The Dresden Files

Season 1 Episode 12

Second City

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 15, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Second City

    Second City was a perfect episode of The Dresden Files and though it was sad it was also a good series finale. I really wish the series would have continued with more episodes or seasons. This episode had a great story which was fun to figure out as there was some misdirection. It was also great to see Murphy's father. This episode reminded me a bit of the episode of Angel where he meet's Kate's father. In the end Dresden and Murphy triumph over a dirty cop who is using magic in an interesting way. It was great to see Harry and Murphy kiss. This was a great finish to the season and series, as it could have been worse, but I am definitely satisfied!!!!!!!!!
  • Murphy and Harry must try to solve what's going when people are dying under 'unusual' circumstances before it's too late but Murphy's dad is trying to keep them apart, as once more someone automatically distrusts Harry.

    I loved this series, I was brought to it from reading Jim Butcher's books, for all you fans, read the books!
    I don't understand why this series has finished after one very good, well written and brilliantly performed season. Paul Blackthorne is perfect!
    This should have been picked up for subsequent seasons, there is so much material from the books and the cast are great, this is a real shame.
    Valerie Cruz is great as Murphy.
    Was so excited about seeing where this series could go with the characters, also seeing more of Paul Blackthorne as Harry, he is hot in this role.
  • A great season finale episode!!!

    This was another great episode, filled with unpredictability and highly enjoyable...Murphy's father is back in town and having a wrong opinion about Harry decides to do whatever possible to make him stay away from his daughter...In the meantime the police investigates a case of very strange murders, about people that had second chances in life...It is later discovered that behind these is a cop who by killing all these persons managed to survive some situation in his life as cop...Harry resurrects Murphy's father and does other wonderful things to wrap this case up...As to the first season of this show, i must say i was very impressed...At the beginning, Harry is portrayed as a fraud,none of the first episode showing or giving us at least the minimum suspicion that Harry may posses powers...So Harry passes through a character development and in these last episode, is portrayed as a larger than life character...Another good thing i liked was that step by step we are presented with some supernatural creatures... Also i liked a lot those episodes in which Harry collides with members of High Council...What i may say is that it was troubling was that fact of Harry showing results...In these lasts episodes he did, but there were a lot when Harry couldn't have due to the fact that there were a lot of supernatural events...And in the second season i hope that there will be a lot more interesting situation...Strong point of this show,the main one, is in my opinion ORIGINALITY.
  • Fun show, great characters, good mix of magic and storyline

    What's to say, these last 12 episodes have been fun, this episode was great too!

    I'm hooked and I can only hope that SCI/FI will give us at least 13 more episodes next season.

    You can do the following if you love this show and you want to express your gratitude for it, and your desire to have SCI/FI produce more of it.

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  • Ding-dong! Murphy's dad is in town!

    First of all, I must say I don't like the kind of season finale that doesn't act as a season finale. What am I saying? Just this, even though I hate to wait months to find out what happened in the next second of that scene, I find it very distressing to have a normal episode aired as a season finale. For instance, last week's episode, Things That Go Bump, would be a better season finale than this one, in my opinion.

    Something that always happens in a season finale is a development of sorts for one or more main characters. This trully happened here, without mentioning Murphy's dad involvement in all the confusion. Some points might have been marked for a time between Murphy and Harry, and we got even a kiss scene, although it wasn't intended to be more than a distraction.

    All in all, Murphy's dad was a good character addition and parts of the mystery of the episode were interesting, but who the murderer was was revealled too soon in my opinion. The highest point of the episode was something I'm saying since episode one, that Harry souldn't be treated so well by Chicago PD, and his problems with the law in the episode were well conducted.

    From now on all we can do is cross our fingers and hope this season finale wasn't a series finale.

    Let's stay tuned to find out!
  • Murphy's dad is in town and he's not happy about Harry hanging out with his daughter.

    An "adventurous" episode as it hints at what could happen with the Harry-Murphy relationship.

    I liked the script but unlike another reviewer, I didn't think this was a particularly good season finale. I would've preferred "What About Bob".

    Still, the episode itself was great and quite moving in parts while being funny in other scenes.

    There certainly seemed to be a special chemistry between Harry and Murphy in this episode which made it fun to watch. The villain in the story didn't come as a big surprise though.

    I wonder why Kirmani still seems to dislike Harry so much. I realise that he's based on a certain character in the books, but in the books Harry seems to be less successful in solving crimes so the character has more reason to think him a fraud. In the tv series though, and Kirmani admits as much, he does get results. Odd...
  • this was a great season finally

    In this episode we saw Murphy dad come to see the case that Murphy was on.Harry was thinking of getting out of Murphy Life Because he keeps getting Murphy in trouble but Murphy keeps pulling him back in.Than he thinks that the guy that is doing it is killing people because he has been taking people 2 chances and being able to survive what others would have died but by taking their chances he can survive it but by doing this Harry can stop this guy by using his powers he was able to get Murphy dad to get his life back. This was a great season finally
  • The episode where we finally see where all the mistery and sexual attraction in Dresden's and Murphy's relationship can take them.

    To beguin with, Second City doesn't give out the vibes of an outstanding episode, nifty "life's-secon-chances-transferent" not whithstanding. However, little by little (too little IMHO), we see Murphy's relationship with her father shaping out. Something the viewer is thankful for after eleven odd episodes of innuendo. What I find most interesting about the ep is Harry's growing concerns about what his involvement with Murphy (no matter how platonic) may reflect on her career. Which, although we'd seen hints of his care for the sassy, no-nonsense Liutenant before is a long way from his seemingly original "mercenary-but-noble" attitude. Nice character development here.
    Long story short, for those of us who saw the spark between the forlorn wizard and the tough Chicago PD Liutenant from the very beguinning and have been rooting for a little more than pained looks of lustful discontent, Second City is a treat. I am so sorry for being so vague, but it's the first time I review and am not really aware of whatever spoiler policy is there.

    Bottom line, if you've enjoyed "The Dresden Files" since the pilot, you'll love this latest one. And if you haven't really followed the show but are curious about it, I guarantee you'll go hunting for the back episodes so you can get the full story.

    A great season finale for a great show. Now let's hope it doesn't get the axe.
  • Let's hope this is not the end.

    Murphy's dad comes to town - played by Chuck Shamata (who's been in every Canadian television show since 1970 something.) Gruff and overprotective of the openly hostile Murphy, he's hellbent (pardon the pun) on driving Harry off. Blackthorne is damn good, as always, in making us believe the truth in Harry - that he likes Murphy and agree with Daddy Murphy. Sure, they close cases but it's slowly killing Murphy's career.

    The ACTUAL plot revolved around a killing - this is a police mystery, after all - a young man drowns in the middle of a Chicago winter. How and why won't be spoilered here.

    I continue to like the dynamic Blackthorne and Cruz bring to Harry and Murphy. Despite the weirdness, they see the good in each other and are drawn to that. This appears to be the last of the limited season. Here's hoping SciFi picks it up for a second, full one.