balanced, good, evil and the middle. It was cool watching Harry figure out the case, and when the nun at the church gave him valuable insight hinting at the powers of good in play, Sirota playing the evil villain with Matthew and Caryn caught in the middle. This was an interesting story and it was intriguing to see the role of the Council in play. It was fun watching Dresden and Murphy interact. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!

  • Who's Zoomin' Who? A Missing Persons case seems to go very wrong, & Harry shows off lots of magicks and learns that maybe, True Love really is the answer.

    The case is initially presented as a young woman, Nikki Slovak, seeking the whereabouts of her aunt's ex-lover, Donald Primko, who has absconded with all the ducats. After Harry locates the body of a rather…crispy…critter that may be Primko, he smells Hellfire in the air, and suspects something far darker is really going on. Turns out the lover actually belonged to the young woman, who is not Nikki after all, but Caryn Harris; and the body was Primko's, but tied to something called a hellion! Hey! New demon type of the week! and I learn that hellion neophytes or protoges are Hell Spawn. Primko is apparently Hell Spawn. Spawned from the dark magick of Sirota, who we meet tossing Caryn's apartment, in search of Caryn's boyfriend. Sirota decks Harry, disappears Harry's little magic wand thing that I barely got to see at all, escapes by jumping out of a window, and vanishes into thin air! Dang! That magick sure comes in handy!

    We meet Morgan, a member of the High Council (everybody's governed by somebody, right?) with whom Harry consults about the involvement of the hellions. We learn some subtleties about the council, hellions and the politics of the light and the dark side of magick. Said politics seem to work similarly to those here in the regular world, with a plethora of strange bedfellows.

    We learn more about magick and see some very cool spells involving Bob and handkerchiefs. We also learn that Primko was sent to kill Matthew Jacobs, also a hellion spawned by Sirota, and the real boyfriend of that lying Caryn.

    Anyway, now that Harry knows that he and the hellion are tracking Hell Spawn, he wants to protect Caryn (who's been arrested for the murder of her boyfriend) from unwittingly endangering herself by joining up with Matthew. This is when the job gets sticky: what's a hero to do when the damsel in distress stands by her man and declines to be saved? Well, after you regain consciousness, you regroup, reconnoiter, and confer with known allies.

    More magickal lore: the hellion/Hell Spawn connection seems to be via a necklace-like chain of sins which binds the spawn/slave to the master hellion. The hellion must, however, have possession of said sin chain in order to wield his power and control. Or something like that. There is a lot of lore to grasp here, and I think I'm gonna have to read one or two of the Dresden Files novels to understand more clearly.

    In the end, the transformative power of love (and a bits 'o magick and tricks) is highlighted in this episode. Harry, Morgan, Bob, Matthew and Caryn all conspire to dupe Sirota into believing that Matthew is dead so that he'll stop hunting him. This was pretty awesome. An interesting visual of religious allusion occurs during the transformation ritual: after the chain of sin is broken (repentance), Matthew goes through this transformation (redemption) and is wholly human again (resurrection). More interesting was that there was a delay between the ritual and the actual demon leaving his body. And that process looked beyond painful. Be warned…
  • Demons!

    When the episode began and Dresden started to talk about what makes two people fall in love, I thought that another red-haired woman was going to walk into his life and so on, but what a surprise! Demons and the High Council really showing up and displaying what tjey are and for what they have come.

    Dresden is really too good a character in my opinion, helping the poor and innocent like a Mother Tereza even when people don't want his help, but it's always marvelous to watch the clash between his intentions and Bob's. Add that to the fact that both actors so far haven't slipt once on their performances and you have maybe one of the greatest duets on a tv show nowadays.

    And for those who are expecting more from "The Dresden Files" than a different monster/thing/whatever every week, this episode shows that with the High Council, demons and the Morgan character we can stay put and wait because this series is going to have a hell of a mythology.

    Stay tuned! And with joy!