The Drew Carey Show

Season 1 Episode 22

Buzz Beer

Aired Daily 9:00 PM May 08, 1996 on ABC

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  • The gang go into business with one another.

    At work, Drew is getting reamed by Mr. Bell because of a typo in the memos he sent out. He finds out that Mimi altered the memos, so he yells at her for it. He goes through a bunch of other memos that Mr. Bell threw at him, and he finds out that the Dutch are buying the store, and a lot of people will be getting fired.

    At home, Drew's calling around to find a job, but with one place, he can't seem to get transferred to the right person, so Drew hangs up on him. Drew, along with Lisa, go into the living room and talk to Lewis and Oswald about the Dutch. After Drew insults the Dutch a little, Kate and Jay stop by. Kate hasn't been able to get a job anywhere either. Jay suggests going to a convention he helped move things into. Before they leave, Drew gets a call about a job, it's the person Drew called earlier about a job, only this guy is prank-calling him.

    At the convention, Drew is joined by by Lewis, Oswald, Lisa, Jay and Kate. They're looking at all the exhibits have set up there, but most of them are of little interest to them. After looking at a few exhibits, they gather around a home brewery exhibit. Drew decides to take out a loan on his house so that they can afford all of the equipment.

    At home, Drew is gathered by Lewis, Oswald, Kate, Jay, and Lisa. Oswald has been busy coming up with flavors to try for the new beer, but no one seems to like the taste of them. Lewis and Drew decide to combine beer with coffee, and Oswald suggests the name, Buzz Beer.

    At work, Mimi comes in wearing dutch clothing. She tells Drew that she's been spitting in the coffee, threatening the President in his name, and put something live in Drew's office cabinet. In retaliation, Drew glued her hands to the keyboard so she couldn't answer the phone. Kate stops by with paperwork from the bank. Mimi brings over a Dutch man, Paul Van Houten to discuss things with Drew. He's decided to keep everyone below management, and then keep people from management on a case by case basis. He proceeds to interview Drew about keeping his job. They even discuss Drew's beer business venture. Drew is then asked to stay. It turns out that they're only firing one person, Mr. Bell, so he comes out of his office with his personal things in a box. Mr. Bell proceeds to insult Drew, and then leaves when Drew can't insult him back. Drew felt a little sorry for him, losing his job and all.

    The show ends with the guys bringing the first batch of Buzz Beer into the Warsaw. Drew plays a song on an accordion.

    For the end of the first season, this wasn't too bad. With the Buzz Beer business venture, it'll add to the possibile storylines for seasons to come as we come to find out.