The Drew Carey Show

Season 9 Episode 15

Baby Face

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Jul 21, 2004 on ABC

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  • A silly filler episode.

    Kellie is still pregnant in this epiosde. You can see she's pretty far along in the pregnancy. Drew wants to have sex, but Kellie isn't feeling very sexy. Drew gets a sexy boardgame to help things along, but she only wants to stay in bed.

    Kellie decides to go in for a checkup on her pregnancy, and brings home a 3-D image of the baby. Drew imagined a big gray blob, but was surprised to see an actual fetus.

    Drew bought Kellie some lingerie to wear, and just as they're getting in the mood, Drew's imagination takes over and starts visualizing the baby looking at Drew and even talking to him, asking Drew not to have sex with "mommy". Drew freaks out, and has a difficult time dealing with this. He's eventually able to have sex with Kellie, after she brings home another woman's 3-D ultrasound image which shows the baby with his back to Drew.

    This episode was a little silly, frankly.