The Dresden Files

Season 1 Episode 9

The Other Dick

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2007 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

When Chicago PI Jim Brennan is murdered by supernatural means, Harry must team up with Brennan's assistant to find the murderer.

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  • The Other Dick

    The Other Dick was a superb episode of The Dresden Files and I enjoyed watching this episode because it had a good story, character development, and Claudia Black guest starring! It was fun to watch the story of this episode unfold as Harry and Liz tried to find out who murdered Jim. This episode didn't seem to have any contributions to larger story arcs but it was a great episode none the less. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • Great episode with some interesting scenes featuring Harry...

    I must say at first i didn't quite enjoyed this episode...But as the plot thickened and Harry enter in contact again with the supernatural events, i liked it a lot...Dresden in order to remain a consultant for the police must graduate a PI school..The teacher is killed ,and Harry decides to investigate...He uncovers the truth with the help of the teachers assistant, that supernatural elements are involved..He manages to vanquish them finally...This episode is an opportunity for one to see how developed the powers of Dresden..This guy managed to create a shield that prevented the explosion of the bomb to hit them...In another scene the same shield prevented him from getting shot...So great episode, with wonderful scenes.moreless
  • excellent! major improvement

    i can really say now .. that i don't wanna miss another episode because at this point i have formed a solid opinion .. now, i have to have a weekly dose of sci-fi/magic ..and the best show to provide that dose is the Dresden files and Harvey:P(harry).. this episode was way better than prior ones the fertility incubus jones was it?.. good stuff .. and seeing Dresden doing something to actually get a job thats really good ..P.I work will sure put everything he does in perspective..and working with Murphy wont be a problem for him thats good 2.moreless
  • An affair for the future?

    The plot didn't have as many turning points as other previous episodes, but for sure it was good. I guess nobody was expecting the Incubus when you had a conjunction of powerful energy lines, a clue to wizardry for sure.

    Also - forgive me her fans -, but this was the first time I saw Claudia Black and I must say she's really good and added a lot of comic moments to the episode. Hope she comes back.

    Finally, the down point was the fact Harry was too blatant with his powers in this episode. Probably this was a "Storm Front" consequence, but I liked more the way it used to be. His greatest skill was always his brains, not his hocus-pocus.

    Stay tuned!moreless
  • Harry investigates the murder of a fewllow P.I.

    After last week's one off that was Storm Front, this is more or less a return to the 'normal 'series', and it's not a bad return either.

    The original plot was well written and the introduction of the character of Liz was fun. She and Harry seemed like the odd couple, but it worked very well.

    It's great to see Harry use a bit more magic (compared to pre- Storm Front episodes) but not too much. I liked the bomb and hockey stick scene because it clearly showed that using magic takes effort, Harry was very tired after using his magic to control the explosion.

    Bob was back too, yes, definitely an above average episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Before Liz enters the room, Anya had inserted into the right part of Mrs. Jones' body an acupuncture needle. However, when Liz enters, the needle is not inserted anymore into the body of Mrs. Jones.

    • This episode marks the first time in which Dresden uses magic without a conduit — Harry changes the name on the door to "Liz Fontaine, PI" without any device or potion to do the spell, suggesting that his powers are very extensive.

    • Information on screen says Brennan's Office 9:22 a.m. however a clock in his office shows the time is actually 10:10 a.m.

  • QUOTES (36)

    • Harry: Some things come a lot easier to other people than they do to me. For example, money. I mean, spending it has never been a problem. Figuring out how to make it, well, always been the mystery.

    • Brennan: Harvey is right!
      Harry: Harry is right.
      Brennan: Harry? Who the hell is Harry?
      Harry: Never mind. Go on.

    • Liz: Mr Dresden. It's about your tuition. Your last two promises of payment have come and gone. You're going to have to leave the class.
      Harry: I just got an A.
      Liz: Not in accounting.

    • Harry: If I had a dollar for every time I've tripped over a body, had a gun pulled on me and watched Murphy kick for clues, I'd have more than enough money to pay for Brennan's P.I. class.

    • Murphy: She wants you arrested on suspicion of murder.
      Harry: Yeah, I deduced that… you know, almost being a graduate of Brennan's class and all.

    • Harry: So you're ruling out a disgruntled client or a vengeful cuckold?
      Murphy: I'm not ruling out anything... did you just say "cuckold"?

    • Murphy: Okay, Fontaine served time for embezzlement and fraud. She's been straight for five years, clean and sober for four... so she says.
      Harry: Okay, so if she pulled a gun on me, being a convicted felon, that would be a problem, right?
      Murphy: Did she pull a gun on you?
      Harry: No. Of course not. Just want to get my gun/felon rules straight, that's all.

    • Harry: "Bring peace if you can." That's what he said. Brennan was a good guy. Not good with names, but he didn't treat me like I'd crawled out from underneath some rock.

    • Bob: And the comely assistant with the rap sheet... she doesn't factor into this at all?
      Harry: Well, yeah, she thinks I killed the guy. I'd like to correct that impression.
      Bob: And how are her legs?
      Harry: Dishy.
      Bob: I rest my case.

    • Harry: I'm a good dick. Bad dick. Whatever you want. Huh?
      Liz: You could be bad dick.
      Harry: Okay.

    • Liz: You know what, Harvey? You can just get out of the car! (climbs into Harry's car)
      Harry: Hey. That's my car.
      Liz: Yeah, well, I'm driving.
      Harry: What?!
      Liz: Well, whatever. Look, trust me on this. (Harry looks unconvinced) It's a woman's intuition (Harry still unconvinced) Okay, I'll make a deal with you. If Felicity Jones isn't throwing her milkshake in the yard...
      Harry: What?!
      Liz:...I'll be happy to move on to one of your brilliant ideas.
      Harry: Fine.
      Liz: Yeah?
      Harry: Just one thing...
      Liz: What?
      Harry: My name isn't Harvey.
      Liz: It isn't?
      Liz: What is it?
      Harry: You're the detective...

    • Harry: Well, two hours and forty minutes, eleven clothing stores browsed and one purchase of trashy lingerie.
      Liz: Bet that made your day.
      Harry: Nah. It's not my style.

    • Harry: You know, I'll finish this off. It's fine.
      Liz: It's a fertility clinic. You go in there alone, you're gonna look even more freakish than you do right now. You gonna tell them you want to get pregnant?

    • Dr. Overland: Mr Fairburn, we'll get your prior records sent over but, in the meantime, let's get a current sample and see what's what. (Offers a reluctant Harry a specimen jar).
      Liz: (Taking jar from Dr Overland and holding it out to Harry) Get cracking.

    • Harry: When I cross a ley line, I can feel it in my bones. And my bones were telling me the trouble I was looking for was dead ahead.

    • Liz: Well, I did some research on Dr Overland and his little den of iniquity.
      Harry: Yeah? What did you find out?
      Liz: Let's talk about you first. Your real name is Harry and you claim to be a wizard?
      Harry: Yeah, guilty. Got the pictures?
      Liz: What does that mean?
      Harry: You know, it means "wizard".
      Liz: Wizard at what? Math? Cooking? I mean, we get all kinds of kooks in PI class but you're a first...
      Harry: Life, huh? Those are the pictures, right?
      Liz: You're changing the subject.
      Harry: I'm trying to.

    • Liz: How did you know we had to investigate that?
      Harry: I was just poking around.
      Liz: Yeah. You're not a wizard at lying, are you?

    • Harry: That is the, uh, tea expert.
      Liz: Ah.
      Harry: Bob...Liz. Liz...Bob.
      Bob: Pleasure.

    • Harry: It is time for you to drop the case and just... just stay safe.
      Liz: Safe?! There's no such thing, as safe! OK, there's alive, and there's dead. And anything in between is just dumb luck.

    • Bob: It's a doorway for incubae. Sexual tormenters who prey upon women. Seducing them, driving them mad with lust and desire. A deviant unbridled cornucopia of...of... carnal delight.
      Harry: In a fertility clinic? Come on.
      Bob: For an incubus, I can think of no better playground. Think of it. Desperate women yearning for fertile seed. Reproductive organs. Naked...
      Harry: Bob! Whoa whoa whoa whoa.

    • Harry: Just tell me... what did you find out about Overland?
      Liz: Oh. He had his license to practice medicine revoked by the state of California.
      (Harry and Bob look slightly confused)
      Liz: D'you know how bad you have to be for California to shut you down?

    • Harry: So, was Dr Overland an incubus? The fox in a hen house? It was time to take a little late night snoop around the chicken coop.

    • Liz: Hey.
      Harry: What?
      Liz: D'you have a spare hockey stick for me?
      Harry: No.
      Liz: Well, this'll have to do instead. (Pulls out a gun)
      Harry: You could get in serious trouble carrying that thing.
      Liz: Thanks, mom!

    • Harry: Hey, listen. If we do run into Overland, you gotta let me do the talking, okay?
      Liz: Why?
      Harry: Let's just say he has a way with women, all right?
      Liz: Blind, drunk women maybe...

    • Murphy: Why am I not arresting you for breaking and entering?
      Harry: Well, nothing's been broken and there are no posted hours, so...
      Murphy: You did the lock thing.
      Liz: You should have seen him earlier when he did the hockey stick thing!
      Murphy: (To Harry) Got a fanclub…

    • Liz: You know, why don't you skip on back to La Traviata and let us handle it from here?
      Murphy: You're gone!
      Liz: Fine.
      Murphy: She's your problem, Dresden. You keep her off this and away from me.
      Harry: Yeah.
      Liz: You know, it is a free country!
      Murphy: Not if you're in jail… but then you know that already. Don't you?
      Liz: Let's go, Harry.
      Murphy: Go on, Harry, before she takes another yank at your leash.
      Harry: Can you just be nice?!
      Murphy: No. Go home so I know where to find you if I have any questions.

    • Liz: I don't think I understand what happened here. Do I want to?
      Harry: No.

    • Liz: It's a pretty tough job if I can't use a gun. You sure you can't spare one of those killer hockey sticks?
      Harry: Yeah, I'm positive.

    • Liz: I want a beer. You got a beer?
      Harry: What? I thought you were...
      Liz: I'm on the wagon! I can still want a beer... I'm just not gonna drink it.
      Harry: Okay, so... what do you want me to do, just put it right next to you?
      Liz: Not unless you want me to drink it.
      Harry: I do not want you to drink it. Can I get you a class of water instead?
      Liz: Sure.

    • Liz: (referring to Anya) Maybe she figured out that Brennan was tailing Mrs Jones. Anya and Mrs Jones were having an affair?! And Overland threatened to expose them! Does Mr Jones know that his wife, his gorgeous wife is batting for the other team with a murderous needle jabber?!

    • Bob: (Shouting over the noise of Harry running water from the tap) Harry, it's bad!
      Harry: Bob, there is nothing wrong with Chicago tap water! The bottled stuff is all marketing...
      Bob: Not the water, the situation.

    • Liz: Well, he's a piece of work.
      Harry: Who? Dr Overland?
      Liz: Dr Overly-Grabby!

    • Dr Overland: Hello again.
      Harry: Hi.
      Dr Overland: Mission accomplished?
      Harry: You know, I really wasn't feeling that... motivated.
      Dr Overland: Well, we offer lots of assistance in that regard – magazines, DVDs...
      Harry: It's okay, no. I'm actually more of a sculpture kinda guy. You know, just... so, uh, you know, maybe next time. (To Liz) Shall we?

    • Liz: You're right. She's not having an affair. She's trying to get pregnant and that lemon-sucking husband of hers is not wanting anyone to know that he's shooting blanks.

    • Harry: Felicity Jones had walked into a cluster of ley lines. Clusters… those are never good.

    • Liz: (Looking at pictures of the Jones' house) What style do you call that? Early American Creepy?

  • NOTES (0)


    • Harry: Keeping Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, from throwing me out on my ass...
      Referencing the 1975 soft-porn S&M exploitation movie, Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS. Dyanne Thorne plays the title character, who tortures female prisoners and forces the male prisoners to have sex with them and kills them once they successfully finish.

    • Murphy: Fine. (To Liz) You're Nancy Drew. (To Harry) Which Hardy are you?

      Murphy makes reference first to Nancy Drew - the fictional heroine detective of a popular series of mystery books. The series and character were created in 1930 by Edward Stratemeyer, founder of the Stratemeyer Syndicate, with the first manuscripts written by Mildred A. Wirt Benson. The Stratemeyer Syndicate was known for publishing book series using one invented author's name for all books, no matter who wrote them. In the case of Nancy Drew, the name Carolyn Keene was chosen.

      Over 200 million Nancy Drew books have been sold worldwide. Many people collect the series, which has gone through several formats over the years. The books have been in print continuously since 1930. However, starting in the 1960s, many of the early titles were revised or changed completely to eliminate outdated references such as "roadsters," "running boards," and "rumble seats," and to make Nancy and her friends more identifiable with contemporary readers. All titles currently in print are known as "revised text", except the original series reprints by Applewood Books. Nancy Drew was depicted as an independent-minded teenager, usually sixteen, but gradually aging to eighteen by the mid 1940s (this was changed when the original books were later revised; she is always eighteen) who has graduated from high school.

      Murphy also refers to Harry as a "Hardy", referencing The Hardy Boys, a popular series of detective/adventure books for boys (also created by the Stratemeyer Syndicate) chronicling the fictional adventures of teenage brothers Frank and Joe Hardy. The original Hardy Boys series was produced between 1927 and 1979 under the pen name Franklin W. Dixon. The Hardy Boys are brother amateur detectives. Frank Hardy is the elder of the two and has dark hair. Joe Hardy is the younger, has blond hair, and blue eyes. The stories are an unaging series as, despite their hundreds of adventures totaling far more than a year, they are always 17 and 18 years old.

    • Fontaine: (to Harry) Okay, David Blaine, why don't you pull a rabbit out of your—

      David Blaine is a famous street magician.