The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 25

Drew and Kate Boink

Aired Daily 9:00 PM May 10, 2000 on ABC

Episode Recap

The show opens with Steve and Mimi sharing pictures through E-mail at Winfred-Louder. It seems they've had a doctor join Steve's sperm with one of Mimi's eggs, and Mimi will be pregnant soon. Mr. Wick walks in with an expensive mannequin, and Drew yells at him for spending $10,000 on it. Drew notices the mannequin looks a little bit like Kate and he gets an erection. He's a bit surprised when he realizes his penis has healed completely, so the erection doesn't hurt. Later that night, Drew's at home, waiting for Kate to come over, when Lewis and Oswald drop by for a beer. They leave when Kate comes over dressed as a clown. Drew tells her about his penis being healed, but Kate can't have sex with him now; she's got a job to go to, hence the clown costume. They agree to meet up tomorrow night instead. Even later that night, a small group has formed at the Warsaw; it's a group of guys who have dated Kate, and their relationships have ended badly. Mr. Wick sticks out like a sore thumb, since he's not been in a relationship with Kate. As Mr. Wick is about to leave, Kate comes in and finds out about the club and she feels terrible about the whole thing, and she reveals to Oswald that she and Drew are supposed to have their big night tomorrow. We now join Drew at home, in bed, watching TV, trying to learn sex tips from some videos he purchased. It seems he accidentally put in the "sex for seniors" tape, but he decides to watch it anyway. Back at the office, Drew calls Kate, and he seems very anxious about tonight. Mimi stops by and insults Drew, like usual, but is distracted by a phone call from the fertility clinic. It seems the clinic has lost power to the freezers and Mimi's only got one hour to have the zygote implanted. She sucks up to Drew to get him to give her a ride there. After some coaxing, Mimi's able to convince Drew to take her. On the ride to the clinic, Mimi and Drew engage in a debate about whether or not she should be having a kid. Drew convinces her to go along with the plan to be implanted. At Drew's, Lewis is in the kitchen with a musician who seems to be pretty handy with the fiddle, when Drew comes home and receives a call from Kate. She tells Drew that she needs some time alone to think and that she won't be over. This news obviously disappoints Drew, as he thinks Kate doesn't love him. As Drew slowly walks to bed, Lewis and the fiddle player play "Turkey In The Straw" to help cheer him up. Later that night, Kate sneaks into Drew's house to talk to him, and she ends up waking him up. She climbs into bed and tells him about the club of ex-boyfriends she found at the Warsaw. Drew tells her that he's willing to take a chance with her because he's in love with her. He confesses his love by doing a big song and dance number, which involves the main cast of the show, along with dozens of extras. Two days later, Drew and Kate are still in bed together when they're interrupted by Steve and Mimi, who are outside. They yell up to Drew and tell him that Mimi's pregnant, the implant from the fertility clinic worked. The show ends with Lewis and Oswald finding a Playboy tape of Drew's. They put it in the VCR, and they're a little creeped out when it's of old people.