The Drew Carey Show

Season 6 Episode 2

Be Drew to Your School

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2000 on ABC
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Be Drew to Your School
Drew is embarrassed after several people who knew him from the Future Leaders of America in high school come to school for Career Day and see him working in the cafeteria. He wonders when his life got off-track. He recalls being ignored by Kate and pantsed by jocks on his first day of high school. Kate blames herself for his misfortune. She reveals that during their sophomore year, she answered a question when she wasn't really listening and inadvertently advised Drew to get black glasses instead of contacts. Drew was then seen as a nerd and received regular beatings. Lewis argues that he is at fault because he introduced Drew to beer during their junior year. Oswald confesses to spilling chocolate milk all over Drew's application to MIT, then replacing the essay with moronic babbling. He didn't tell Drew, who sent in the application. Drew insists that he could have made better decisions, but liked getting attention from the attractive school nurse after each crisis. He comes to the realization that he is a "pity-whore."moreless

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  • What were the guys like in high school? We find out...

    Lewis and Oswald are in Drew's kitchen working on a scary tape for Halloween when Drew and Kate come in and ask what they're doing. They tell Lewis and Oswald that they're getting married which makes Oswald a little jealous. Lewis pulls out a spray which seems to make people fall in love. Oswald sprays some on himself and Lewis falls in love with him. Oswald runs out after spraying a ham with the spray and Lewis starts to massage the ham, as he's now in love with that.

    At the school, Drew's being razzed by some of the lunch ladies as it seems today is Career Day. As Drew serves up some food, he's asked to clean up a mess. While cleaning it up, Drew gets spotted by someone he was with in the Future Leaders of America program. Drew feels humiliated when the man, Nick, and two others recognize him. Drew tells them he's got a kid there but finally comes clean about working there and that he's needed there.

    In Drew's backyard, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald come together after not being able to find Drew anywhere. They end up finding Drew hiding under the pool table. Lewis and Oswald poke at Drew with pool cues to get him to come out. They all go inside to find out about Drew's bad day. Drew goes on to tell the guys about how he feels like a failure. Drew tries to figure out how everything went so wrong, so we get a flashback of 1975. Drew doesn't seem to have been any popular back then. In fact when he asks come jocks about where to find the science room, they rip Drew's pants off so they can use them as a flag. When the jocks leave, another group comes in and take Drew's boxers for the same reason.

    A few minutes later, the guys are still talking about the high school. There's then another flashback where Drew tells Kate about not wanting to wear glasses, but Kate's not really paying much attention to him. Drew asks another girl out but a jock punches Drew in the face. A few minutes later, we see Drew in the nurse's office being tended to by the school nurse. Back out of the flashback, Kate apologizes for not telling Drew to get rid of the glasses and switch to contact lenses. Lewis tells him he's the one responsible for where Drew is. Another flashback takes us to 1977 where Drew and Lewis are in the cafeteria. Depressed about Elvis Presley's death, Lewis pulls out a beer and Drew takes it from him. We then see Drew in the nurse's office, puking up the beer. Back to real-time, Lewis tells him the beer was the problem. Oswald speaks up and tells Drew that he's the one responsible. Another flashback takes us to 1978, where Drew, Lewis, and Oswald are in the cafeteria. When Drew gets up, Oswald accidentally spills a drink on Drew's essay application to MIT. Oswald quickly writes a new one for Drew, and you can imagine how bad it was. Mimi walks in with a group of girls and they poke fun of Drew and flick another kid's ear. Six months later, Drew tells the nurse he didn't get into MIT. Back to real-time, Lewis apologizes. Back to 1979, Drew's in the nurse's office. When the nurse asks what's wrong, Drew's not sure but he knows something bad will happen. Back to real-time, Drew realizes he was a pity-whore and leaves. He doesn't want Kate, Lewis, and Oswald to pity him anymore.

    The show ends with the actress who played the nurse asking Drew if he could get the nurse to be a regular character, but Drew assures her things will be fine.

    I thought this episode was pretty silly and the flashbacks didn't actually add much to the show as a whole.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In the flashback to 1975, Lewis impersonates Mork from Mork and Mindy. However, the character did not exist until 1978.

    • This episode claims that Drew drank his first beer in high school, but in "It's Your Party and I'll Crash If I Want To," he says that he's been coming to the Warsaw since junior high.

    • In the flashback, Mimi shows up at the high school and taunts Drew, but they are not supposed to have met until the pilot episode. (He may just not have remembered her, since she was just a random girl from the private school who never gave her name...although that makeup would probably be hard to forget.)

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  • NOTES (1)

    • The flashbacks in this episode contain themes of popular TV shows;

      In the 1976 flashback the themes from M*A*S*H and Taxi were heard, although Taxi began in 1978.

      The 1977 flashback played the themes from 60 minutes and WKRP in Cincinnati, although the latter began airing in 1978.

      The 1978 flashback had the themes of the Bob Newhart Show and Little House on the Prairie.

      The 1979 flashback had the theme from Hill Street Blues, which isn't even a 1970s show as it began in 1981.