The Dresden Files

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2007 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Bob is at Harry's place and a woman comes in asking for Harry. Bob tells her that Harry not in, but he can help her just as well as Harry. The woman tells Bob that he must speak to Harry only and that Bob can't help him. She leaves the shop. Harry sees the woman walking away crying and walks off and turns back and shouts out "are you okay. She pauses before being hit and run over by a car. Harry gets a glimpse of the driver but can't make out his face because there's a second ghostly one overlaid on top of it. As Harry checks her out, he discovers that she's wearing a fraternity pin.

Harry goes back at his place and Murphy questions Harry about what just happened and if he remembers what he looked like. Murphy shows Harry some of Raychelle's belonging and in it there an ad for Harry services and a picture of some guy with the name "Caleb" written next to it. Sid arrives and tells her that they found the car and they go and investigate.

The car been stolen from a rental agency and smells of alcohol inside. There are no fingerprints on the wheel or doors. Harry has a look in the vehicle and spots something he thinks is animal fat. Back at Harry's place, Bob is upset that he didn't do his best to make Raychelle stay and wait for Harry rather than being killed. Harry reassures Bob that he's not useless and he comes in handy at times. Bob asks Harry if he saw the driver. Harry tells Bob that there may have been two drivers but he can't be sure. Bob suggests that it could be magic involved: two entities in one body.

Bob notices Harry got a message on his phone and when Harry plays back the message, it's Raychelle. The message states that she seen some things and hopes Harry not a fake, and she's coming over to see him but she was killed before she could actually talk to Harry.

Harry decides to go to the college Raychelle was studying at and finds Caleb at the fraternity's party, accompanied by his friends Brady Whitfield and Carson Harris. He tells Harry that his name is Dante not Caleb. He takes Harry to his room and tells him that Raychelle was his girlfriend. Harry tells him that she was killed on her way to see a private investigator. Harry asks him if he knows anyone by the name Caleb, he says no. Harry ask him where was he when Raychelle was killed. He tells Harry that he was at the hospital with his mom who had a stroke that she can't talk and they are trying to teach her how to eat again. They don't have enough money to keep her at the hospital. He tells Harry that Raychelle was popular and that no one would want her dead.

Harry arrives at Raychelle's apartment and he searches for clues as to why she was killed. Someone attacks Harry from behind and Harry fights him off as he tries to take a bracelet or a necklace from Raychelle apartment. He runs into a closet and there is a bright red light before he disappears.

Harry talks to Mrs. Shankar she believes Harry robbed her shop and stole the jewelry. Harry explains that he found it during an investigation and wants some information. Harry then calls in Morgan, Warden of the High Council, and tells him that thousands of dollars' worth of jewelry have been stolen in the past few nights with no alarms triggered and no sign of forced entry. Morgan tells Harry that he doesn't know what he's up against and advises him not to be a hero.

Harry goes to the police station and Murphy tells him that Carson and Brady come from very powerful families that he should back down. Harry asks if they found Caleb and Murphy says she hasn't. The rental company can't understand how the keys were stolen - no forced entry – and they think it was an inside job. She tells Harry not to harass Carson or Brady as there could be consequences.

Harry believes that Carson and Brady are involved and go to his place. That night he goes to their fraternity and takes out a jar with three wasps inside. He opens the jar and places the wasps in his ear for a few seconds then on his eye before releasing them. He sees everything the wasps see and hears. Harry sees Carson, Brady, and Dante playing with all stuff they stole recently. Dante is upset that Raychelle dead but one of them confides in him that it was an accident he should get on with his life. Brady sees one of the wasps and kills it, but there are two more and Harry can still hear everything. They suggest that they try and rob a bank. They tell Dante that it will be their last job and that they will have enough money, and Dante can take care of his sick mother. They leave the house and Harry follows them.

Harry arrives outside the bank and again there a bright red light and you hear a gunshot. One of them drops a severed hand and shouts to Carson. They run into the car and leave. Harry walks towards the bank and see the money on the floor and Carson ripped in half without his legs.

In the morgue, Butters Murphy that Carson was pounded to death, probably by a sledge hammer. Murphy asks Harry why he was at the bank. He says he was following them but he got there too late to find out who killed Carson. He asks if they found anything in the autopsy and whether the other half was inside a bank vault. Harry also asks whether Carson was sick and Murphy tells him that his organs were failing him.

Back at Harry's place, Harry talks to Bob about a severed human hand covered in a towel with animal fat. Bob tells Harry to check his uncle's book, which shows that it's a Hand of Glory, made from the severed hand of a dead thief that allows the user to walk through walls if you have enough power. The spirit of the Hand exploits pain and loss and makes them steal, and Harry figures that the spirit, Caleb, is feeding on the students.

Harry goes to Brady's home and talks to his mother. She tells him that she hasn't heard from him in a while and she has heard about what happened to Carson. Harry tells her that he investigating the death of Raychelle, Dante friend. She felling uncomfortable with all the questions and asks Harry to leave. Harry notices a lot of artifacts and asks where she got the collection. She tells him it was her husbands. Harry asks if he had a severed hand in his collection but she doesn't answer and threatens to call the police if Harry doesn't leave.

Dante is at the hospital talking to his comatose mother, telling her he is going to take care of her now that they have a lot of money. Harry arrives and questions Dante, and tells him that he dying and that Caleb killed his girlfriend. Dante doesn't believe him and leaves.

Harry goes back to his place and sees Brady, who tries to kill Harry with an axe. Caleb speaks through his possessed host, telling Harry to leave Brady and Dante alone or he will kill them. Harry asks Brady to give him the Hand but he refuses. Harry tells him that every time he uses the Hand, he is getting weaker and Caleb is getting strong, and he won't stop until Brady is dead. Brady ignores him and tries to kill Harry with the axe, but has to escape through the wall using the Hand.

Brady's mother arrives at Harry's place and tells him that the Hand is missing. Harry tells her the Hand is making her son very sick and asks her how she got the hand. She thought it was a fake and disgusting, but her husband wanted it. Mrs. Whitfield tells Harry that her husband died three years ago while holding the Hand, and that Brady found it. One day he brought Dante over, and when Dante touched the hand, it glowed.

Brady and Dante rob a store and got $200, and Brady wants to go somewhere else and get more money. Dante tells him he need to rest and that Harry may be right Brady falls down and dies, and Dante grabs the Hand and tries to throw it away. Caleb influences him to keep it and makes Dante walk off.

Back at Harry's place, the wizard tells Bob that Caleb is getting stronger each time the Hand is used, and soon enough he will be free when he has enough power. Harry asks Bob how to kill Caleb. Bob asks how Harry would kill him and Harry says that he would smash his skull. Bob tells Harry that he has to find the Hand and smash it into pieces. Murphy calls and tells Harry that Brady is dead, and Harry goes out to find Dante.

Dante is at a hospital and is stealing medicine. Harry finds him stealing and Dante threatens to kill him. Harry tells him that Caleb is a murderer and that even though he is dead, he is still killing and using Dante to come back. Dante runs off using the Hand to pass through walls and Harry chases and finally locates him. The wizard tells Dante that he has to be strong and fight it. Dante gives the Hand to Harry but the Hand grabs Harry and Caleb "comes out," manifesting in a body made of tallow. Harry and Caleb fight, but the wizard can't hurt the tallow creature. He throws his wand at Caleb, piercing his chest, but Caleb takes it out, unharmed. Harry then throws a fireball, transforming the tallow creature into nothing.

Harry is at hospital and tells Dante to confess to all the crimes. He can say that Brady and Carson figured how to hack security systems and break in. Dante tells Harry that he will go to jail, but Harry tells him Morgan will take care of everything for him. Morgan arrives and tells Dante that he resisted the Hand, and as long as he has talents, the High Council can use someone like him. Harry tells him that he set this up for Raychelle, and that everyone makes mistakes.

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