The Drew Carey Show

Season 6 Episode 14

All Work and No Play (1)

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 24, 2001 on ABC
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All Work and No Play (1)
Mr. Wick begins spending more time around Drew's house. He claims that he needs to keep up appearances in case the INS makes a surprise visit. Wick has to sleep over after he injures his ankle while exercising. He borrows a pair of underwear from Drew, and suddenly becomes a really nice guy. He treats employees with kindness and takes Lewis, Kate and Oswald to lunch. Drew is hurt when his friends accept Wick's lunch invitation instead of staying with him. They later join Wick at a British pub, ignoring plans to meet Drew at the Warsaw. Drew accuses Wick of stealing his friends. He throws him out of the house and says that he will end their fake gay marriage. Wick becomes a bigger tyrant than ever at the office, and says that he will not change his ways unless Drew lets him hang out at the house. Wick comes over to pick up his belongings, and pleads for a chance to be friends. Drew is put off by his overbearing personality and wants nothing to do with him. Wick hires a woman to impersonate an INS agent in the hopes of tricking Drew into letting him stay. Drew does not fall for it. Kate later receives a phone call at the Warsaw. She learns that Drew has been in an accident and is in the hospital.moreless

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  • Drew kicks Mr. Wick out.

    Kate, Drew, Lewis, and Oswald are all sitting around Drew's TV, in awe of the fact that Mr. Wick bought Drew a new satellite dish. In walks Mr. Wick to watch darts on TV. Drew has to turn the channel because it's so boring.

    Drew is starting to regret the marriage to Mr. Wick, and he wants him out of his house, but he can't seem to be able to get him to leave. Mr. Wick insists that if the INS find out, he's out of the country, and Drew will be thrown into jail for fraud.

    At work, Drew runs in late to interview a possible new employee. After Drew find it difficult to explain why his boss spent the night at his house, he automatically hires him. Mimi then comes over and takes a jab at Drew.

    Mr. Wick decides to give everyone a little "me" time, so he turns the lighting down, gives everyone a little pillow, and then puts on some nature sounds of whales.

    Kate, Lewis, and Oswald all come in while this is going on, and Lewis thinks maybe this place is a cult. Mr. Wick then takes Kate, Lewis, and Oswald out for lunch, leaving Drew at work.

    Drew, now at home, is sad and listening to some music. In walk Kate, Lewis, Oswald, and Kate, all drunk and singing. Drew thinks Mr. Wick is is trying to steal his friends, and tells him "it's over!"

    When Drew walks into work, the heat is off, and Mr. Wick is ordering people around. There are even cameras placed everywhere in the office to watch everyone's movements. Drew learns that all of this is because of his throwing Mr. Wick out of the house.

    Drew and Mr. Wick are packing things so Mr. Wick can leave. In the kitchen, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald are blowing bubbles. When Drew opens up the fridge, he finds that he's out of beer, and Lewis, Kate, and Oswald all leave when they find out about that.

    There's a knock at the front door, and it's an INS agent. Drew is able to determine that the agent wasn't real, but someone Mr. Wick hired.

    Mr. Wick reveals to Drew that he doesn't want to leave, because he's become accustomed to his ways. They get into a huge argument, and Mr. Wick is finally thrown out.

    Kate, Lewis, and Oswald are sitting at the Warsaw reminiscing about how good things were when Mr. Wick was around. Kate receives a call on her cell phone, and is told Drew was in an accident.

    The show ends with a few bloopers. I don't know about you, but I love bloopers.

    It was good to see Mr. Wick returning to his evil ways for a part of this episode. I can't believe I missed that.moreless
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Drew Carey

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