The Dresden Files

Season 1 Episode 4

Rules of Engagement

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2007 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • The end credits note a Stunt Bushnell. However, Bushnell was in "Hair of the Dog," not this episode.

    • In the beginning of the episode when Caryn enters Dresden's house and close the door we can clearly see that the notice "Harry Dresden - Wizard" is missing.

    • When Caryn hits Dresden with the wine bottle she hits him in the back, below even the neck. But on the next scene Dresden is putting ice on the right side of his head, a long way from where the blow was.

    • When Dresden is stirring his location potion looking for the hellion who robbed Jacob's Chain of Sin, if you watch carefully you can see that at the last instant the shot is rewound.

  • Quotes

    • Harry: So what is it that attracts one person to another? Is it the long silky hair? The lips like wine? The legs... that seem to go on forever? Those all work for me. The truth is, attraction--chemical, physical, spiritual--that's the easy part. The trouble begins when the fantasy wears off and the reality sets in.

    • Bob: Was she built?
      Harry: Would you stop it!
      Bob: It's a simple question.

    • Bob: Have you taken a look at yourself lately? (Bob transforms himself into a likeness of Harry) Not exactly the picture of elegance.
      Harry: Elegance is overrated, Bob.

    • Bob: All right, so you bag the wench, find the loot, come back here and tell me all about it.
      Harry: Bob.
      : No, better yet, you bag the wench here and let me watch.
      Harry: Bob, will you get in your skull? (Bob slowly walks away) I said get in your skull, Bob, and that is a command!
      Bob: Gladly.

    • Harry: Scrying for beginners. You get a piece of someone, you boil it up, add crystal. And you track 'em down. Pretty basic stuff.

    • Harry: But my visions of easy money went up in smoke the second I caught the telltale whiff of death, damnation, and brimstone. Oh, hell.

    • Harry: When the supernatural gets out of hand, say, when a body shows up charred by hellfire, that falls under the jurisdiction of the High Council. Which is the governing body for people like me. And in Chicago, the Council's chief enforcer is a guy named Morgan. A real people person.

    • Murphy: Dresden?
      Dresden: Murphy!
      Murphy: What are you doing here?
      Dresden: Ah, well, yeah I'm on a case. I followed a lead and, you know, next thing you know I'm tripping over, uh, Mr. Crispy.

    • Harry: Can I just say, this has nothing to do with me?
      Murphy: Can I just say, bull?

    • Harry: Here's the tricky part about working with the police. The High Council insists that if you don't already know about the supernatural, you don't get to know. Which makes my relationship with Murphy a little testy at times.

    • Kirmani: You did him, right? Some ritual that went a little haywire. You and the girl, in on it together. Something...kinky?
      Harry: Detective Kirmani, Chicago can rest easy knowing you're on the case, eh?

    • Sirota: Harry Dresden. Sorry things got a little rough at the apartment. Let me make it up to you. Can I get you a virgin?
      Harry: No thanks, I'm fine.

    • Bob: And so far, all you've managed to accomplish is getting your wand destroyed, alienating Murphy, losing a client, and attracting the attention of someone who treats Hellions as his own personal lap dogs!
      Harry: Not a bad day's work, huh?
      Bob: Oh no, I think you've botched this one very nicely!

    • Harry: Remember what I said about attraction? About the difference between fantasy and reality? The fantasy is, girl meets boy, they fall in love, they live happily ever after. The reality is, girl meets Hellion, girl gets kidnapped, wizard has to save her before she ends up dead or worse.

    • Harry: Some things just don't go well together. Matches and gasoline. bleach and ammonia. Hellspawn and holy ground. Combine things like that, and results can be... incendiary.

    • Sister Beatrice: It saddens me when love turns to hate.
      Harry: Me, too.
      Sister Beatrice: But just as mysteriously, hate can turn to love. When that happens, you're in the presence of a miracle.

    • Matthew: You think that I haven't tried. I've told her to get away from me. She knows what I am. When I first met her, she was just supposed to be another conquest. Just another soul for Sirota. And she saw through me. And she forgave me. For everything I ever done, what I was going to do. I had no hope left. Nothing. And she walked in to my damned life and she saved me. How do I give that up? Tell me.
      Bob: Well. I suppose there's only one thing left to do.
      Harry: Yeah.
      Matthew: What're you going to do?
      Harry: Double-cross the villain. Always makes for an interesting evening.

    • Harry: But the High Council has some kind of witness protection program.
      Morgan: You've been watching too many cop shows.
      Harry: My father was in it and so was I.
      Morgan: No. You were simply taken off the radar.

    • Harry: Well, I don't know them, the words.
      Bob: Harry, it's a simple blessing. Just make it heartfelt and true.
      Harry: Bless you... be good... don't screw it up.

    • Morgan: That was rash. The Council will not approve.
      Sirota: What?
      Morgan: You just killed a human being in front of a Warden.
      Sirota: Bill me.

    • Harry: Hey. Do you really have to hit me that hard?
      Morgan: Yes I did. I do what's necessary.
      Harry: Yeahhh....

    • Murphy: What are you not telling me?
      Harry: I'm not telling you.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: February 18, 2007 on SPACE
      UK: March 7, 2007 on Sky1
      New Zealand: November 29, 2007 on Prime

    • This is the first time that it is explained what the High Council is, although it was previously mentioned more than once during the first episode.

      This is also the first time that Morgan appears.

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