The Drew Carey Show

Season 9 Episode 14

Asleep at the Wheel

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Jul 14, 2004 on ABC

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  • Finally, Tony gets an episode!

    "Asleep at the Wheel" focused on Tony, the bus driver. I just love Tony's character. He's been on several episodes, and it's great to see an episode centered around him for once. While driving, Tony falls asleep for a few seconds, and takes out a number of parking meters.

    Tony is apparently a short time away from getting his full pension, so he asks Drew, who was onboard at the time, to lie and say there was a cat in the road that he had to swerve. Drew agrees after some coaxing by Tony.

    After talking to Kelly, Drew decides that he can't lie for Tony in the bus report. Thinking Tony would get fired, he asks Scott to offer him a job at the store. Scott agrees after coming up with the idea that he could use Tony to help get a better loan for the company, since the bank is apparently more apt to help out elderly minorities with this sort of thing.

    Drew has been trying to get Scott to listen to him, because Drew thinks he's got good ideas for the website. Since Scott won't listen, he tells Tony his idea. Drew suggests a senior citizen version of the site, with larger print and discount pharmacy. Tony eventually tells Scott the idea and claims it as his own. Drew gets mad, naturally, and Tony says that Drew should have said there was a cat in the road. This got a good laugh from me.

    One of the new parts of the website is a tool which allows you to enter all of the medications you'll take and it will cross-check everything for possible side effects. It turns out that Tony was taking medication that conflicted with each other. Tony said he must have accidentally gotten his wife's subscription filled instead of his. This explains his falling asleep on the job, and his crying at the bank.

    Tony decides to tell Scott that he has to quit and return to the bus job, now that he can explain the problem to the bus company. Scott is upset because he won't be able to get the loan from the bank now, and can't do the pharmacy website now.