The Drew Carey Show

Season 2 Episode 16

Check Out Drew's Old Flame

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 1997 on ABC
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Check Out Drew's Old Flame
Drew buys a new car, but learns that the check for the down payment has bounced. A woman wrote a bad check at Drew's garage sale. Drew meets with her at the Warsaw to get his money. He finds that she is Kyra, his old girlfriend from junior high school. She apologizes and claims that her roommate wrote bad checks from her account. After she reports that her roommate's gambling debtors might be after her, Drew invites her to stay at his house. He later asks her on a date. Drew's car is repossessed after Kyra's second check also bounces. When Drew confronts her, her roommate shows up and threatens them. He gives Drew the money that Kyra owes him. Drew feels bad about doubting Kyra, and sleeps with her. He awakens in the morning to discover that she has stolen all of his furniture. She was scamming him all along, and is not even the girl he knew from junior high. Drew looks forward to receiving a substantial insurance payment, but Kyra and her brother crash their car and get caught. Drew only gets his "old, crappy stuff" and fifty dollars. Meanwhile, Kate questions her decision to buy everything on deferred payment plans after she discovers that all of the payments are due in two weeks. She tries to save money, but winds up consolidating her debts through another deferred payment plan.moreless

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  • Very funny...

    Drew comes into the office with some new seat covers. Mimi asks him about them, and he tells her that he's buying a new car. Kate comes in to pick up some mail from Drew. They're all bills which are coming due next week. When Drew walks away from his desk, his phone rings, so Mimi picks it up. Drew's bank is calling to tell him that a check bounced. He thinks it's from a woman who gave him a check when he had a garage sale. After hanging up, Drew hands Mimi some papers to file for him. He said he was up all night working on that proposal. She decides to file it in the paper shredder. Drew then tells her he made a mistake, that was actually her vacation request, medical claims, etc.

    At the Warsaw, Drew and Kate are waiting for the woman from the garage sale. Kate's busy packing napkins and ketchup in her purse, as she's going to be poor, since she can't pay all of the bills. Lewis and Oswald come in and notice what Kate is doing, and they all end up leaving with Kate to pick up some meat, and take Drew's car. After they leave, the woman from the garage sale, Kyra, comes in. It turns out they used to go to school together. She reveals that her ex-roommate stole her checks, and is writing bad checks all over town. She asks Drew if she can stay at his place since her ex-roommate knows where she lives. Lewis, Oswald, and Kate come back in, saying the car drives fine. Lewis then looks at Oswald and Kate and comments on how quickly the airbags come at you.

    At home, Drew and Kyra are talking about the old days. Drew even pulls out an old card she wrote him. Just as she's about to leave, he asks her out. After she leaves, Drew gets ready and goes out to the garage to get into his car, but it's not there. He then goes back into the house and calls the car dealership and finds out his down payment check bounced, since the new check from Kyra bounced.

    In Oswald's delivery truck, he's giving Drew and his co-workers a ride to work, but he's having them deliver things for him.

    Home now, Drew complains to Kate about Kyra and the car. She decides to charge him for the ride, so she can help cover the bills. Kyra then comes out of the kitchen and says she's sorry about the second check bouncing. When Drew walks into the kitchen, he finds she's cooked a great meal and set the table for a romantic dinner. Drew thinks she's playing a con-game. Kyra's roommate knocks on the door and comes in. This surprises Drew, since he thinks she's playing some sort of con-game. Drew decides to stand up for Kyra, and gets him to pay Kyra back, and then he leaves.

    At home, Drew comes down and sees Lewis and Oswald sitting on the floor, eating cereal. Kyra ripped Drew off, taking all of his furniture and stereo. Kate then comes in and tells Drew that she was able to get all of her debt consolidated into one loan. She then hands Drew a note from Kyra, apologizing for stealing all of his stuff. After reading the note, he realizes she wasn't the Kyra from grade school, but a total stranger. There's then a knock at the door by a police officer, who tells Drew that they found his stuff after there was an accident. Luckily, Drew had engraved his name on all of his furniture. Kate screws around, accidentally kicking a soccer ball into Drew's crappy TV, smashing it.

    The show ends with Lewis sweeping up at work, when there's a large bug threatening him.

    I thought this was a pretty funny episode, especially the second half when everything goes south for Drew.moreless

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