The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 16

Do Drew and Kate Have Sex?

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2000 on ABC
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Do Drew and Kate Have Sex?
Kate tells Drew that she is ready to have sex with him. They get into an argument, and Kate ends up leaving. They apologize the next day and agree that they were feeling too much pressure. Kate suggests that it would be easier if things were spontaneous. Drew realizes that he is not very good with spontaneity, and plans a romantic evening. He asks Lewis and Oswald to get Speedy out of the house so that he and Kate can be alone, and to cut the lights. (They remember this by singing "Leave, Dog, Lights" to the tune of the Spiderman theme.) Kate figures out what is going on, but doesn't get mad. Speedy outwits Lewis and Oswald and gets back into the house. Drew trips over him on the way back from the bathroom and sprains his penis. The doctors and interns continually gawk at him and laugh at his injury. When Mimi fails to get pregnant for several months, she and Steve consult a specialist. They learn that they both have fertility problems. Mimi begins taking hormones, which leave her so emotional that Drew actually feels sorry for her.moreless

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  • Drew and Kate try to have a romantic night together.

    At Winfred-Louder, Drew and Kate are testing out the new beds which are on sale, while Lewis and Oswald watch. Kate tells Drew that she's ready to have sex with him, and they make a date for this Saturday. When Kate turns on the vibrating unit of the bed, Drew asks her to turn it off, as he thinks he's having their date already.

    Later that day, Mimi and Steve are talking about the pregnancy test Mimi just took. They ask Drew to look at it, and he does, and then realizes he just touched something Mimi peed on. Mimi and Steve talk about why Mimi's not getting pregnant. Steve thinks there may be something wrong with him, so he leaves to go make an appointment with a doctor. Mimi walks over to ask Drew about the bag he's got in front of him. She quickly grabs it and dumps its contents out. She realizes he's planning for a romantic time with Kate. Mr. Wick comes in and makes a few sex jokes.

    At home, Drew's getting things ready for his night with Kate, when Lewis and Oswald come in. They both notice what Drew's up to and leave when Kate comes over. Kate joins Drew on the couch and they start making out.

    Upstairs, Kate and Drew go into his bedroom to have sex. As they're getting into the mood, Kate makes a comment which causes Drew to lose his erection. When he gets it back, he makes a rude comment, which causes Kate to leave.

    The next day, Steve comes into Winfred-Louder to talk to Drew. Drew tells him about how he screwed things up with Kate last night and she's not returning his calls. Steve mentions to Drew that he's wearing boxers now and Mimi is taking Estrogen shots in hopes of improving the chances are of getting pregnant. When Kate comes in, Drew apologizes for last night, and they talk about trying things again, as they think they rushed to things and put a lot of pressure on one another.

    Later that day, Mr. Wick comes out of his office to ask Mimi to re-type a paper which has a typo in it. She starts crying because of the hormone shots. Eventually she agrees to type it up for him. Lewis and Oswald come in to see Drew. Drew tells them about he and Kate not doing so well last night, so they agree to help him out with a little plan to get Kate to have sex with him.

    Drew, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald come home and after a few minutes, Lewis and Oswald leave with Speedy, as the plan involved. They need Speedy to come with because earlier on, Drew told them that Speedy tries to stop Drew from having sex, as Speedy seems to think Drew's being hurt, which obviously isn't the case. Anyway, they go outside and yank the power off. Kate realizes what's going on and is upset, but agrees to have sex with Drew anyway. Outside, Speedy wanders into the garage, so Lewis and Oswald open the door to the house in an attempt to make Speedy think they're going to let him back inside. Speedy comes out of the garage with a 6-pack of beer in his mouth and ends up tricking Lewis and Oswald with the beer, and he goes inside the house. Upstairs, Kate tells Drew to put his condom on, so Drew gets out of bed and goes into the bathroom. Speedy comes in and lays down next to the bed. When Drew comes out, he trips over the dog, and lands on his penis, injuring himself.

    At the hospital, Drew tells Kate about spraining his penis. The doctor comes in with some med students. The doctor asks Drew if he can show the students what happened, and he agrees after saying "well, it'll never be this big again."

    The show ends with a silly "Elephant Man" parody with Drew stating he has a "broken penis."

    I liked a lot of the episode, but found the injury storyline to be a bit ridiculous. I liked the comedy writing throughout the episode.moreless

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    • Mimi: I have a fertility problem. The doctor told me to take fertility pills.
      Drew: How many more do you have to take, before you become a woman?
      Mimi: If I wasn't feeling so lady-like right now, I'd bitch slap you all the way to the coffee machine.

    • Kate: Think about it, this is the definitive moment of our relationship.
      Drew: What do you mean?
      Kate: Well, everything has been going so well, that the only thing that could ruin it is bad sex.
      Drew: Well, goodbye erection!

    • Oswald: All right. Drew told us not to let Speedy into the house.
      Lewis: Where is he?
      Oswald: Probably in the brewery.
      Lewis: (opens the back door) Okay, when he comes out, we pretend to let him into the house, and then we catch him.
      (Speedy comes out of the brewery, with a six-pack of beer in his mouth and sets it in the middle of the backyard)
      Oswald: Hey, he brought us a six-pack! But why did he put it all the way over there?
      Lewis: 'Cause he's a dumb animal. Come on, let's go get it.
      (Oswald and Lewis walk over to the beer, while Speedy runs into the house, and pushes the door closed, locking Oswald and Lewis outside)
      Lewis: (whispering to Oswald) We must never speak of this again...

    • Kate: Drew are you okay? Say something.
      Drew: I fell on my penis, call an ambulance!

    • Mimi: Either you and O'Brien are gonna do it, or it's getting to the point where you gotta get your HAND in the mood.
      Drew: It's called ROMANCE. Not all of us can make our asses glow red to attract a mate.

    • (Mimi tricks Drew into giving up his bag)
      Mimi: Did you actually think I had a gun?
      Drew: Yes, I did! How does that make you feel?

    • Drew (during the "Elephant Man" parody): I AM NOT AN ANIMAL! I AM A MAN WITH A BROKEN PENIS!

    • Kate: So, what do you want me to do? Put my legs in the air and shut up?
      Drew: Is that a trick question?

    • Kate: I hope you really like spring rain.

  • NOTES (1)

    • In the end segment, Drew, Oswald and Lewis do a brief parody of "The Elephant Man" when Oswald and Lewis bring guests into the hospital to display Drew's "disfigured" penis.