The Drew Carey Show

Season 6 Episode 24

Drew and the Activist (1)

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 09, 2001 on ABC
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Drew and the Activist (1)
A woman approaches Drew at the Warsaw and asks him for a date. Lewis comes downstairs and has words with her. He reveals that she is an activist protesting a secret DrugCo project for which he is serving as foreman. He assumes that she is using Drew to get information, then describes the project in detail for no apparent reason. Drew plans to call off the date, but Rachel insists that she didn't know that he was Lewis's friend. Rachel infuriates Mimi by throwing out some of her make-up because it is tested on animals. After sleeping with Drew, Rachel pleads with him for information on Lewis's project. He agrees after she tells him that Lewis may be in danger because DrugCo allows employees to work with toxic waste without informing them of the risk. The EPA shuts down the project, and Lewis gets bumped back down to janitor. Mimi discovers that Rachel works for one of DrugCo's competitors. Drew goes to DrugCo to apologize. The gang turns off the bathroom lights to talk without security detection, and discovers that they are glowing in the dark. Oswald admits that he stole water from Lewis's project and used it in his new specially brewed beer. The gang does not become seriously ill. Drew confronts Rachel about Mimi's allegations. She assures him that she quit the pharmaceutical company long ago after learning the truth about its activities.moreless

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  • A woman comes between Drew and Lewis.

    The show opens with Oswald giving Drew a taste test of the new Buzz Beer he had been working on, while Kate watches. When they finish testing the beer, Oswald asks Kate to give him a hair cut. For Kate to do it, Oswald has to give her a bottle of his new Buzz Beer experiment. She jokes about how her being drunk will make the hair cut a little more exciting They decide to go upstairs, leaving Drew to himself. A woman then walks over and asks Drew out, so Drew gives her his number. When she walks away, she runs into Lewis, who reacts a little hostile towards her. It seems she's an activist and opposes the projects DrugCo is involved in. Lewis then walks over to where Drew is seated, and they chat about DrugCo and the woman Drew was talking to. Lewis asks Drew not to date her or give her any of the information about DrugCo's projects. Since he doesn't want to get Lewis in trouble, Drew agrees to do what he asked. When Lewis leaves, the woman, Rachel, walks back to Drew's table and she is able to convince him to go out with him, disregarding Lewis' request that they not date.

    At Winfred-Louder, Mr. Wick walks out of his office and asks Drew to help him with some disability claims later that night, but Drew tells him he's got a date and can't help. Kate then walks in with some "date" clothes for Drew, since she knows Drew is terrible in picking out his wardrobe. Just then, Mimi and Rachel come walking in. Mimi's pissed at her because Rachel flushed Mimi's makeup down the toilet because the developers tested the makeup on animals, something she opposes. Drew then walks away to try on the clothes Kate brought in for him, leaving Kate and Rachel, to talk. Their discussion was nothing more than Rachel paying Kate compliments, which Kate seemed to absolutely love. Drew then walks back in with a new shirt and she and Rachel leave.

    Later that night, Drew and Rachel get home and have a beer in the kitchen. They end up getting a little frisky, so they head upstairs for the rest of the night.

    Upstairs, we catch up with Drew and Rachel in bed. They talk about sex, and then the discussion turns to how Lewis' health is at risk because of the chemicals DrugCo is dumping. Drew breaks down and tells her about where Lewis and DrugCo are dumping the chemicals.

    The next morning, Drew's making breakfast when Lewis and Oswald come by. Lewis is a little upset to hear that Drew slept with Rachel last night. Feeling uncomfortable, Rachel leaves. As soon as Rachel walks out, Lewis asks Drew if he told Rachel about DrugCo's chemicals. Drew assures him he didn't say anything, but Lewis doesn't believe him. Lewis then asks Oswald to hold Drew back while he threatens to put Drew's kitchen utensils down his pants. After a minute, Drew confesses about what he told her. Angry and feeling betrayed, Lewis storms out of the house.

    At Winfred-Louder, Drew, Kate, and Oswald talk about how Lewis has been demoted at work because of what Drew told Rachel. Mimi then walks in and tells Drew that she asked a computer hacker to find out some information on Rachel. It turns out that Rachel is on the payroll of DrugCo's biggest competitor, which makes Drew feel even worse.

    Wanting to apologize to Lewis, Drew goes to DrugCo to talk to him. He decides to ask Oswald and Kate to come with, of course. When they find Lewis at work, they decide to have a beer and bury the hatchet. In a bizarre scene, they end up finding out that Oswald used water from DrugCo in his new beer recipe, which is now causing them all to glow in the dark.

    Back at Winfred-Louder, Drew finds out that he's going to be just fine, but he'll be glowing for another month. Rachel then walks in to find out why Drew's not called her back. Remembering Rachel worked for a DrugCo competitor, Drew calls her on it, but she assures him that she quit a while back. They decide to try and work things out and go protest a business, which engages in the support of child labor.

    The show ends with Kate, Lewis, and Oswald sitting around at Drew's when one of them passes gas. Oswald cuts the lights to reveal a green cloud surrounding Lewis.

    I enjoyed tonight's episode quite a bit, particularly the last two scenes where the guys are glowing in the dark. The plot made perfect sense to me, given the fact that Lewis works for a drug company. I was surprised it took six seasons for this episode to happen.moreless
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