The Drew Carey Show

Season 8 Episode 21

A Speedy Recovery

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 16, 2003 on ABC
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A Speedy Recovery
Drew finds an unexpected romance after he and Speedy get involved with an animal therapy program at a hospital. He agrees to loan Speedy to a dying woman, and sufficiently impresses the woman's granddaughter. He finds the relationship may not be worth it when he learns that he may never see Speedy again. Meanwhile, Oswald tries to land a date with Traylor.moreless

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  • Drew loses Speedy to an elderly woman.

    The show opens with Drew being offered a list of single women for $20 by Mimi, but he realizes it's just the phone book and passes. The two of them make their way to a computer and read a new memo, asking them to do volunteer work, something none of them are anxious to do, but they figure they have to or they'll be fired.

    Drew decides to spend his time with sick people at a hospital. When he and Speedy arrive, Speedy runs off and eats some food belonging to an elderly woman, Natalie. She asks Drew to get Speedy some water, so Drew walks out to retrieve some. The woman's granddaughter, Erin joins him and tells him she's interested in him. They go back and give Speedy his water. All cheered up, Natalie asks Drew if she can keep Speedy, so Drew gives her Speedy, since he doesn't think she's going to live very long.

    At Neverending Store, Lewis and Oswald come in to find Drew, but he's not there, so they talk to Mimi about Traylor, as Oswald finds her attractive and is curious if she would be interested in him. Mimi tells him to go talk to her, so he does. Instead of rejecting Oswald, Traylor tells him he'd be great as a model in an advertisement for their website, making Oswald think there may be a chance afterall.

    Drew comes into the hospital to see Erin and gets upset when he realizes Natalie has gotten much better and is now going home.

    At home, Drew and Kellie are talking about how he lost his dog, and it seems Drew's got a big plan to get Speedy back. When Erin comes over, Drew talks to her for a bit and then asks her give him his dog back, but she refuses and leaves.

    We now join Oswald, Traylor, and a technician, all in a room where Oswald is supposed to get his movements captured. As Traylor helps him with his suit, she touches him all over his body, causing him to get an erection, which screws up the image capturing software. Eventually, Oswald asks her out, but Traylor tells him she only dates guys who make more money than she does, which quickly rids Oswald of his erection.

    At Natalie's house, Drew, Kellie, and Lewis ask Natalie for Speedy, but she's unwilling to give him his dog back. When she leaves the room, Drew tries to coax Speedy to go with him, but he seems to be happy there. When Drew tries to pull Speedy, he growls at him. Realizing how good Speedy has it there, Lewis offers to move in.

    At home now, Drew sees that Lewis and Oswald have brought over some stuffed animals to make up for Speedy. Erin comes over with Speedy and tells Drew that her grandmother passed away last night and Drew can have Speedy back. They then talk about maybe getting together for another date sometime after the funeral, and they're both like the idea.

    The show ends with Lewis acting a bit like a dog when he's offered beer.

    The plot for tonight's episode was funny, but I didn't think the comedy was quite up to par with this one. The funniest scene was definitely the one where Oswald asked Traylor out.moreless
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