The Dresden Files

Season 1 Episode 8

Storm Front

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2007 on Syfy

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  • out of line

    i agree with Carycomic that its a great episode but i like bob and he is importentent as a surce of knolege for harry as well as the inplide plot that his uncle is in some form still alive, as a lot of hints in the series show till now. i dont mind the diferent store and bild of the house as the lab is now basement and not behind a dor/wall and i love that murfy knows but i would like to see how she finds out. and i dont mind the reporter but secretli ( call me a romantic) i was guning for murfy. so all out great episode hope they ceep the special efects and emount of magig up but bring back bob pronto and if i may be selfish get harry and murfy together and show how she finds out , thanks. couse of the obviese changes i take away points but the great plot twists and efects make up for it but the mising is confusing and out of line so i take half a point for that and award a 9.5.
  • There is a vast difference between a series pilot and a series premiere.

    In this case, the series premiere "Birds Of A Feather" was (as listed in the "Trivia" section above) actually the _third_ episode filmed. But, this one? Clearly, the pilot that sold SCIFI Channel on the premise. For one thing; Terrence Mann, as Bob, is conspicous by his absence. And, the Volkswagen Harry is supposed to drive, just like in the books? Evidently, it gave up the ghost (no pun intended), as one scene depicts it on a hydraulic lift in a service garage. Hence, it's replacement by an army-surplus jeep! The two biggest differences of all, however? The introduction of Susan, the reporter/girfriend, who seems to have been written out of the series _since_ the filming of this pilot. Plus, Murphy having knowledge of true magic, in general. And, the High Council, in particular. In "The Boone Identity," she's apparently been rendered amnesiac about such things. As her half-memories of the voodoo Dresden used on her possessed body were clearly most disquieting to her. So, for all of the above, plus the fast pace and cool special effects, I give this delayed-action telecast of the original pilot a perfect ten. Thank you, and congratulations, Messrs. Beimler and Wolfe.
  • Storm Front


    Storm Front was a perfect episode of The Dresden Files because it had a well written and entertaining story, great magic special effects, and it was awesome to see more of Ancient Mai. Dresden gets pulled into a case by Murphy which turns out to have implications of Black Magic and Harry becomes the suspect. It was fun watching Harry figure out what was going on and the fact that it involved Bianca's place. There was a lot of character development in this episode as well as action, drama, and intrigue. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • A sample of what could have been

    'The Dresden Files' was always one of my guilty pleasure reads. Not a great series but an enjoyable alternate universe book series similar to our universe in which magic works and the main characters are likeable. 'The Dresden Files' book series is a breath of fresh air compared to the morbid, dreary, and sexed-up series' written by such authors as Anne Rice and Laurel Hamilton. Not to say that these other book series are bad, but there is only so much vampire sex a person can take. Jim Butcher's wizard Dresden is a particularly likeable character and he is played humorously well by Paul Blackstome who makes the character believeable. Also, converting the character 'Bob' from a skull to a real actor was also a stroke of genius by the writers. It has made this character very interesting and is a major plus for the series.

    'Storm Warning' is the only episode that follows the Jim Butcher books and it is the best of the series even though the SCiFi Network decided to cut this original 2 hour episode by 40 minutes. This episode was obviously meant to be the pilot instead of being aired as episode 8, and if it had been aired completely as the original first episode, it would have gotten this series off to a great start. Instead SciFi Channel aired a bewildering and confusing first episode that would have turned me off to the series if I didn't hope for improvements and knew that better episodes were to come.

    The handling of 'The Dresden Files', like previous Sci Fi Channel series such as Farscape and Serenity, illustrates that something is very wrong with the suits at the SciFi network. Once again they have killed a promising TV show by inept scheduling and messing with the production team's episode submissions. Such behavior is now a pattern on the part of the SciFi Channel and must only indicate that quality is not the goal of the network. It is amazing that a TV network can give audiiences quality such as 'Battlestar Galactica' yet sabotage other shows of quality. Though perhaps not. The success of BSG was due more to the networks original British partners than its committment to quality television. SciFi Networks goal seems to be only to make money, How else do we explain the failure to support quality SF at the same time it presents dreck such as the Saturday Night Movie, Ghost Hunters, Wrestling, and Flash Gordon?

    Look for 'The Dresen Files' when it appears on DVD. This series is well worth it and it is a shame that it wasn't given a chance to develop further.
  • Harry must resolve a pretty hard case, without the help of Bob...

    This episode left me breathless...It had a lot of unpredictability, and action...Harry is called by the police to get involved into a strange case...At first he decides to renounce the case, but he is visited by a member of the High Council, who treats his as the main suspect...So he gets back into the case and finds out that a wizard is behind this, and he may be the next target...He fights a demon, manages to survive and attack from a vampire, and from the wizard who builds a voodoo doll to kill him...And again he demonstrates his powers...This was a very exciting episode, which i enjoyed a lot.
  • Awesome episode! had me on the edge of my seat.

    Another great episode! They seem to be getting better as the season goes on. You could tell this was made before the others since Harry's house looks different and his cat was in it. Where was Bob though? Not even a shot of his skull. Lots of awesome magic and creatures in this episode, I loved it.

    I also don't mind the changes they made to the epsisode, and yes I have read the first book. There were tons of changes but it still had the major plot elements and characters in it and it was exciting and interesting so I'm fine with it.

    I hope they show Harry's cat in it again and Bob better be in the next episode! I felt that something was missing with his character being absent.
  • No Bob, no fun!

    This ep left me cold. No Bob, no fun for me because our favorite ghost is the main reason I watch this series. I know that this should have been the pilot ep for the series but still, they could have at least introduced him... Very good special effects and a lot of them (meaning more than usually) but the whole thing felt rather broken and fractured. As I said, this one should have been a 90 minutes long pilot and they turned it into a 45 minutes episode so... Yeah :( I hope that next week's ep will be better!
  • where did bob go?

    i liked this ep , i really did . lots of action and magics , and in all colors.
    but somthing was bugging me through the whole ep, where did bob go ?
    what he sudenlly decided to take a vacation ? i mean he can't leave his skull so what gives ?
    and i must say evan thought harry manneged this guy pretty good he sure could have used bob's help on this one.
    i love it when they show flashback's of harry but it's like it have nothing to do with the ep's , how about thay make an ep telling us how harry killed his uncle , and get it all over ...
  • A very magical episode, literally.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It was exciting down to the last second. The special effects are getting better and better with every episode. This is Dresden how it should be. This show is really picking up and I hope it'll be back for a second season hopefully with 22 episodes. I can't wait till next weeks episode. If you are someone who enjoys magic themed movies and shows then you'll love this show.
  • Harry Dreseden- Wizard for hire...

    Great episode about how Harry solve a murder mystery. Two people die in strange circumstances. Murphy, Dresden's Policewoman/ Investigator/ Detective friend hires him to solve this case becasue of its unusual circumstances of the young couple's hearts bursting. So Harry starts to investigate and the high council warns him that if he does not solve this one they will have his head becasue he is a prime suspect of using dark magick to kill the young couple just as he had killed his uncle. Dresden discovers that the killer is one of the victum's dead friend's father who is taking revenge for his daughters death...
  • It deconstructs the series so far.

    We all knew the episodes' order was messed up and this episode, although the pilot was going to be aired as the eighth. Nevertheless, we all thought they were going to do something to it in order not to affect the chronology. What happened, though, is what I describe only as a money saving. It was cheaper to cut down a 2-hour episode to a 1-hour time than producing a new one, and screw the chronology, screw the fans and screw all the good work we did so far.

    The result is very clear. Different stage sttings, characters that never appeared showing up, characters that had always appeared not showing up, a story that was cut to a point the dynamics of the episode was totally compromised, overuse of powers and magical effects ruining the ambience of the show so far, and very poor dialogues, which is the worst of all the things.

    Seriously, as a pilot it's one thing. But to insert it in the chronology as they did is a total disrespect.

    Stay tuned for the other episodes, though. The show improved a lot since they did this one. We must pray only they don't do nothing of the like again.
  • Think we should dial back the magic a little?

    If you've been watching since the first episode - and if you haven't, shame on you - you'll know Stormfront is pilot. It shows, but not in an awful way.

    It's best to remember that pilots are structured to sell the show and this one pulls out all the stops. I'll wager Harry uses more magic in one hour than he did in the previous seven - and maybe the next 4!

    Bob (Terrence Mann) is AWOL. Murphy not only knows about magic, she knows Harry "reports" to the High Council. Harry has a reporter friend who witnesses most of the magical shenanigans and barely bats an eye. He's also got a familiar in the form of a gorgeous orange tabby.

    I can see why the other episodes turned the magic down to 3 - this level of action week over week would be a little tiresome (but they COULD turn is back up to 5/6 now and then, in my opinion.) Also, the number of characters would be difficult to follow week by week - hence losing the girlfriend/reporter and making Murphy's annoying lackey move back into the background. Was a good episode? Yes! Should every episode be this hectic? No - a detective drama should have a moderate pace. Do I continue to find the show interesting? Oh, Yes.
  • Finally we see Harry Dresden the way he should be. A little late, and who knows if we'll ever see him that way again, but it was very refreshing seeing the magical elements being given full reign at last.

    When a show gets started, the pilot (or the first couple of episodes) generally give the raw characters with all their rough edges in place. You get the lowdown on who has conflicts with whom, where the vulnerabilities are, and you can get involved with the characters based on that knowledge.

    Airing a cutdown version of what was meant to be the pilot throws a curve ball at the viewer, particularly those like me who knew the book Dresden first and had certain expectations both of Harry and his world in Chicago.

    I've enjoyed the show so far, but frankly, I've been waiting for this version of Storm Front. I wanted to see if the Harry Dresden I got hooked on was EVER going to make his appearance. This episode gave me that in full measure, and I must only hope that we see at least some of what we saw in Storm Front again in some of the later episodes. I've rated this episode on its own merits + that hope.

    Given how most television shows work, that hope might be a vain one, as those rough edges I mentioned are what get smoothed over as nearly every television show progresses.

    Harry under threat by the High Council, by Morgan, by Bianca, by random demons and creatures of the Nevernever; this is the element that's mostly been missing, as well as a hefty dose of serious defensive and offensive magic. Finally!

    Still, with all that got cut down, I wonder if Bob had ever been in the pilot? And when Are we going to see some of those creatures of the Nevernever, or for that matter see (or at least hear mention of) his unique housekeeping staff? :evilgrin:

    Yeah, I want it all. I know I won't get it, but I still want it.
  • Harry is called upon by Murphy to investigate a double murder

    Wow, just wow!!

    I soo hope they will show the uncut version of this episode at one time, because this was amazing. It was amazing in several ways actually.
    Firstly, it was much closer to the book (and actually the only episode script to be adapted from a book). This episode being closer to the book means that Harry uses a lot more magic, more than in all the other screened episodes combined. Which was great to see if you've read the books but probably a bit confusing if you haven't. It was great to see the book on the screen: the lab, Mister, Susan, Bianca's Vamp face, the Beetle, the blasting rod (disguised as a hockey stick). Just wow, give us the full 2-hour episode, please, pretty please ! ! I loved it.

    Secondly, as much as I loved it, it also seemed a completely different series compared to the other episodes, which is confusing to say the least, disappointing perhaps but also understandable. This episode showed a much more powerful wizard and they probably did not want Harry to be too powerful in the series, so they toned it down, rearranged the episodes and re-edited this one. Understandable perhaps, but wow, this was still a fabulous episode and I quite like the more powerful wizard from the books, even though I also like the dry-witted comments from Bob, who was completely absent in this episode.

    To summmarise, yes, a very special episode, but not a 10, merely a 9.3 because it played havoc on the internal series continuity.
  • This is identical to the first novel in the The Dresden Files book series. Great storyline. A few things were changed for TV.

    I am assuming that this episode is set in the present. At first, I thought that it might take place in the past. At the beginning, Kirmani making fun of Dresden's wizard status parallels the mailman in the book. The character's of Tommy Tom and Jennifer are present in story. Being attacked by black magic, Murphy knows a little about the High Council. Harry warns her about the danger of knowing about them. Later, Morgan shows up accusing Harry of being the murderer. Harry is taken to Ancient Mai, the big kahuna of the High Council. I wonder what kind of being she is. She changes faces and has a liking for meat. While Murphy is hung up on Tommy Tom, Harry concerns himself with Jennifer Randall and her friend Grace Cutler. The flashback scenes with Harry and his uncle Justin are a good addition. We learn that Harry killed Justin in self-defense, or so he says. The parts where Harry explains the good and the bad about magic are very good. His trail leads him to Bianca, who was involved with Jennifer and her friends. We also meet Susan Rodriguez, a reporter with who Harry is intimate with. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. After seeing it, it made me want to look through the book a little more.
  • The re-edited original pilot for the show cut down from two hours to one - and it shows.

    This was a good episode - but not as good as I had hoped. It has definitely suffered from being radically cut down from the original two hour version and the continuity issues were distracting (Harry's apartment/lab being different, Murphy's hair shorter etc etc). They did a fairly good job of trying to blend things in with previous episodes to fit it into the running order but, for example, I didn't find Bianca's behaviour in this episode believable given what we saw of her relationship with Harry in Bad Blood. You could see that the Bianca in this episode was quite closely based on the Bianca from the books - in Bad Blood she very much wasn't (and I liked her better that way!). Ditto for Morgan and the High Council. The editing/cutting was fast and furious - I guess it had to be to fit everything in - and that was jarring and distracting too. The episode overall felt rushed.

    Harry felt different too - a bit more arrogant perhaps? Or maybe just more self-assured. I find myself preferring the more self-effacing Harry that we've come to know in the series so far. Characterisation is always different in a pilot episode where the actors are playing the characters for the first time rather than working and building on their portrayal each week. The differences between the characterisation in the pilot and the full series aren't usually particularly noticeable... but then the pilot doesn't usually air half way through the season! I didn't find Susan all that convincing/well-drawn a character either (though it's possible that there was much more to her role that has been left on the cutting room floor) and again, the continuity jarred, with her relationship with Harry suddenly being thrust upon the viewer out of the blue, leaving me feeling, "When did that happen?!"

    Overall, however, this was an enjoyable episode. One of the most enjoyable things, for me, was to finally (which seems an odd thing to say, given this was originally the pilot) seeing Harry flinging some proper magic around. Shields and energy bolts and moving objects with a flick of his hand... blasting the protection circle apart was awesome! For the first time in the TV show, I really got the feeling that Harry was a seriously powerful wizard who really can chuck some magic about. I can see why they scaled back on that idea in the series, at least to begin with.. it has given us chance to get to know Harry as a character, as a person, without being overshadowed by the "Harry the powerful wizard" thing. I suppose it could be retconned that in this episode he was under pressure/dire threat etc and so threw caution to the winds and used his powers openly. It'll be interesting to see whether that "change" in Harry, and his openness about his powers and abilities, carries through into later episodes.

    This was by far the episode most faithful to the books. I know this is the only episode so far which actually is an adaptation of one of the books but they really did try and stay quite close to the source material - with fan-pleasing inclusions such as Mister, the Blue Beetle etc - and I can see how this would have functioned well as a pilot to the networks to introduce them to the world of Harry Dresden. How well it works as a mid-season ep, I'm not so sure. I will certainly be interested to see how (if at all) events are reflected in following episodes... in the context of the series as it has been aired, up until know Murphy didn't really know that magic was real (though I think she suspected) and in fact Harry downright lied to her and as much as told her there was no such thing... now he has kinda "come clean" to her.. though how much she believes him is unclear. It remains to be seen whether this development will be carried through into the following eps.

    Reporting from the shallower end of the fangirl pool, I enjoyed seeing carried over into the ep both the Harry whump and the "Harry in a towel scene"... though I suppose it was too much to hope for from network TV that that entire scene could have been portrayed true to the book.. *grin*

    Definitely a good episode with a lot of enjoyable moments - not one of my favourites but it certainly bears rewatching and I look forward to getting back to my regular Dresden Files (with the funky apartment with hidden lab and Bob etc.) next week. :D
  • This the Harry we need to see every week.

    This is what I want dog! There is magic galore on this espisode. The previous show he seem to be just a magician tonight he was a wizard.
    This was so much what I though we see in the show.
    I wonder about Bob and why he was absent and the girlfriend that was killed early was back. But now I find this was the pilot and boy did the change since THEN not work. Bring back this Harry and maybe the show will catch on more.
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