The Dresden Files

Season 1 Episode 10

What About Bob?

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 2007 on Syfy

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  • What About Bob?

    What About Bob? was a perfect episode of The Dresden Files and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of action, drama, intrigue, flashbacks, and new allegations. It was great to learn more about Harry's past with his father and his uncle. This was a fun to watch episode because Murphy was having a hard time dealing with what happened and has been super suspicious of Dresden since, Dresden deals with his past, and Bob makes important decisions. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Adventurous episode with unexpected turns of event...

    This episode is rather different from its predecessors... The characters are somewhat changed from the behaviour point of view...Murphy is shown as an insecure woman, who takes pills to try and feel better...She is staled by nightmares...Harry has a relation with a woman that goes bad and results in the disappearance of Bob's skull...When he investigates he finds out that his "dead" uncle is behind this...This episode reveals Dresden as being behind the death of his uncle, thus making him a murderer...Bob is freed from his skull to help with the revival of Harry's uncle but Bob remains loyal to Harry...I found very interesting the flashbacks from Harry's past...Its interesting that though he killed a man he didn't sticked to black magic.
  • The truth about Harry Dresden's past becomes clearer as he searches for Bob.

    This episode was absolutely amazing! It is definitely one of the best Dresden Files episodes of the season. Morgan’s feelings for Dresden were shown when he found out Bob went missing. I love how the show portrays Bob as a spirit able to leave the skull, because it makes the show so much more interesting with him as an active character.

    Harry has started to be more truthful around Murphy. By the end of the episode, he was able to tell her the truth about both his father and his uncle’s deaths. He also told her the nightmares she’d been having were all true and she did witness someone killing himself right in front of her. I really hope the relationship between Murphy and Dresden grows stronger. They are an excellent team.
  • Fantastic, Bob, Coppers!!!

    Wow, I can't believe this eppy. It was sooo fantastic!!!! I was really expecting Bob to go the distance with his mortality. I'm so happy that he's more loyal than that. I expect that the High Council will eventually give him Reprieve and allow him to finally Rest In Peace. I'm getting a little sick and tired of the Unbeliever ... AKA ... Lil Miss POLICIA!!!! Get a grip woman, quit taking the happy happy sleepy pills and realize that there's more out there than RULES and regulations ... Which were MEANT to be broken or at least bent by the WAY!!! I do have to say ... Her character though could be moved in so many directions, what if she has latent powers herself ... that she's using and doesn't know it? In anycase ... another fantastic eppy from the writers and producers. I am looking into collecting the books that this series is based on!!!
  • Finally Bob says a little more! I loved this episode, it had me laughing and gripping the edge of my seat - basically, it rocked. Can't wait for the next one!

    Harry gets tied up and drained of powers.....? Interesting... Loved the scene, loved the series, loved ... everything!!! Not much more i can say... keep 'em coming!

    But... as a review has to be a min of 100 words, i can't help but go on a little. Bob was great, always had me guessing what he was up too and for that i was thankful, i hate when your able to guess every little thing thats going to happen! Secondly, I liked how the focus was on Harry's past, it was just a matter of time that an episode was about it. Overall - Loved: Worshiped: Enjoyed: Watched THIS Episode AGAIN And AGAIN And AGAIN...
  • Bob is stolen... and the truth about Harry's past and his uncle's death is finally revealed. Without Bob and with his friends seeming to turn against him, Harry must face a dangerous enemy alone..

    This is the episode we have been waiting for - the twin threads of both Harry's and Bob's mysterious pasts coming together in a culmination of both storylines.

    So much is revealed in this episode - we finally get to see the full details of what happened between Harry and his uncle five years ago. We find out what happened to Harry's father and how he first met Bob. Heck, we even find out Bob's full name!

    This episode is very much about the characters involved - both Harry and Bob. We learn a lot more about Bob and it was a joy to see Terrence Mann given chance to flex his acting muscles with some real meaty material for Bob. His portrayal of "evil Bob", heartlessly sacrificing Harry for his own ends, was chilling. Even though it was a foregone conclusion that the episode would end with a reset leaving Harry alive and Bob back in his skull, the climactic scenes were nonetheless dramatic and tension-filled, leaving me wondering exactly how they were going to get Harry out of this. What About Bob was, however, equally about Harry as his erstwhile companion. For the first time in the series, we get a real glimpse at the Harry behind the charming, easy-going facade.. and we find a man who is tortured by his past actions, whose history of tragedy and loss has moulded the man he has become. Harry is so very much alone in this episode and for the first time we see him struggle to cope with events... snapping with frustration at the phone when he finds Bob missing, arguing with Murphy, at the same time dismayed at her loss of trust in him (and the seeming death of their friendship) yet burdened with guilt over the knowledge that, in this case, her suspicions are well-founded.

    This episode was less about the action than it was about the characters and their relationships, exploring not only Harry's relationship with Bob (his tearful reaction to Bob's "death" was a powerful and touching scene) but also with his family and with Murphy. We finally get to see the repercussions of Murphy's involvement in Harry's world and he comes clean to her, at least a little, about the reality of magic. It will be interesting to see this followed through in the coming episodes.

    This episode was darker in tone than most and, in my view, all the better for it. The plot was gripping and entertaining and the characterisation powerful and believable. Altogether an excellent episode.
  • This is the episode I've been waiting for.

    Sometimes a series takes a while to reveal its true shape, and The Dresden Files has just done so. This is a terrific episode that finally realizes the potential that was present from the beginning. Harry and Bob have always terrific when they're on screen together, but this story never sagged despite the fact that the pair was separated from the beginning. The flashbacks, the plotting, the resolution; the whole episode hummed by in what felt like a minute. I applaud SciFi's choice to put this adaptation in front of an audience because it has only improved from a slightly rocky start. I anticipate great things to come.
  • This week's lesson: Know who your friends are.

    How did they manage to cram that much action and story into one episode. Magic, I suppose. The show continues to mature and strengthen with each episode. Everyone in the cast was hitting their marks tonight. Blackthorne's frustrated and obviously still grieving Harry made us heartsick for what he was feeling. Valerie Cruz's Murphy - she wants to believe what Harry was telling her and at once doesn't want to - because it would change her world view. And then there's Bob. I find I'm warming to Terrence Mann week by week. Initially, he came across an effete and blah. Mann is making Bob more three dimensional - if not more corporeal.

    In the end, Bob proves he may still be cursed but he doesn't deserve to be cursed. And, for now, that's what's important.
  • Harry is accused of murdering his uncle, but is his uncle really dead ?

    This was indeed a very special episode. Harry has to face the man that killed his father, again, and Murphy has to come to terms with the fact that there is a world beyond her world.
    Bob has to choose between good and evil, between white magic and black magic.

    The episode starts with the theft of Bob's skull but things rapidly become more sinister. Harry's dead uncle appears to be alive but in a clever bit of plotting, it turns out not to be his uncle at all, rather it's a copy, an inferior copy at that tasked to bring back his original back to life.

    For this they need someone who's done it before and guess what, Bob fits the bill. But will Bob betray Harry and switch sides or will he remain loyal to Harry...

    Harry, under investigation of the police for a murder he did commit, ultimately tells Murphy that there really is such a thing as black magic.

    Great acting and an excellent script make this a stand-out episode!
  • Things will never be the same between Harry and Murph.

    Two weeks ago, I saw the re-edited series pilot, which demonstrated that Murphy had knowledge of the High Council's existence. Highly out-of-canon, right? But, now, thanks to what could well be called a "prequel" episode, that is no longer the case. Harry kept his promise, from "The Boone Identity," about no longer lying to her. Whether that reduces or increases her nightmares, however? Only time will tell. The same goes for Justin Morningway and his mysterious "plans." His statements, to the weakened Harry, hinted that he and a few others were planning a coup against the High Council. With their goal being, perhaps, to come out of the magical closet and lord it over everybody. Us mere mortals included. If such is the case, then his co-conspirators are not only still out there, somewhere. They're also bound to come after Harry in revenge. And, judging by the previews for next week, that goes double for his friends!
  • Bob's skull is stolen by the woman who is hired by his uncle. His real uncle has Bob use dresden to bring back the real uncle from the dead since Bob is the only one who had the power to do that. At the end Bob shows his loyalty to Dresden. Loved it!

    The twists in the episode. I just loved. It kept me wondering what was going to happen next. See for me I haven't read the books so it's all new!! All I have to say is I completely loved the loyalty that Bob has for Dresden in this episode. Bob being offered a life no longer cursed if he regained his soul and used Black magic to bring the uncle back from the dead to complete his idea of taking out the high council. Anyways that's my thoughts! Not very good at putting them in words lol but there they are!!