The Dresden Files

Season 1 Episode 6

Soul Beneficiary

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Soul Beneficiary


    Soul Beneficiary was a superb and very entertaining episode of The Dresden Files and I really enjoyed watching this episode because the story was fun, well paced, and interesting. There was character and plot development, action, humor, and drama. It was an interesting idea the way the dark magic user and her lover were collecting insurance policies over and over again. It was great watching Murphy find Dresden thanks to Bob's help. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!

  • An entertaining episode with some interesting revelations about Bob's past...

    This episode was an entertaining mix of lighthearted humour (is there anything cuter/funnier than a drugged-up, wobbly Harry?) and serious subject matter (Sharon's black magic and Bob's tragic past). The plot is interesting and involving if a little complicated/incomprehensible at times. I came out of the episode havng thoroughly enjoyed it but nonetheless a little hazy of some of the specific plot points: I'm still not sure how "Nancy" faked her death (or did she actually die and was revived by Sharon too?) and it really wasn't made clear how Sharon was reviving their victim - Bob said Kelton was killed by black magic and brought back to life by "something worse". I'm also not entirely clear on how the drug worked in the climactic final scenes... Harry was aware enough to realise that he didn't know his "wife"'s name and to throw the drugged juice in her face but he also still seemed to believe she was his wife and he was in his home etc as he tried to reason with her during the fight scene and commented on the items she destroyed in the fight. A little confusing therefore but the episode overall was good enough, and entertaining enough, for me to overlook the minor plot quibbles.

    For the most part the mix of humour and seriousness worked well - it was good to see Harry really working a case as an investigator, sneaking into Sharon's house in the search for clues, and I enjoyed seeing the hockey stick staff in use again. It was also good to see Bob play a significant part in this episode and to get some good character development - he was instrumental in discovering what was happening to Kelton/Paul, was responsible for saving Harry, and of course we finally found out a little more about his past and how he came to be a ghost living in a skull. A favourite moment in the episode for many fans was of course the Harry/Murhpy kiss. It was a fun, sweet moment and seeing Harry drugged and woozy and Murphy having to be "mum" and coax him in the right direction/get him into the car etc was cute and funny. The shallower parts of my brain also enjoyed the few moments of peekage afforded by Harry's pyjamas... ;)

    Overall, this was a good episode which kept me interested and entertained. I enjoyed the character development, the humour and the backstory... and I liked that, after the silliness of the penultimate scene, the episode actually ended on a quiet, serious note.
  • Very original episode though the ending was not very convincing...

    This was an interesting episode...Harry is visited by man who experiences strange dreams ,and who has a heart attack and dies after...The strange events continue,as the wife comes to visit Harry and dies as well...Harry finds out that in reality these people aren't dead, and that black magic is involved...the person responsible, Sharon comes after Harry and manages to drug him...But Murphy manages to save the day by saving Harry...This was the first episode in which Harry doesn't really manages to save the day, cause Sharon isn't captured...The strong points were again the magic performed by Harry...One finds out why Bob is a prisoner in his own skull, which i also find interesting...Its finish wasn't exactly the best...However, this episode was exciting and adventurous.
  • This episode was very different. It was a bit weird at first and then i started to realize what was going on.

    I liked the whole kidnapping of Dresden in this episode. When he wakes up and was like who are you to the girl. That was classic! Though i was a bit confused with the whole plot until the asian girl came into play. Very clever little witch she was. For money? I think people will do anything for the doe! But then she gets away in the end! You know we will be seeing her again! Murphey kind of suprised me. She really knows Dresden! I think these two hooking up will be awesome! He kinda needs a woman to put him in his place. Plus i really dont like the diner chick! Over all this episode was cleverly plotted with some twists in the mix. All in a magic days life!
  • I thought this episode was great.

    Harry Dresden is hired by his police friend Murphy yot heolp her solve when someone dies in his apartment while speaking with him about a xase but then he is unhired when another person dies in his apartment. He is now a suspect. But what is happening around the city is taht there is a coroner that has to powers to bring people back to life and kill them in an instant. And she is connected to the murders that have been happening in Harry Dresdens apartments. And when all suspicion goes to her. She tries to take Harry into her scandal of financial fraud.
  • Another awesome episode!

    Dresden Files strikes again with another excellent episode! People dying and coming back to life in order for someone to gain life insurance money, was an interesting concept. Reserection however, is some of the darkest dark magic you can do.

    We finally learn about why Bob was punished to be in his skull after he seems very understanding and knowledgeable about how to reserect people. Turns out he tried to preform such a thing on a person he loved and ended up killing himself instead and was punished to live in a skull forever.

    How funny was a drugged Dresden? Getting in the car and then back out again and laughing about it. This was also the first time Murphy has seen magic... I wonder is she will see more?
  • I just love this series, I LOVE HARRY DRESDEN

    I love this series and and this episode was just so good. People dropping dead then being reanimated ...evil black magic....and its all about insurance fraud. Who would have guessed it.
    The funniest parts were when Murphy comes to Harry's rescue and he is in a high state of merryment....and Murphy trying to get Harry in the car and making him stay there. Comical it was.
    It was also good to get the low down on Bob and how he became what he became..all for love...why else.
    In the end the dead stayed dead..and the instigator goes free only to be seen i dare say in a future episode. Can't wait for that one, and can't wait for next episode.
  • An episode with twists and turns that even keep Dresden guessing...

    This episode is superior to all of the episodes aired before it. I account it to the fact that it is the 7th episode produced, so the writers and producers kinda got the hang of it by now. I wish they would air the episodes in order.

    First, there were a lot of twists and turns in this episode. The plot kept you (and Harry) guessing where it was going next and I enjoyed it. This is definately my favorite episode so far!

    My favorite part of the episode - when Murphy finds Dresden drugged and then has to take him back to Chicago. I would have absolutely LOVED to see, as some others have discussed, Harry drugged in the car on the way home bothering Murphy. That would have been so funny! Anyway, I think this episode in general was much better than the past episodes have been and I have a feeling that it will be a favorite to those watch the show.
  • A few people come to Harry's office and they all die. What's the connection and, even more important, the cause?

    This episode certainly deserves the classification well-written. All the episodes so far have been well-written, but this one featured quite a few twists and turns.
    Not too complicated but the viewer had to pay attention to the storyline.

    Several people that, in one way or the other, end up in Harry's office literally drop dead. Harry and Murphy, with some help from Bob manage to discover the connection. The bottom line is insurance fraud, but since when did fraud include necromancy? And just when did Harry (or is it Jerry) become married ??

    Great story-writing and snappy one-liners, funny moments, Bob revealing some of his background and Harry kissing Murhhy all combine and make this a great episode.
  • So full of turning points even Dresden says he doesn't like surprises anymore.

    I'm still laughing with Paul Blackthorne's scene where he plays a drugged Dresden and gives a lot of trouble to Murphy trying to drive the car, kissing her and even trying to get away from her.

    Besides that the episode has a lot of great moments, like Bob's revelation about his curse, the story itself (which provided many thrills through it and ended where I didn't expect at all) and Bob and Dresden's dialogues, that continue to marvel me with the chemistry going on between Blackthorne and Mann.

    Something that is whizing inside my head right now is the Sharon character, whom had access to not only a very powerfull spell "worst than black magic", we know nothing of. Mark my words, I bet she has connections with Dresden's uncle. It's the only person who could have had access to Bob's knowledge. (This is not a spoiler since I haven't read any of the novels.)

    Let's stay tuned to find out!
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