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The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 12

Drew and Kate's First Date

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 1999 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Drew and Kate's First Date
For their first date, Drew takes Kate to the planetarium where they first met on a third grade class trip. They compare stories about wild experiences, and Kate recalls picking up a guy at the airport in nothing but a trenchcoat. Drew fears that Kate finds him boring after she falls asleep on the couch with her head on his shoulder during their date. He fears that she will dump him unless he does something exciting on their next date. Drew shows up wearing only a trenchcoat, but Kate doesn't realize that he isn't wearing anything else. She takes him somewhere as a surprise, and Drew thinks that she has something crazy in mind. She instead brings him to a Greek restaurant to dine with her visiting grandparents. Drew manages to hide the fact that he isn't wearing pants, until the restaurant staff carries him around on its shoulders as part of a traditional dance. Kate tells Drew that she fell asleep because she feels comfortable with him. She does not want to rush their relationship because she has made the mistake of sleeping with guys too quickly in the past. Meanwhile, Mimi goes on a rampage after Mr. Wick forces her to come home early from her honeymoon. Mrs. Louder finally decides to take Mimi and Steve to the Bahamas for another honeymoon, as long as they don't ask any questions about her behavior.moreless

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  • Drew and Kate finally gave their first date.

    Drew comes into work and talks to Sally, who's in as a temp for Mimi, who is off on her honeymoon. Mr. Wick comes in and tells Drew that he's called Mimi back, and called off the honeymoon, which scares Drew. He then sees Mimi running in thorough he office, throwing papers all over the place. She confronts Mr. Wick about why he called her to come back. He tells her she's the only one who knows the filing system. She then notices Drew's wearing the same after shave Steve does, and he turns her on. Kate comes in and asks Drew about their first date, but Drew's tells her nothing about it since it's going to be a surprise. Lewis and Oswald come in to see Drew. They make a few jokes about Drew's plans for the date with Kate, and then leave to go down to Santa's Village to hit on Mrs. Claus.

    Drew helps Kate in through a row of seats, and helps her sit down, since she's blind folded. It seems Drew took Kate to the Planetarium, which is where they first met, back in the third grade. During the movie, kids shoot spit wads at Drew, so he yells at them. After a few minutes pass, they begin talking about what they used to do on dates, and Kate reveals she used to date a guy who liked to have sex in public places. Drew tries to keep up with her with the sex stories, but it becomes obvious he's just recycling the same made-up story.

    Back at home, Drew and Kate are sitting on the couch, talking. Kate's snuggled up next to him, and she falls asleep, which doesn't exactly make Drew happy.

    At Winfred-Louder, Mrs. Louder walks in with a large sack, and asks everyone to fill it up with gifts for her. Mr. Wick asks Mimi where the gift he bought is, so Mimi gives him a box, which Mrs. Louder opens up. It ends up being a framed photo of a bum peeing on her car. She fires Mr. Wick for the gift, but he insists Mimi bought it, so she fires Mimi. She tells her it's fine, she can go back on her honeymoon. Surprised that Mimi got married, Mrs. Louder tells her she and Steve can fly to the Bahamas with her, all she asks is she get to watch the two of them...

    Back home, Drew, Lewis, and Oswald are in the kitchen. Lewis and Oswald are curious about how Drew's date with Kate went, so he tells them, and they laugh. Drew asks them what they do to excite woman. Drew then realizes how low he's had to go with this question. Drew asks Lewis for his trench coat since he's going to surprise Kate by showing up naked, under the trench coat.

    Drew arrives at Kate's apartment, and she's surprised to see him in a trench coat. She invites him in. Just as Drew's about to open his trench coat, Kate turns around and leaves the room. Alone in the room, Drew poses in front of the mirror and removes the bow he was also wearing, as he thought it was a bit much. Kate comes back in with a trench coat on as well. She puts a blindfold on Drew and escorts him out of the apartment.

    Drew and Kate walks into a Greek restaurant, and Drew gets defensive when a man asks to take his coat, as he's naked underneath. Kate reveals that her grandparents are at the restaurant, and it surprises Drew. They walk over to the table they're sitting at and join them. Kate's grandparents ask Drew about the coat, and to Drew, it feels a bit like an interrogation. Eventually, Kate and Drew get up to dance a little. Drew tells her she's going to make a quick call. He calls Lewis and Oswald, who are at Drew's house. They're rummaging through his cupboards, looking for food on their shopping list when they get his call. Drew asks them to get a shirt and a pair of pants and bring them to the restaurant. After hanging up, Drew makes his way back to the table, but is grabbed by come Greek men and dances with him. They pick Drew up and put him on their shoulders, exposing Drew to everyone in the restaurant. Kate's embarrassed by the whole thing, naturally.

    At Drew's house, Lewis and Oswald have several pairs of pants in their hands, and are on their way out when Drew comes in. He tells them about what happened, and they laugh about it. Drew then exposes himself to Lewis and Oswald, and they make a few jokes about it. Kate comes in to talk to Drew, so Lewis and Oswald leave. Drew tells her that he was trying to excite her, but it obviously didn't go so well. Kate tells Drew the reason she fell asleep next to him was because she's so comfortable around him, which she says "is a good thing."

    The show ends with Mrs. Louder watching someone having sex. She thinks it's Steve and Mimi, but when Mimi walks into the room, she realizes she needs to wear glasses.

    This episode was very silly, and you could certainly feel for Drew when his plan was literally exposed to everyone in the restaurant. I really enjoyed the plot and the comedy. There were some good lines from the writers here. My biggest gripe had to be the fact that you could see that Drew was clothed, which made those trenchcoat scenes ridiculous.moreless
Patience Cleveland

Patience Cleveland

Kate's Grandmother

Guest Star

Bonita Friedericy

Bonita Friedericy


Guest Star

Benjamin Brown

Benjamin Brown


Guest Star

Nan Martin

Nan Martin

Fran Louder

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • At the end of the episode, Mrs. Louder says she needs glasses. However, in previous episodes, she pulls them out on occasion to take a closer look at things, like in "Good Vibrations."

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Drew: (Drew calls Lewis's cell phone) Hey, where are you?
      Lewis: Uh, I'm out shopping with Oswald.
      (Lewis and Oswald are at Drew's house, taking food out of his pantry)
      Oswald: (looks at a shopping list) We need chips.
      Drew: How soon can you get to my house?
      Lewis: It all depends on traffic.

    • (Kate and Drew are talking about the various places they have had sex before)
      Kate: Where is the wildest place you did it?
      Drew: Once, I fell asleep on a bus, and when I woke up, an old man was touching me.
      Kate: Just think, of all the people he could have chose on the bus, he chose you.
      Drew: Yeah, that's what he said.

      (later in the conversation)
      Drew: Once, I fell asleep on a plane, and when I woke up, an old man was touching me.

    • (Mimi is depressed that she had to leave her honeymoon early, and watches as Drew bends over)
      Mimi: He's got his brother's ass.
      Drew: Knock it off. (Mimi looks sadly at him) Okay, this should last you till lunch. (Drew picks up a pencil from his desk and drops it, bending over to pick it up)

    • Drew: (yelling at Mr. Wick) You called Mimi back from her honeymoon? You arrogant bastard, you've killed us all!
      (Mimi storms into the office, knocking into employees and spilling over papers)

    • Lewis: So, for your first date with Kate you were gonna sit around the house, on your ass. How do you know it's a date, you go OUTSIDE to cut one?!

    • Drew (to Oswald and Lewis): What do you guys do to impress women? (Oswald and Lewis stare at him with blank looks on their faces) Oh my God! I've stooped to this!

    • Kate: Drew, my wild sex days are over. I'm with YOU now!

    • Mimi (after being called back to work early on her honeymoon): This company owes me three more vacation days and twenty more orgasms!

    • Kate (referring to her rendezvous in a theater): I swear that was the only time I ever enjoyed Cats.

  • NOTES (0)