The Dresden Files

Season 1 Episode 2

The Boone Identity

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 28, 2007 on Syfy

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  • The Boone Identity


    The Boone Identity was a great episode of The Dresden Files and I really enjoyed watching this episode because the story was intriguing and full of action, suspense, and magic. It was great to see more of Murphy and Dresden interacting. There was a lot of character development for them both. I liked the Egyptian themed magic in this episode and it was a great idea. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!

  • I thought that this episode was okay... it had action in it and many twists.

    This episode bigins when one of Harry Dresdens customers asks him to make the spirit of his daughter's lie in rest. The only problem is she wont. Acouple of months agon as is in the episode the father and the daughter were being robbed. And all that was stolen was an ancient Egyptian template. Harry tries to figure out why the ghost wont lie in rest when he discovers that the murderer is already dead so he figures it cant be about revenge. But in the end as it turns out thats axactly it. She wants revenge because of what the Egyptian template does. It allows the person to switch bodies wiht their killers.
  • A grieving father hires Harry believing that his daughter's ghost is still around. When that proves to be true Harry investigates and when Murphy gets involved things become personal.

    This was an excellent episode for its story and for the light it cast on the character relationships. We see Bob caring for Harry's well being and Harry's willingness to risk himself to save Murphy by dabbling in the black. Egyptian angle that was used in this episode was refreshing and inspiring.
    Moment Harry and Murphy shared at the end of the episode left me wondering if something will happen between them and somehow wishing for it, because the spark is there and all it needs is a little gasoline before it bursts into flames. Harry's denial of anything out of the ordinary happening and Murphy's I don't believe it look along with the "Please don't ever lie to me again." sentence really spiced things up. It's obvious that there's an mutual attraction between them but will it be explored... Well, we'll just have to keep watching!
  • This is really starting to come along nicely. We see a bit more of the relationship between Murphy and Harry which is a big part of the books and Bob is growing on me.

    This is really starting to come along nicely. We see a bit more of the relationship between Murphy and Harry which is a big part of the books and Bob is growing on me. Nice bit of character development and while this series is a lot different from the books some things are very similar. Harry gets beaten up yet again, he doesn't tell Murphy everything and he and Bob seem to work.

    As I said before, this series has potential and I think there is a lot more to come. Better I think to draw us in gently rather than blow us away and then leave us dissapointed when it doesn't do that every week.
  • Interesting episode!!!

    This episode was actually better than the last one...I was about to give up on this show, but this episode made me rethink it... Harry's help is asked by a Mr. Harding, who's daughter got killed in an armed robbery...The killer also died in a supposed accident...So Harry does his own investigation and he discovers that Boone, the killer had learned ancient Egyptian rituals in the prison and that he used those in order to transfer himself into other people's bodies...So when Boone gets hold of Murphy's body, Harry has to appeal to desperate measures in order to save his friend...This episode resembled more with the Poltergeist series and it proved to me that "The Dresden Files" can still become an excellent show... 8/10.
  • Not being a follower of the books (yet) I can say I liked this episode better than the pilot. Bob is kewl.

    Mr. Wizard is actually a clever guy. I was concerned that this was going to be Gilligan with super powers, but a few decades of practicing magic has helped Dresden use his brains as well.

    I particularly enjoyed how his friend? Bob the spirit, tried to talk him out of using the voodoo doll (wonder how that will play out later in the season?) even though he seems to make an effort not to care about him.

    The trick with the seal was a bit predictable, but still a smart way to twart a not-so-sart bad guy.

    Looking forward to next week.
  • While the Pilot showed us the world of Dresden, this episode revealed more about Dresden himself. Character development was touched upon and they did a decent job. However, the plot itself was only mildly interesting.

    I truly believe that this show has the potential to develop into something special, if given a chance.

    As with most first season episodes of any tv program, this show is still trying to find its stride. The characters definitely needs work, but that is to be expected. They did a pretty decent job in filling us in on the various conflicts Dresden faces in his line of work, and in his life.

    The exchange between Dresden and Bob in regards to the 'Dark Magic' he isn't supposed to dabble in seemed forced to me. The dialogues were explicitly written to tell the viewers about Dresden's shadowy background and hints of a more sinister side to him that is just lurking beneath the surface. It was pretty much spoon-fed to the audience and I wish they could have been more subtle about it.

    Still, at least we now know more about the character and the show can build on that. And with the 'hints' of sinister forces within Dresden, that could very well be put to good use farther on into the show's run. I would be very disappointed if they decide to exploit his character's dark side too soon, as I believe it would be more effective if we get a chance to know and care for him first and then see him fall.

    We learned little in regards to the other characters, but I do not begrudge the show for trying to establish the main character first.

    The story itself started off interestingly enough. I enjoyed the manifestation of the ghost; making Dresden see it all through her eyes and experience what she went through was very engaging. Though once the setting was moved on from the tragic father/daughter story, I lost interest fast. The interviews with the convict and billionaire was mediocre and served only to move the plot along. The reveal at the end was a twist, though one that has been done before in other scifi/fantasy shows. The resolution was an easy fix with no real thought into it. Again, that has been done, too.

    Overall, the episode served more as character development and the plot only used as filler content. While normally I would be delighted to have character development of any sort on my shows, this was poorly executed and I would rather it not have the main story of the killer on the loose, or perhaps picked a better plot.

    Still, I see real potential here and I will tune in again to see where they go with it.
  • bad one

    i didn't like this episode at all a complete failure comparing to the pilot..the story is very interesting the Egyptian nubas lock but how it was put together was kinda cheesy especially when that Boone character came out of Murphy at the end of the episode .. reminded me of Buffy and angel .. which don't fall under my favorite shows ..and since harry is a wizard he should be able to do more things especially when he was caught in that situation with Murphy and miller ..the protective bracelet shield ..doesn't quite cut it.. i hope the next episode is better .. :)
  • I wanted to like the episode, but found it a bit lacking. It was predictable and I guessed early on what the game was.

    I found out this week that SciFi is airing these episodes out of order, which explains a lot. Seems that last week's episode wasn't intended to be a pilot--that will come in late February.

    Frustrating, but not unexpected. They pulled the same stunt with Eureka. When will these networks ever learn?

    This week's episode stumbled a bit. It was too derivative. I'm not sure what it is with genre shows and having the second episode be one about some entity jumping from person to person, but the pattern holds true here. Angel did it, Torchwood did it and now Dresden Files.

    I think part of it was that every time they mentioned Anubis, I kept wondering where the Stargate team was. Were there no other ancient gods whose names we could have used?

    I wanted to like the episode, but found it a bit lacking. It was predictable and I guessed early on what the game was. I also found myself having issues with the differences between the novels and the show (esp. Harry's use of black magic here). But that is more a personal thing and I try not to hold it against the show. (The show is different and changes must be made...but I don't have to like all of them) It felt like more of a way to pass time until Battlestar came on and the Baltar plotline just blew this out of the water.

    The best part of the show was Bob. Terrance Mann steals every scene he's in as Bob. Let's hope we get more of him in the future.
  • Good Show Really looking Like a Long timer.

    Damn the Characters in this show just keep getting better and better man if i really wanted to i could pretty much watch this show a new episode for 48 hours striaght i mean its that good who ever said that the shows of today are lacking ( oh wait that was the old timers) they have no clue what they were talking about i have to say with plot lines like this one the dresden files could be the next supernatural i mean this is going to be a really good show as long as they can keep up the good story lines
  • This episode gives us more in-depth looks into each of the characters. We learn more about them, and it brings us more into their world.

    After the first episode we are given a second episode, which now gives us more character background. Where we didn't see enough of Murphy the first time, now we get to know her better. We see the relationship created between the Harry Dresden character, and the Connie Murphy character. Though we don't see enough of Bob in this episode, we do get the right dose of Murphy. The plot in this episode is great, and it makes you wonder til the very end. The addition of voodoo into the episode gives it the bonus of finally giving some real "magic" feeling. Up til then, I hadn't realized it was a real show about magic. Now I look forward every weekend for The Dresden Files. It sucks that we have to wait two weeks for the next. Dang, Super Bowl.
  • Dresden files has potential!

    For a new show, the most important thing is Character Development. No matter the plot, if the characters don't seem real and well developed, the show may be good, but not memorable. Dresden has potential in it's character development. I find myself wanting to know more about everyones past. In this episode we were able to see a slightly darker side of Dresden, even though he was turning that way to do the right thing. Overall I am excited about this show, it is refreshing and I will be tuning in next week to see what happens. :)
  • A very satisfying follow-up to the pilot. :)

    I loved this episode. I think the opening credits are incredibly cool, and I loved the suggestion that Bob was gonna head over and get jiggy with the girl ghost, despite seeming a little ... well, I don't know how to say it without sounding perjorative, but you know what I'm saying. More-than-usually light in the loafers for a ghost. ;)

    Harry is just so [i]cool[/i]. I like how he finds ghosts to be annoying. And this kind of storyline is always so wild because how can you stop beings that can transfer to other beings? I'm so glad Murphy escaped with her life and that Harry had to employ some actual cleverness to get this Boone gone.

    Since he knew he was going to try to transfer into him to get him to stop with the voodoo doll (I love that the voodoo doll actually worked -- those things can be so unreliable ;) ), and he knew what he was going to have to do to [i]get[/i] him to stop ...

    Nice misdirection. Much better than the "Here -- hold this for a second" from last week. :D

    I gotta say that the hockey stick I glimpsed in the opening credits was exactly the right attitude for this character and that seeing it made me happy on some sort of Freudian level.

    If the use of magick depletes his power, it'd be nice to see him power up in whatever way he does that.

    For this episode, however, I'd say that it was a nice story and a good case and an interesting resolve, and plenty different enough from other shows with similar storylines to be enjoyed on its own merits.

    Plus, as others have already pointed out, Egyptology is [i]cool[/i]. :)
  • This is a truly exciting show to watch!

    This episode was great with the mixing of ghosts and egyptian mythology. A ghost shows Harry what really happened to her, thus sending Harry to investigate the robbery and murder. He talks to Murphy, his police contact, to get some information, but unknowingly involves her in the mystery. Harry has to think fast and work fast to solve put a stop to the misdeeds of a dangerous criminal. His personal ghost, Bob, tries to advise Harry against his plan to save his friend, but cannot offer any other advice. In the end, Harry prevails and the day is saved. I will be waiting excitedly for the next installment.
  • This is a awesome series. I really love this show. I can't wait for the next show to come on.

    This show is really a great show. I like the excitement and the action. I am spell bound and don't want to leave the room during a commercial. The looks of this show is that it is going to be a success. Great episode. I would recommend this show to anyone that listened to me. This show is an up and coming show. I really like the action of the shows, and think that who ever came up with this was brillant, they saw an opening in the market and took advantage of it, and in my opinion they will be around for a long time. At least I hope so...
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