The Drew Carey Show

Season 4 Episode 14

A House Divided

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 06, 1999 on ABC
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A House Divided
A corporation tries to convince everyone in Drew's neighborhood to sell their houses to make way for a new mall. Drew is reluctant, but agrees to think it over. Mrs. Louder reveals that Winfred-Louder is behind the project. She and Mr. Wick try to sweet-talk Drew to get him to sell. He is interested in moving to lakefront property, but does not want to give up his family home. Mimi suggests that Winfred-Louder move the entire house, and Mrs. Louder agrees. Mimi later tells Drew that she has accessed Wick's E-mail and learned that the house will not be moved to the lake. Drew goes home and discovers that half of his house has been taken away, a week earlier than scheduled. Mrs. Louder and Wick claim that Drew's house was rejected by the lakeside property owners' association. They offer him another lot, which he accepts. Oswald, Kate and Lewis lodge a protest against the homeowners association, only to learn that Winfred-Louder never bought a lot in the area or submitted Drew's house for approval. Drew refuses to let the store move the other half of his house. He vows to stay home until Winfred-Louder gives up, even though he has no heat, electricity or protection from the elements.moreless

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  • Drew loses half of his house when Winfred Louder offers to buy his property.

    Kate, Lewis, and Oswald come in, with pizza, and grab a few beers. Lewis puts something heavy on one of the beers since his New Years Resolution is to work out. Lewis and Oswald tell a story leads Drew to think the two of them kissed the other night, after they got drunk. Greg comes over and the two of them haven't seen each other in nine months. Greg tells Drew that the mail they've been getting is real. It seems a company wants to buy everyone's house, so they can build a new mall there, but Drew doesn't want to sell his, since there are a lot of memories with the house.

    At Winfred Louder, Drew is playing a football game on a big screen TV. When Mr. Wick and Mrs. Louder come in to see him, Drew realizes they're behind the offer about his house, and the TV and game system. Mrs. Louder tries a few times to get Drew to sign the contract, so Mimi butts in and suggests that Mrs. Louder move Drew's house to the lake, where Drew would like to live. It turns out Mimi's father owns a trucking company. Mimi's idea sounds quite interesting to Drew, so Mrs. Louder asks Mr. Wick to change the contract with those changes in it.

    At the Warsaw, Drew, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald are joined by Greg, who's pleased about Drew agreeing to sell his property. At another table, Mimi tells some people that Drew won't really be living near a lake, so Drew tries to find out what's going on. Drew decides to leave and find out what's going on.

    Home now, Drew notices the power is out, and half of his house is missing, literally. It looks to have been sawed in half.

    A bit later, Sharon comes over to see if she can help. Drew has learned the other half of the house is nowhere near the lake. Sharon gives him a few lights, and promises to put up some plastic. Kate, Drew, and Lewis come over, and freak out when they see the house. Mr. Wick and Mrs. Louder come over to see what's going on. Mr. Wick says there has been a mistake, and it seems the Home Owner's Association rejected Drew's house, so Mr. Wick and Mrs. Louder moved the other part of the house to another city, and to a culdesak. Drew seems to be just fine about it after Mr. Wick and Mrs. Louder try to cheer him up.

    At Winfred Louder, Drew gives Mimi a newspaper which has a complaint from him in it. Kate, Lewis, and Oswald come in, and it turns out the Home Owner's Association never heard of Drew, Mr. Wick, or Mrs. Louder. They never tried to get Drew a lot near the lake, so Drew confronts them about it. After the discussion doesn't get Drew anywhere, he gets very angry and goes home.

    Arriving home, Drew scolds the moving company, and gets them to leave. He's joined on the couch by a small raccoon, since the house isn't completely closed up.

    The show ends with Lewis leading several people in Beer-robics at the Warsaw.

    I enjoyed much of this episode. Lewis' joke about Drew's gas problem was without a doubt, the funniest moment in the episode.moreless
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Keith Diamond

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Drew's house is split in half, it appears it doesnt have a proper foundation, the floor is at the same level as the ground. Which if anyone knows, they always lift up the house from the ground to prevent sagging of the floor. Also, the basement door is gone.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Lewis: They didn't take the house, did they, Drew? (pause) You were eating chili last night, weren't you?
      Drew: Yes, Lewis. I cut one so big it knocked out the walls!
      Lewis: Well, you have ripped a few in your time.

    • Mr. Wick (referring to Drew's house): You know, it's that box you keep your refrigerator and your change of pants in.

    • Drew: My new address is...300 Pounds Court?
      Mrs. Louder: Please. If we were going for the joke, there was a lot available at 1 1/2 Ball Terrace.

    • Mr. Wick: See here, Carey. (Pulls out a model of the mall) If you don't sell your house, we'll build around you and you'll be surrounded by a Baskin Robbins, a cineplex, and a Victoria's Secret.... Good God! Who built this model?! Why don't we just shove a rocket up his butt and blow him into Heaven?!

  • NOTES (2)

    • Willoughby is the birthplace of Tim Conway, who coincidentally, appeared in the third season episode "Volunteer."

    • When he's offered the lot in Willoughby, Drew sings a reworked version of the season one theme song Moon Over Parma replacing "Parma" (a large suburb of Cleveland, Ohio) with "Willoughby" (another suburb that's not as rich as Parma).