The Dresden Files

Season 1 Episode 11

Things That Go Bump

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Things That Go Bump

    Things That Go Bump was a perfect and very entertaining episode of The Dresden Files and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of magical action, some drama, and plenty of intrigue surrounding Ancient Mai. It was great to see Mai and the other storm into Harry's for sanctuary and I really like Mai's defense spell. This episode really catapulted the series into a higher echelon of Sci Fi goodness and I wish the series would have had more seasons. It was awesome to learn more about the true nature of Ancient Mai, though it was only implied and inferred. I look forward to the next and final episode!!!!!!!!!
  • A most terrifying episode!!!

    Man this episode was like a horror one...Harry is relaxing when Murphy comes followed by Mai and Morgan...The later were hiding in Harry's house from a spell..It appears the house has been linked to the other world, with the intention to destroy all...With some great deductions, Harry manages to find out who is behind this and with the help of Mai they manage to vanquish it...The scenes when a fog enters the room are spectacular...Also this episode is an opportunity to see Harry for the first time crying, when he sees his dead father...This show is getting better and better.
  • Awesome!

    That word alone hardly does this episode justice. But, that's how I felt about it. People with a killer in their midst, while trapped in an isolated location, has been a staple of most mystery novels and cop shows since Agatha Christie's "And, Then, There Were None." But, this is the first time I've ever seen it used in a fantasy adventure series. And, the episode's writers did it, brilliantly. I never suspected Murphy was a shapeshifting counterfeit! In fact, I initially thought Amber was the traitor, as she was the one whose suggested counterspell would have required a human sacrifice. Masterful piece of misdirection! My only complaint, however, is Ancient Mai's ingratitude. Harry's surname is Dresden! He's only half-Morningway, on his mother's side. And, I suspect that her "dangerous ideas" were more egalitarian--towards us mere mortals--than her brother Justin's. That is; if I'm right with regard to some of wizard-kind wanting to come out of the magical closet. Then, again, if Harry's hunch is correct (and I've suspected from prior glimpses that she's a were-reptile, of some kind), then Mai probably sees all ambitious humans as being alike. Last, but not least: if the were-dragon that disguised itself, as Murphy, really was sort of a hired killer, then its employers are still out there, somewhere. Namely, Uncle Justin's co-conspirators. And, I think that's what Harry's mother was trying to warn him about, via his father's ghost. *Come on! Who else could be the "she" be that Mr. Dresden was referring to?*
  • Good episode...

    This is only the second episode of the Dresden Files that I have seen and I really like it, it is one of my new favorite shows. These other wizards that don't like Harry come to him for help because something is chasing them. It turns out that a dragon was impersonating Murphy. The shot of the Dragon was pretty cool. Harry's house was basically it was sucked into hell. It is really cool how Harry's wizard staff is a hockey stick. Bob is really funny to. I think Harry should tell Murohy that he is a wizard she is probably going to find out sooner or later and if she does find out she might be mad at him for not telling her. This episode was really awesome I can't wait until this show comes out on DVD. Later...
  • Death is all around them and Murphy is learning more about Dresden than the Council would like....or is she? Great episode.

    I thought the first 3 eps of Dresden Files were a bit ordinary, but the premise intrigued me so I've kept watching.

    The last couple of episodes and this one have proven that was a good call.

    This show just keeps getting better and better...and I'm actually starting to like the characters, which I didn't at first - well, except Bob of course, he's great.

    I'm not sure what the council have to be so superior about. They keep making digs at Harry, but it strikes me they are an arrogant compassionless bunch with precious few morals.

    I was waiting for Harry to say "....and yet, you come to me for help" each time Morgan or Mai would slight him.

    I look forward to more episodes with background to Harry and his wizarding world.
  • When Murphy came and then became a drake in desguise.

    When Murphy came and ask to get in to Harry place that should of been a tip of to Harry but it was not. Then Mai and Morgan showed for protection then they were engulfed in darkness that Mai was control to protect her self. When he figures out that Murphy was the drake in desguise when that came out the colpret started to shot fire balls out of its mouth that were green which hit Mai in the first place. So this is when harry figures out that the darkness which move them in to hell Mai is controlling so he makes Mai sicker by doing this the drake is pulled in to the darkness of hell then when Mai wakes up Harry insisting that Mai may be a drake that why in came after in you I think it is true.
  • A well-plotted episode that revealed much about the characters, especially Dresden

    I just started really watching Dresden Files during the last couple of weeks, so I’m still picking up on the characters and the Dresden universe. But I found this a compelling episode, particularly as it comes right upon the heels of “What About Bob?”, which I also liked a great deal.

    I think Alipeeps wrote a very insightful review of the episode, and at this point, I have no big thoughts to add to the analysis. But I did want to note a couple of points.

    1. There’s a nice bit of foreshadowing at the beginning, when Harry is doing his exercises. In shots of him, and of him and the doorway with “Murphy” standing there, off to Harry’s left is a dragon sculpture.

    2. Bob’s interaction with “Murphy” leads me to believe that, in his day, he must have been quite the gallant with the ladies.
  • A thought-provoking episode that is as much about Harry and his rather lonely existence as it is about the drama and danger of the magical threat.

    Another solid, enjoyable episode. Lots of disparate threads coming together in this story, touching upon many subjects that have previously been mentioned/hinted at, from Harry's past and his reputation and standing with the High Council, to his relationships with both Murphy and Bob, Murphy's reluctance to acknowledge the reality of magic and Harry's world, Bob's own dark past and the ambiguous nature of Ancient Mai.

    The core of the episode is, as ever, Harry and the view we get of him this week is a melancholy one; a man who is truly alone, mistrusted by his peers, misunderstood by his friend, his family gone and his only long-lasting relationship with an intangible ghost. A man with a good heart who has made mistakes in the past and who will forever be judged by his past actions, his motives doubted. The reality of the High Council's attitude to Harry is a sobering one - the Council's "usual suspect", new Wardens are taught to suspect and doubt him, regarding him as an example of a what a wizard should not be.

    The twist in the tale regarding Murphy in this episode is a telling one.. his friendship with her is marred because he cannot share with her the truth of the world he inhabits. He is forced to lie to her and those lies are a constant barrier between them. In this episode Murphy is finally exposed to the truth about Harry and everything he has had to lie to her about... the one small spark of brightness in the portrayal of Harry's relationships in this episode being that finally he can be honest with Murphy and regain the friendship that they shared... and then finally, brutally, we find that it was never Murphy and at the end of the episode Harry is as alone as ever, his friendship with Murphy still shaky, her understanding of him as limited as ever. The plot was an interesting one, playing out almost as a whodunnit as Harry and Bob sought to find the traitor amongst them even as Harry and Morgan searched for a way out of the trap. The encroaching darkness, coupled with the fact that the entire episode takes place within Harry's apartment lends the events a tense, claustrophobic atmosphere.

    Some delightful touches in the episode include, as ever, the wonderful banter between Harry and Bob and the touching scenes where Bob risks his - life? death? soul? - to help Harry.. and Harry's obvious concern and affection for him and his fear of losing him. Paul Blackthorne's portrayal both of Harry's distress over the possible loss of Bob and his visceral, painful reaction to seeing his long-dead father are poignant and exquisitely drawn. The special effects were for the most part good, though the dragon could perhaps have used a little more work, but for the most part the denouement of the mystery and the resolution take second place to this episode's depiction of Harry's relationships with the people around him. The editing was used to good effect in this episode with the usual voiceover technique given the added element of being combined with scattered "flashbacks" to help tell the story from Harry's viewpoint. Overall, a very enjoyable, well thought out addition to the Season.
  • Who's the enemy?

    What would you do if trapped inside your own house with a lot of unknown wizards, a sceptical police officer, two acquaintances who dislike you and a merry little ghost? Specially if one of those is the one responsible for the trap and very much wants everybody else dead?

    Well, Harry certainly can answer that question now.

    The best thing about this episode was the detective line of thought it obliged the audience to have. And if you want special effects in "The Dresden Files" you certainly will like this one, too.

    But I must admit I was tricked. I thought Bob was the responsible or rather the "thing" I thought came back in his place. Murphy was a good suspect to discard among so many other subjects, but I should have remembered one of her initial lines, the one making allusion to "The Usual Suspects". Right in front of our eyes all the time...

    Another good thing is the ending scene. Harry may have saved everyone's life, but Ancient Mai sure as hell still wants his head. And Harry being Harry even goes as far as acusing her of not being human.

    All in all, memorable episode. Simple and not original script, but very effective nonetheless.

    Stay tuned! Next week is time for our season finale. :(
  • Unexpected Visitors

    Personally, I hate people who just "show up" - it's rude and annoying - just like Ancient Mai and her band of grumpy-gusses. Is there ANYONE in the so-called White Council who's pleasant to be around?

    They blow into Harry's place with evil on their tail. Situation is made more awkward by the presence of "Murphy". The building gets literally moved into the death zone (not the "The Dead Zone" - different show.) Everything works out thanks to some "help" from "Murphy".

    What can you say about this episode - Mai almost gets them all killed because she wants to make sure her attacker doesn't make it either. Morgan is his usual charming self. Their new helper chick seems to suffer from the same disease.

    Excuse me - these are the GOOD guys? With friends like these, who needs ... well, you know the rest.
  • I have watched most of The Dresden Files in one block, and out of all the episodes this one is the strongest. Harry's place in his world is strengthened.

    The Dresden Files is a fun B+ show, nicely mysterious, a little occultish and even though some very nasty things happen it feels lighter that it could be. Maybe it's the magic, maybe I'm just looking for something to replace Buffy, something that doesn't take itself too seriously, but this show fills a gap that no other show currently does.

    This particular episode has Dresden, Bob, Morgan, Murphy, Ancient Mai, Amber and Wallace trapped in Dresden's place, surrounded by darkness of death. They need to co-operate to figure out who among them is the traitor, to save Mai and return themselves to safety.

    Accusations fly back and forth, images of the dead appear, and the enemy within turns out to be a surprise.

    What I like about this episode, was the character interaction, the character development, it felt like everyone had moved forward by the end.
  • Harry has to help Morgan and Ancient Mai fight the Darkness.

    Another great episode. Excellent script and fine performances from the actors involved. More background information about Harry and his history with the council is revealed. Revealed to Murphy even, who, as it turns out, is not Murphy at all, but we only find that out later on in the episode.

    This episode was another showcase of the great relationship between Bob and Harry and despite their differences it seems as if the relationship between Harry and Morgan is improving as well. The implying, or was it infering, at the end of the episode was a nice twist and it will be interesting to see whether that is followed up on.

    At some point in the show though, someone, i.e. Harry, has to explain things to Murphy.