The Drew Carey Show

Season 4 Episode 15

A House Reunited

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 1999 on ABC
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A House Reunited
Celia returns from an out-of-town trip and learns about Drew's fight with Winfred-Louder. She offers her support. The store recruits Mimi to try to drive Drew out of the house. She points blinding lights at the house and constantly blasts "Panama" by Van Halen. Larry and Chuck later tell Drew that Winfred-Louder's investors gave up and backed out of the mall project. The store decides to rent all of the houses it had purchased to employees. After learning that Mimi continued to torment him for days after he had already won the battle, Drew gets revenge by tricking her into sending her outfits to a fake dry cleaner, who ruins them. Drew asks Celia to move in with him. Lewis, Oswald and Kate become creeped out by Drew's relationship with Celia, as they feel that they are acting like mother and son. The store's contractor reassembles Drew's house in an improper fashion, causing the kitchen to slope. Wick refuses to pay for the repairs, so Drew has to contact a lawyer. Drew and Celia realize that their relationship has become inappropriate after she "shushes" him during his argument with Wick. They try to stay together, but realize that is too weird. Celia moves out.moreless

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  • Drew does whatever he can to get the rest of his house back.

    The show begins with Lewis, in the Warsaw, talking to the fans of the show. He tries to give a recap of last week's episode, using beer bottles as props. He tries to warn us all about who's behind the big Y2K conspiracy. When he's about to reveal it's ABC, they cut him off and bring in the "Cleveland Rocks" intro.

    At home, Drew's talking to Speedy, when there's a knock at the door. It's Celia, and she's a little surprised by what happened to the house, and the neighborhood, which is practically a ghost town. Lewis and Oswald come over to go sledding on Drew's staircase, but they're disappointed when they learn Drew shoveled them. Mimi comes over to read a prepared statement from the Board of Directors. It seems they have given her authority to use whatever means to get Drew out of the house. Once she leaves the house, Mimi brings in bright lights, and loud music, from Van Halen. In order to communicate, the guys write things down on cardboard, and show one another the words. Mimi then comes over the loudspeaker and says there will be more "Panama" by Van Halen. There's then a power failure, and a knock at the front door. Larry and Chuck come in to ask Mimi to shut off the lights and music. They reveal that Drew won, they're not going to build the mall after all. It turns out Mimi lied about the whole thing, so everyone leaves, leaving Celia and Drew in the living room, and they decide to celebrate by having a beer.

    At Winfred Louder, Mimi storms in to see Drew. Mimi is angry about Drew's little trick with her dress. Mr. Wick comes out and chats to Drew about the mall. Mr. Wick wants to punish Drew for sticking out, making the investors lose interest in the mall. Celia comes in with lunch for Drew. Drew asks her to move in, which she reluctantly agrees to.

    At home, Drew notices the construction guys are gone, and the rest of his house is back. Lewis, Oswald, and Kate are also there, and they get a little creeped out when they see how Celia is acting more like a mom than a girlfriend. They all leave, to let Drew and Celia talk. When Drew tries to pour some wine into a glass, he realizes the back-half of the house isn't level, causing wine bottles and other things to slide across the table.

    Back at Winfred Louder, Mimi comes over to make fun of Drew's house problems. Mr. Wick comes out and says that they shouldn't be responsible for the mistakes with the construction crew. Celia comes in, and Mr. Wick pokes a little fun at Drew for the age difference between he and Celia. Drew goes on to say how he's going to get a lawyer to get things settled.

    At Drew's, Kate is making some food, but because of the slant in the house, the bowl she's mixing food in, slides across the table, and falls to the floor. Oswald and Lewis come in with Slinkies and roller skates, so they can play in Drew's slanted house. Drew comes in and asks them to leave. He drinks a beer, and sets it down, but it slides across the table, and crashes to the floor.

    Later that night, Drew's in the living room, watching TV, when Celia comes in, so they talk about the whole motherly problem, and decide to have sex. A few minutes later, they both come downstairs, after Drew wasn't able to perform, since he saw his mother, in his mind. Celia says she's going back upstairs, and will be leaving in the morning. Drew says he'll sleep on the couch.

    The show ends with Larry coming over to Drew's. He's wearing hot pants, and they seem to be making Mrs. Louder horny. Chuck then comes over, wearing hot pants as well. It makes for an awkward moment.

    I really enjoyed this episode. The slanted house was an added bonus in the plot.moreless

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    • (Drew sets bottle on table, it slides off.)
      Drew: Well, better call Ripley's.
      Celia: Are you gonna show them your incredible slanting house?
      Drew: No, I'll show 'em a contractor with his head up his ass.

    • Lewis: Drew, can I use your bathroom?
      Drew: Sure. (Hands him a shovel.) There's a magazine by the tree.
      Lewis: WHOO! Do NOT go outside! Bad day to be a bird.
      (Mimi walks in.)
      Drew: Lewis, you didn't bury it deep enough.

    • (After Mimi threatens Drew)
      Celia: What makes her so angry?
      Drew: Well, deep down inside of her is a scared little girl--and I think it's giving her indigestion.

    • (After Drew pulls a revenge prank on Mimi)
      Drew: I'd love to help you get even with whoever did this, but I'm sure by now they're in PANAMA!

    • Drew: Winfred-Louder has humiliated me, they've demoted me, they've denied me promotions...and I was fine with that--we had a nice little thing going. But this time, they've gone too far!

    • Drew: How about a cold one?
      Celia: OK. Can I get a beer to put me in the mood?

    • Lewis (during the opening sequence): I'm their worst nightmare: a drunk guy with TV time!

    • Lewis (about Mimi): Quick, Drew, if we get a blurry picture of her walking through the snow, it could be worth a fortune!

  • NOTES (2)

    • Mimi tries to drive out Drew by blasting "Panama" by Van Halen.

    • The episode began with Ryan Stiles explaining (or at least trying to explain) what happened in the previous episode. The monologue is seasoned with jokes and includes Stiles blaming the Y2K conspiracy on ABC (he is cut off the air in the middle of "Broadcasting"). Never, in any future multi-part episode, has there been a monologue like this at the start of the second or third part.


    • "Panama": Van Halen
      In late 1989/early 1990, the U.S. military repeated blasted "Panama" by Van Halen while trying to force Panama president Manuel Noriega, who was wanted on drug charges, to surrender.