The Dresden Files

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Walls


    Walls was a perfect episode of The Dresden Files and I really enjoyed watching this episode because the story was pretty good and unique. It was an interesting spell with a dead thief's hand which allowed the young men to walk through walls, but there was a high price to pay. The special effects were great, the acting was good, and over all this was a very entertaining episode. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!

  • Very original and exciting episode

    This was a very enjoyable episode, mainly due to the story, which i found very original...Harry is visited by a student when he is not at home, and the student gets killed by a car...So Dresden decides to get involved, and he discovers a very interesting situation...3 students use an antique hand to commit robberies...But the soul in this hand uses them , and step by step 2 students die...Only one manages to escape, and is powerful enough to survive, and Harry takes care of the spirit, named Caleb...This was another opportunities for seeing memorable scenes, such as the one when Dresden uses some bugs to find out about the intentions of the thieves, and the on when Harry manages to kill the wax spirit.
  • Harry steps out and watches a girl die by a hit and run driver infront of his eyes..

    Harry Dresden is shocked, he has just witnessed a hit and run..a beautiful girl has just been run over and he is a witness. but is he???he thinks he saw two people using the same body...driving the same car..( is that possible.?)
    He later finds out that the dead women had an appointment with him...she was worried,.she spoke to Bob...well i didnt think anyone could see bob...but hey...she leaves and that is when she gets hit by the car and Harry witnesses it.
    Harry feels responsible and decides to take on the case ..of course Bob there is no money in it.
    And so it begins
  • In this episode, Harry has to discover a serial bank robber.

    In this episode, Dresden is freaked out over a that was killed in front of his eyes, before she was supposed to see him for an appointment. She was killed bya serial bank robber that just happens to be dead but is contrling three college students. She was killed because hse was going to talk to Dresden bout stopping the boys from robbing another store and bank. One of the boys is her boyfriend, the other boys just happen to be boys from very prominent families. The dead girl's boyfriend is only allowing the hand of the robbers to control him because he needs the money for his mother because she is in the hospital. The hand is made of wax and it grows stronger each time they use it to rob stores and banks.
  • Another interesting episode.

    Harry comes across a bunch of young students who are also theives thanks to the severed hand of a dead theif who allows them to walk through walls at the cost of their health and ultimately their very lives.

    Not all of the theives are in it for attention, one boy is using the money to help pay the hospital bills for his mother. Harry tracks the kids down and tries to get them to stop using the hand, but it seems the spirit of the theif is still inside it and has a strong hold on the boys who use it, slowly draining their life in order to come back to life himself. When all but the boy who wants to help his mother have been killed by it, the boy manages to resist the dark pull of the magic and destroys it. Morgan later offers the boy a job with the High councel since he can resist darkness and the boys mother is beginning to heal. All in all it was a happy ending.

    This was a rather good episode. There was magic and good special effects. Not my favorite episode but a good one none the less.
  • Information, lots of important information.

    I finally had the time to watch the episode - this time it only took four painful days! - and, I don't know, maybe due to some kind of unconscious trick created by the low response the community gave to the episode I was expecting a bad one, but found a good episode instead.

    There's certainly some things that didn't interested me or didn't feel right like the cliché that students everywhere are toying with the occult arts because they have tedious lives. Also, Bob's lines were very few and didn't have any impact or satiric side. Plus, Bob's annoyed behaviour just because he couldn't touch things in the beginning of the episode wasn't verisimilar if you remember he's a ghost with over 1000 years. The lamest point was the wax villain, though.

    Nevertheless, there are certainly some very good things also, like Dresden and Morgan dialogues for example. For the first time, Dresden reveals the grudge he has with the High Council, and not only he does that, Morgan reveals more about their involvement in Colm's, Dresden's father, death.

    All in all, some turning points, some new informations added to the mythology and a new character to be brought back in the future, so filler it can't be called by a fair margin. It just isn't as good as the last ones.

    Stay tuned!
  • Raychelle Banton died in front of Harry, the police classified it as a hit and run but Harry knows it's something more because he saw the driver and it seemed like there were 2 people in the driving seat at the same time.

    This episode deepens all of the characters from the show. We see Bob's anguish of being a ghost trapped inside a skull and unable to influence the "real" world. Harry's pain over losing his father and the bitterness he feels towards the High Council for not helping him. We see Murphy's disappointment in Harry and the growing mistrust she has for him because he, in her opinion, lies to her and always has answers to the questions she can't answer and he never tells her how he got them. We see more of Harry's nature as a goodhearted man when he selflessly helps Dante. I believe that Morgan shows a sort of respect for Harry's beliefs although reluctantly. All in all another great episode of a great show, there were no demons, vampires or werewolves in this one but it truly captured the essence of the characters that Jim Butcher envisioned and that we've all grown to love.
  • Harry meets a couple of magical thieves.

    I thought this episode was very well written. A bit darker than the other episodes so far, I think.

    Also, finally, we get to see Harry use his wizard fire although there's no shouting FUEGO, which was a pity. Contrary to the books, it also seems as if Harry has much more control over his fire magic. It was a direct fire 'lance' rather than a general fire flame. Not a bad change from the books, just different.

    The special effect in this episode were quite good too, the face-in-a-face especially in the car scene was very well done.

    It's also nice to see that Harry's morality is still intact. Dante did cooperate with the other thieves, but Harry's moral judgement (stealing for attention versus stealing to pay for you mother's hospital bills) meant that he considered him worth saving (plus he was almost hired to do this anyway).
  • A worthy episode

    Terence Mann as Bob has been understated so far. In this episode, his character grows and we start to feel how he is trapped. For Harry, those little monologues did it for me. It reminds me of why I liked the old Kolchak series. The writing and the special effects were cheesy, but Darrin McGavin's character made the show, especially his voice overs and monologues. Dresden has better writing and effects, but it is Blackthorne that ties it together. There is something about "Walls" that reminds me of the fun times I had when I was a kid and always waited for Kolchak.
  • Harry and his drumstick do it again.

    I've said it before and I'm "saying" it again - every new show has to be given at least 5-10 episodes to reach its own cruising speed. Dresden Files is getting there nicely.

    If you step back and look at this episode, not a great deal happened. Some kids were into something, some people die, Harry finds a way out of the mess. (In case you're wondering, I'm trying not to spoiler the episode for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.) But, there's more to an episode that just what happened.

    As with the last few episodes, this one adds depth to the Harry Dresden "mythos" - subtly and quietly. Each of the major characters are showing more of themselves - we're getting to know them better and, by extension, their actions become less of a surprise. It's that ... connectedness ... that defines good drama - be it a wizard in Chicago, a slayer in Sunnydale or, frankly, Heathcliffe standing on the moors looking for Cathy.
  • Now I have enjoyed this series on a whole but this is the best episode I have seen so far and it’s all about Bob.

    Now I have enjoyed this series on a whole but this is the best episode I have seen so far and it’s all about Bob. Some times it’s the little things that make an episode. Yes the story was good and the acting above par (with the exception of the actress that played Raychelle, who seemed a little wooden) and the special effects were appropriate. But it was Bob that really made the episode. Granted Bob was such a small part in the episode but you could feel the bitterness as he smiled while speaking about how easy it would be to be destroyed. Every time you see Terrence Mann in a scene he is a joy to watch, but in this episode he really shines. The episode also has a great closing scene. Harry monologue about walls as he walked down the hall was a perfect ending to the episode. If only every episode were this good.