The Drew Carey Show

Season 6 Episode 27

Bananas (2)

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 23, 2001 on ABC
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Bananas (2)
Kate, Lewis and Oswald search for Drew. Mimi fails to share his whereabouts with Mr. Wick, and gets him to appoint her the new manager of the women's store. Lewis and Oswald learn that Drew is in the institution. Only family is allowed to visit, so they check themselves in as patients so that they can talk to him. Drew plots to escape and reclaim his job. He leaves a message on his machine telling Kate what has happened to the guys and asking her to show up with a van the next day. Although they have stolen the master keys, Oswald and Lewis insist on breaking out by building a bomb and blowing a hole in the wall. Most of the other patients escape with them, but a large patient restrains Drew and keeps him from leaving. Kate doesn't think that he has made it to the van, but Oswald insists otherwise. Drew finally makes it to the store opening in his hospital gown. When he learns that Mimi has taken his job, he loses it and starts seeing everyone as Mimi. He attacks Wick and has to return to the institution.moreless

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  • The last episode of the season.

    The show opens with a quick recap of last week's episode. We then join Kate, Lewis, and Oswald, who drop by Drew's house, but they're unable to find him. They're really worried about Drew, since he's not shown up at work or at the Warsaw. The guys go outside and try to ask Speedy about where Drew may be, but it obviously doesn't work. Just then, a talking parrot flies in, and reveals a few hints. The guys decide to split up and search the hospitals and visit the police station.

    At the mental institute, Drew's able to convince another patient to call Mr. Wick so he can talk to him. Drew can't make the call because he's in a straight jacket. When the other patient puts the phone next to Drew's ear, he accidentally knocks Drew out.

    Later that day, Mr. Wick is in the new women's store, complaining about Drew not being there. When Drew asks the patient to call Mr. Wick again, Mimi answers the phone and she's unwilling to help Drew out, so she hangs up. At the front office at the mental institute, Lewis and Oswald decide to admit themselves so they can see Drew, since they don't have any other way to see him.

    Evan later that day, Drew's joined by a guy who thinks he's Larry King. The man even speaks in the same style as Larry King, which is annoying Drew. Lewis and Oswald then walk in to see Drew. When they tell Drew that they admitted themselves to see him, Drew gets upset, since there's no way to get out now.

    Still at the mental institute, the guys are trying to pass time by playing games. Getting desperate, Drew admits he's been trying to think of ways to break out. He's already tried to escape in the garbage truck, but that didn't work. When he tries to throw a water fountain through a window, Drew has difficulty picking it up since it's bolted to the floor.

    Later that night, Kate walks in to Drew's house and is concerned about Lewis and Oswald, who haven't checked in. She decides to listen to the answering machine to see if she can find anything out. After listening to messages from Mr. Wick and a video rental store, Kate listens to a message from Drew, who asks Kate to rent a van and pick them up tomorrow morning at the mental institute.

    The next morning, Lewis and Oswald blow a hole in one of the walls, allowing everyone to escape. Lewis, Oswald, and several others jump into the van Kate rented, but Drew wasn't able to get in the van.

    Later in the day, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald are at the new store's opening. Since Mimi did so much, Mr. Wick thanks her and gives her the manager position for the store. Drew then walks in and finds out about what happened with Mimi taking over everything. Drew snaps and attacks Mr. Wick, which lands him back in the mental institute.

    The show ends with Kate, Lewis, and Oswald getting drunk in Drew's kitchen. For a while, nothing is said, but Lewis breaks the silence by suggesting they put a paper bag over their heads and continue drinking.

    The intelligence, or lack thereof, of Lewis and Oswald never ceases to amaze me, but I have to admit that this seemed a little ridiculous... checking themselves into the institute to see Drew. I also thought that the conclusion of the episode was a nice little cliffhanger for the season break.moreless
Drew Carey

Drew Carey

Drew Allison Carey

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Christa Miller-Lawrence

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Mimi Bobeck Carey (episode 2+)

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