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The Drew Carey Show

Season 6 Episode 10

Buzzie Wuzzie Liked His Beer

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 13, 2000 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Buzzie Wuzzie Liked His Beer
Buzz Beer decides to get a booth at an alcohol expo in the hopes of being chosen for a Beer-of-the-Month club. Oswald forgets to send in the application, so they end up at the lone remaining table--next to an anti-alcohol group that displays giant photographs of diseased livers. Drew and Mimi lecture Lewis and Oswald about their constant screw-ups. Kate suggests that they get some business by giving away free peanuts to customers. Drew and Mimi go with her to borrow a peanut cart, leaving Oswald and Lewis behind to think about their mistakes. They decide to prove themselves by signing out a former circus bear now at DrugCo, who knows how to drink beer. They believe that the novelty will attract customers. Oswald hides the bear in the beer truck when Drew returns home. Lewis and Oswald are distracted for a moment, and the bear steals the truck and starts driving around the neighborhood. Drew and Mimi run out of beer (thereby losing a lot of business) and head out to search for Lewis, Oswald and the rest of their supply. The bear mistakes Mimi for his old trainer--a clown--and follows her to the expo. The bear proves a huge hit and brings a lot of attention to Buzz Beer. Lewis and Oswald celebrate their first successful idea by having Drew photograph them with the bear. Quite predictably, the flash photography causes the bear to go crazy.moreless

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  • A beer-drinking bear who can drive. What could go wrong?

    Lewis, Oswald, Drew, and Mimi are shown walking through the beer convention. Lewis reveals the new their new nipple tops to Drew, but he hates the idea.

    After talking with one of the convention managers, it's revealed that the booth application never got sent in. They're able to get a booth that no one ever wants. It's right next to the anti-alcohol booth, so they know the Buzz Bear booth won't get any business.

    At Drew's home, Kate, Mimi, and Drew are thinking of ideas to help the booth. Lewis and Oswald are sitting on short chairs, and they're wearing nipple-hats as punishment. Kate comes up with the idea of getting a bunch of peanuts. The salty peanuts will make people thirsty, and they'll buy Buzz-Beer.

    Lewis and Oswald are left talking at home, while everyone leaves. Disappointed about their screw-ups, Lewis and Oswald try to come up with a way to impress Drew. They decide to get a driving, beer-drinking, bear for the convention. They then bring the bear home, but Drew comes in, and they have to hurry up and hide the bear.

    Oswald is able to lure the bear out the backdoor. After getting outside, the bear ends up taking off in the truck they were going to use.

    At the convention, Mimi is handing out bags of nuts, and asking them to vote for Buzz Beer. It turns out that they're out of beer, because Lewis and Oswald haven't shown up.

    Mimi and Drew decide to leave and get Lewis and Oswald. Lewis and Oswald are trying to catch up with the truck the bear is driving. Drew and Mimi can't believe what they're seeing.

    Drew suggests that Mimi walk in front of the truck, because she looks like a clown, and his clown was a clown. Mimi reluctantly does so, and they're able to get the truck to the convention center.

    Back at the convention center, a child asks Mimi to make her a balloon animal, but Mimi yells "I'm not a clown!"

    It turns out that the bear was a big hit, until the bear decides to go on a rampage and attack people, after Drew takes a picture of the bear with Lewis and Oswald. Apparently, he didn't like the camera's flash.

    The show ends with a clip of the bear and other animals in an Alcoholics Anonymous type of group.

    This was a pretty silly episode.moreless
Drew Carey

Drew Carey

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