The Drew Carey Show

Season 2 Episode 21


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 02, 1997 on ABC
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Kate discovers that someone has marketed another coffee-flavored beer, Cap-Beer-Cino. The man behind the product, Chris Vanderkamp, shows up at the Warsaw to try to sell Cap-Beer-Cino to the bar. He freely admits that he stole the idea from Buzz Beer, but has received assurances from his lawyers that he is in the clear. The gang buys an ice cream truck to keep the beer cold while making shipments. The next day, the refrigeration unit breaks. The car dealership finally agrees to replace it after Lewis and Oswald dress as lemons and make a scene. Lewis and Oswald discover that Vanderkamp sabotaged the truck. Cap-Beer-Cino infiltrates the Warsaw and wins over customers with an endorsement from supermodel Rachel Hunter. Everyone decides to drink their beer so that they can be like the "beautiful people." The gang tries to get revenge by going to Vanderkamp's wealthy neighborhood to sell Buzz Beer at his hangout. They are unsuccessful, and Vanderkamp taunts them. Kate belts him in the stomach and sets off a brawl. Drew convinces the Warsaw customers to reject Cap-Beer-Cino by standing on the bar and making a speech about loyalty. Kate is not pleased when Drew cites Buzz Beer as the "beer of attainable women" and promises to give away a date with her. The gang replaces Rachel Hunter's face on a Cap-Beer-Cino ad with a picture of Mimi.moreless

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  • The guys have a beer competitor!

    At work, Mimi asks Drew how his ride home was last night. It seems that Mimi pulled some pranks on Drew, putting a fish and a raccoon in his car. When Mimi doesn't look, he trades Mimi's squeezable butter with soap. Kate then comes in with a beer that is a ripoff of Buzz Beer, and has Drew taste-test it. When Mr. Wick comes out, he notices Drew's been drinking, and gets angry with him about it. To prove Drew isn't drunk, he must walk a straight line, but ends up falling when Mimi squeezes some of that liquid soap onto the floor.

    Oswald and Lewis bring in several cases of Buzz Beer while Drew talks to Tony, the owner at the bar. In comes in an owner of Cap-Beer-Cino, the beer that is ripping off Buzz Beer, and Drew can't help but yell at the guy. The man decides to have Lewis taste-test the Cap-Beer-Cino, and after trying it, he says he's blind now. Tony comes over and ends up revealing that Lewis, Oswald, and Drew are all from Buzz Beer, and the owner of Cap-Beer-Cino pokes fun at Drew, and they almost get into a fight.

    In the delivery truck, Kate, Lewis, Oswald, and Drew are delivering beer, but it's an ice cream truck, which has the music playing, drawing in hundreds of kids.

    Drew and Kate walk into the Warsaw, complaining about the refrigeration system in the truck, which died during the delivery. Drew noticed a guy at the bar, drinking Cap-Beer-Cino, instead of Buzz Beer. The only reason he's drinking it is because of a Rachel Hunter ad campaign. When Kate notices Rachel Hunter at the Warsaw, she asks how much she would charge to do an ad campaign for Buzz Beer, but she seems to run out of paper for all of those zeros. Lewis and Oswald then come in, wearing a lemon costumes. They were at the dealership, scaring away customers. The guy caved and agreed to fix the refrigeration unit. The problem with the refrigeration was a Cap-Beer-Cino bottle cap was lodged in it somehow, causing it to malfunction. Drew decides to go after the Cap-Beer-Cino guys on their own turf.

    At work, Mimi brings over some fresh made donuts, which makes Drew hungry. When he tries to sniff them, she pushes the powdered donuts into his face, just before Mr. Wick comes out, and when he does, he thinks Drew has a problem with cocaine. Lewis, Oswald, and Kate come in wearing fancy clothing, all set for their time out with the Cap-Beer-Cino crowd.

    Drew, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald come in, shocked at how great-looking everyone is. When Drew tries to sell the beer to the bar owner, the owner thinks they're a rip off of Cap-Beer-Cino. After listening to them "sell" their beer, he promises to get back to them. The owner of Cap-Beer-Cino comes in and insults Drew, and they end up getting into a fight.

    Kate, Drew, Lewis, and Oswald walk into the Warsaw and talk about how good the night was. When they ask the bartender, Joe, for some Buzz Beer, he tells them he doesn't sell it anymore, only Cap-Beer-Cino, due to a free trip to Tahiti giveaway. Drew walks around to all of the tables, trying to convince them to buy Buzz Beer, and dump Cap-Beer-Cino. In order to help sell it, Drew promises a date with Kate, which obviously surprises and upsets her.

    The show ends with the guys placing a photo of Mimi over the Rachel Hunter photo, next to the slogan about Cap-Beer-Cino being the beer of beautiful people.

    It was only a matter of time until they did an episode about a competitor, but I felt they jumped in a little soon, but it was still a funny episode.moreless
Ed Begley Jr.

Ed Begley Jr.

Dr. Chris Vanderkamp

Guest Star

Rachel Hunter

Rachel Hunter


Guest Star

James Michael Connor

James Michael Connor


Guest Star

Vic Helford

Vic Helford


Recurring Role

Michael Raysses

Michael Raysses


Recurring Role

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    • (Lewis is pretending not to know Drew as he takes an "unbiased" beer taste-test between Buzz Beer and Cap-Beer-Cino)
      Lewis: Mmm, it's not bad.
      Drew: (Angrily) It's Cap-Beer-Cino. It's the new competition for Buzz Beer.
      Lewis: Oh. Well, it's malty...nutty...and yet...I'm completely blind!!!

    • (Lewis and Oswald are dressed up in business suits)
      Oswald: We're still ourselves. Underneath all this is a pair of boxer shorts that say "Home of the Whopper."
      Kate: Oswald, those were a gag gift.
      Oswald: Yeah, well, when you get to the bottom of the drawer, joke's over.

    • Drew: Violence never solved anything? World War I, World War II, "Star Wars," every Super Bowl...Who says violence never solved anything?

    • Kate: They may have loads of money and their fancy bars, but we have one thing they'll never have: no class!

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