The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 24

Beer Ball

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 03, 2000 on ABC
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Beer Ball
Mr. Wick brings in a bunch of ringers for the company softball team. After Wick refuses to let him on the team, Drew decides to organize his own team and let anyone play, regardless of ability. After watching the players in action, he realizes that they have no chance against the Winfred-Louder squad. Lewis and Oswald suggest that he ask Steve to join the team. Steve is already playing for the other squad, as spouses of employees are allowed. He and Drew become very competitive and decide to make a bet on the outcome of the game. If Steve loses, he will have to eat bugs and other disgusting things; and if Drew's team loses, he must walk around the field in a diaper. Drew convinces Steve to play "beer ball," in which the players have to drink at every base. Steve's team gets so drunk that Drew's team (filled with players that are used to handling a lot of liquor) makes a comeback. Drew gets the tying hit, but gets caught between third and home. Before Steve can tag him, Drew makes a speech about not being able to live up to his brother. When Steve drops the ball to hug him, Drew runs around him and scores the winning run.moreless

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  • Drew challenges Steve to a game of Beer Ball.

    At Winfred-Louder, Drew interviews a man for a position at the store, and it doesn't seem to be going so well since he's not qualified. Mr. Wick comes out and insists Drew hire the man. The guy reveals he's only there to get on the softball team. This surprises Drew since he's not known about it, so Mr. Wick tells him he wasn't told about the team because they want to win. Drew promises to start his own team and challenges Mr. Wick to a game on Saturday, and the winner gets to represent the store. Drew ends up crying when he remembers not being included in sporting events when he was a kid.

    At the park, Drew and several employees from the store are practicing softball, but they seem to be doing a terrible job. No one seems to be in either physical shape or they just aren't any good at hitting the ball. Lewis and Oswald suggests Drew ask Steve to play. Drew decides to give Steve a call when he notices Doreen is also on his team.

    At home, Drew joins Lewis and Oswald, who are working on a first aid kit for the softball game. Steve comes in and tells Drew that he's playing for the other Winfred-Louder softball team. Drew decides to put a little wager on the softball game with Steve. If Drew wins, Steve has to eat the same things he made Drew eat when they were kids. If Steve wins, Drew has to wear a diaper like a baby.

    Drew, Lewis, and Oswald walk into the Warsaw and tells Kate about how bad practice went. It seems Frank had a heat attack but lived. Mr. Wick, Steve, and Mimi come in and show Drew the diapers they chose for him. Lewis and Oswald suggest Drew change the game to "Beer Ball," and Drew loves the idea since Drew's able to drink more than Steve, so he suggests it to Steve, and he goes along with it.

    At the park, Drew's pitching and his team is losing by quite a few runs. As the game goes on, Drew and his team are doing really well since doing poorly early on means they'll be sober when the other team is drunk towards the end of the game. Drew's team ends up winning 20 to 19 thanks to Drew hitting a home run and psyching out Steve as he was rounding third base.

    With the game over, Steve's eating dog food, something he apparently made Drew eat when they were kids. Lewis and Oswald come in and mention having just posed for the team picture, which Drew missed out on, just like when he was a kid. Lewis decides to call everyone back so Drew can be in the picture.

    The show ends with bloopers from the show.

    Beer Ball was another solid show. The story wasn't great, but it offered some information about Drew and Steve's childhood. My favorite scene had to be the scene where Oswald and Lewis show Drew the first aid kit they had been working on.moreless
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    • Steve: I'm not trying to welch out on the bet, but I don't remember making you eat dog food.
      Drew: Shut up, it makes it's own gravy.

    • Mimi:(From behind Drew) Come on Steve, strike him out quick! I'm staring at ten pounds of ugly in a five pound sack.

    • Mr. Wick: Oh good lord Carey, I think you just stubbled upon the recipe for SUCK!

    • Mr. Wick: For godsake pull yourselves together! You're vomiting on the field, peeing on yourselves...God I miss drinking.

    • Oswald: Wow, your team really sucks... Is that a guy with a hunchback?
      Drew: That's a woman.
      Lewis: Give me a night and a bottle of wine, I'll straighten out that spine.

    • (after losing the bet of who has the better softball team to Drew, Steve has to eat dog food)
      Steve: I think I'm going to be sick.
      Drew: You put your tongue in Mimi's mouth and this is what makes you sick?

    • (Drew's softball team is doing poorly)
      Drew: (Drew notices Kate, who's relaxing on a lawn chair) Kate, what the hell are you doing? You're supposed to be standing at first base!
      Kate: If somebody on this team actually gets to first base, I'll stand there naked.

    • (Steve and Drew make plans for "Beer Ball")
      Mr. Wick: Wait a minute! This is my team, and I don't want my players--especially the women--getting all hot, sweaty and drunk. Oh, wait a minute--yes, I do. I'm off to buy a van with tinted windows!

    • (After losing a bet, Steve has to eat dog food.)
      Steve: I think I'm going to be sick.
      Drew: You put your tongue in Mimi's mouth and this is what makes you sick?

    • Mimi: I protect home plate like a Mormon girl on prom night.
      Drew: If Mormon girls looked like you, they wouldn't need protection.

    • Steve: Bro, I wanted to tell you something for a long time...I play for the other team.
      Lewis: I knew it, he's gay.
      Steve: No, I mean the other softball team. And, if you think I'm gay, to the hand.
      (Steve sticks out his hand)
      Lewis (to Steve's hand): Oh, hello.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Drew: That WAS Pete Rose selling shoes!

      Pete Rose is a former professional baseball player, currently serving a lifetime ban for gambling.