The Drew Carey Show

Season 2 Episode 3

Break It Up, Break It Up

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 02, 1996 on ABC

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  • I was disappointed to not see Mr. Wick in this episode since he was just introduced to the show.

    In the kitchen, Oswald and Lewis find a list of things Drew needs to do when he has Lisa over, so they read it out loud. Drew comes in and takes it away. They all head to the living room, and Lewis and Oswald poke a little fun at Drew since everything is clean and organized; there are even doilies out. Lisa stops by, along with Jay and Kate, who are there to help Lisa move in. Lisa introduces Drew to her cat and three dogs, one of which will be seen a lot in future episodes, Speedy.

    At work, Mimi asks Drew about the change of address form that Lisa has submitted, since she's moved in with Drew. Lisa walks in, as does Jay. Jay tells Drew that he's going to be moving, but Drew doesn't want Kate or anyone to get hurt.

    Drew arrives home to see Lisa. They chat about some things, and as Drew is to leave, he asks the dogs if they'll miss him, and all of a sudden, they stop barking. Drew has been annoyed by small things with Lisa, like her singing and the animals.

    At the Warsaw, Drew gets a beer and runs into Mimi, who is with the band. Kate, Lewis, and Oswald all come in and ask Drew if he knows anything about what Jay has to announce, as that's all they were told when Jay called. Kate is led to believe that Jay is going to ask her to marry him. When Jay comes in, he tells her that he's moving to Minnesota to help run a Dairy Queen, which ruins the moment. Drew, Oswald, and Lewis try to console her, but it didn't help, and she punches Lewis in the gut.

    In the ride home, Kate is driving fast, letting out her anger. Lewis and Oswald are in the back, with Drew riding shotgun. They're all scared seeing her drive so fast. Kate decides to go to Oswald and Lewis' place. When Kate is ready to go home, Drew doesn't want to go. Lisa and her animals are bothering the heck out of him.

    In the car, Kate is testing Drew's ability to eat french fries and tell you which restaurant they are from. They discuss the problems between he and Lisa. Kate recommends that Drew talk to Lisa about their problems.

    At home, Drew reads a letter from Lisa on the fridge. It says that she left since Drew seems to be having some problems with the adjustment. Lisa comes downstairs, she wasn't done packing, so they discuss how things are going. Lisa tells him that she wasn't any happier about the move-in than he was. Just as he's walking her out to the cab, Drew asks Lisa if he can keep Speedy, which she agrees to.

    The show ends with Drew driving Kate around town so she can smash windows to houses belonging to people who have upset them in the past.

    Overall, not a bad episode, but it seemed to be too focused on the relationships. There wasn't anything involving Mr. Wick or much else. We even lost a character, Jay, with this episode.