The Drew Carey Show

Season 3 Episode 5

A Very, Very, Very Fine House

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 1997 on ABC
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A Very, Very, Very Fine House
Drew's lawyer gets all charges dropped by threatening a lawsuit for wrongful arrest. However, the government seizes the house as evidence because Larry used drug money to pay the mortgage. They plan to sell it at auction. Drew stays with Lewis and Oswald in their new apartment above the Warsaw. After Nicki mentions that the price will probably end up far less than the real value of the house, Drew gets an idea. He decides to declare bankruptcy to get out of debt, and have Lewis bid on the house on his behalf. Mimi shows up and begins bidding, hoping to make Drew miserable and get herself a cheap house. Drew's new neighbors outbid her, as they want to expand their property. Drew gets Greg to back off by talking about the importance of his childhood home--and convincing him that their other neighbor will probably die soon. Drew ignores Kate after learning of her relationship with Oswald. He unconvincingly insists that he is happy for her, but snaps at her for laughing after Oswald says something stupid. Nicki convinces Drew to talk to Kate. He confesses that he is jealous of their happiness because he doesn't want to end up alone (like Lewis). Kate assures him that he will find someone, and that they'll always be friends.moreless

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  • Drew declares bankruptcy.

    Kate and Oswald come running into the Warsaw, claiming how they just got out of jail. Lewis follows them in, smelling the great smell of freedom, while he walks over to the table to join Oswald and Kate. Drew calls Kate to help him get out of jail. He needs $500 to get out of jail, as he maxed out his credit card. Lewis and Oswald try to get people from the Warsaw to pitch in some money to get Drew out, but after they have no luck, Kate offers details on her time in a woman's prison, which seems to be of more interest to everyone there.

    Drew and Lewis are allowed back into Drew's house, escorted by a federal marshall. Drew can't move in yet since the house is considered a crime scene. Drew gets a call from his mom, who is a little worried about the drug bust at Drew's place. Drew's neighbors come in with a package that was delivered to their house by mistake.

    Drew and Lewis go over to Lewis and Oswald's new apartment, which is over the Warsaw. Kate and Oswald come over to see how Drew's doing, but he insists he's fine.

    At work, Mimi gives Drew a vail, so he can wear it in prison in the future. Mr. Wick comes by Drew's cubicle, and insists the store will be loyal to him through the whole thing, and then gives Drew a cup to pee in for a drug test. Drew's lawyer comes in and announces the charges were dropped when she threatened to counter-sue. Unfortunately, she says that the house has been taken by the government and will be sold at a public auction, all because Larry paid for the mortgage with drug money.

    At the Warsaw, Lewis is joined by Kate and Oswald, when they ask Lewis if he wants to come along, but Lewis doesn't want to be a third wheel. Oswald says Lewis can choose what they do for the night, but Lewis' plans are a little too romantic and creepy for them. Drew comes in, quickly followed by Nicki, who isn't impressed by the fact that Drew is now living above the bar with Lewis and Oswald. Drew comes up with the idea of buying back his house, by having someone else buy it, but he'll pay for it, and then declare bankruptcy.

    At Lewis and Oswald's apartment, Drew's having a bankruptcy party. Drew seems to have a problem with Oswald and Kate going out, so he decides to talk to Kate about it. Drew tells her that he feels lonely, as now only he and Lewis are single now.

    In Drew's backyard, it's time for the house auction, so they try to get people to think the house is in poor condition, so it won't sell for very much. Drew ends up getting the house back, after Mimi, Lewis, and Drew's new neighbors jacked up the price.

    The show ends with Drew, Lewis, Oswald, and Kate back at the apartment above the Warsaw, with Drew asking Tim to toss up some beer and food. Lewis walks over and hits on a man, who looked like a woman.

    This was a pretty funny episode, with my favorite scene being the bankruptcy party scene, especially Lewis and Oswald's little song and dance for Drew.moreless
Jeff Doucette

Jeff Doucette

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Mary Gordon Murray


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Simon Harvey


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Keith Diamond

Keith Diamond

Greg Clemens

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Rachel True

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Kate Walsh

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    • Drew: Oh my god I can buy my house back!
      Lewis: Well sure you can Drew, if everyone claps their hands and believes.

    • (the toilet flushes)
      Federal Marshall: Hey! What were you doing in there, disposing evidence?
      Lewis: If that's what you wanna call it.

    • Lewis: (about Drew) Is that the suit of a drug runner? Or a guy who's done any sort of running at all?

    • Lewis (who is dressed in a red costume and standing behind a woman): Hey baby, what's long, red, and right behind you?

    • Drew: I intend to prove that a Quarter Pounder does not weigh a quarter pound!

    • Lewis: Ahh, the smell of freedom. My God, I need a woman.
      Kate: Lewis, you were in jail for three hours.
      Oswald: And you weren't with a woman for six months before that.
      Lewis: My God, am I a loser!

    • Oswald: We wrote this last night when we were drunk.
      Lewis: And it's too late to stop us now, so here we go.
      Oswald and Lewis (singing to Drew at his party, to the tune of "The Hokey Pokey"): Put your poor ass in, put your poor ass out, put your poor ass in, and shake it all about. You're going brokie, brokie and you're going down the tubes. That's when we both passed out!

    • Drew: Hello, house? They're on to us. Meet me by the river with the fridge. Oh, and tell the oven I love her.

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    • Drew: I intend to prove that a Quarter Pounder does not weigh a quarter pound!

      The Quarter Pounder is a burger sold by the McDonald's fast food company. "Quarter-pound" is the pre-cooked weight of the meat, not the overall weight.

    • Lewis: Hey, baby. Wanna take the stairway to heaven? It's just past the men's room!

      "Stairway to Heaven" is a song by Led Zepplin.

    • Lewis: At this point, Wile E. Coyote realizes that the tunnel is just painted on.

      Lewis compares Drew to the Looney Tunes character Wile E. Coyote when Drew comes up with an outrageous scheme to get his house back.